Merry Christmas to All!

Merry Christmas to all you lovely people all across the country and the world. I hope you stay positive, blessed, and stress-free during this holiday season… and expect bigger and better doors to open for you in this new year.

Expect positive change and miracles to happen for you in 2009… as one chapter ends in your life… and another even brighter chapter begins for you.

Make your 1st declaration today… that you will NEVER be a victim of life’s circumstances again… but life will be a victim of the circumstances that you purposely set for yourself.

Make your 2nd declaration that, “2009 is Mine!” — and take it by force. Remember that even out of the bad events that happened for all of us in ’08 and that might happen in ’09… God can turn it around for our good and use it to make us bolder and better!

Again, I love all you guys and gals (even though I might not know you) and may God richly bless you all!

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Need More Money in Your Pocket? Keep Reading if You Do…

Okay, so it’s Christmas time and we all hear the bells ringing… and see the snowflakes falling… and some of us feel our bank accounts crashing.

Ouch… you know that hurts!

Whether we might feel the “holiday pinch”, because we have spent too much of our hard earned dough on expensive Christmas gifts, or trying to impress certain people, or paying

high heating bills… I have a tried and tested solution to ALL your problems.

Well, not all your problems… just the financial ones :o)

The Bible states this fact and law of nature: “Give, and it shall be given to you. In good measure, pressed down, shaken together and running over, will men pour into your lap.

For with the measure you use, it will be measured to you.”

Simply put… if you want more… give more.

Yeah, I know this sounds pretty funky… and might seem highly contradictory to common sense and everything others have told you about money.

But the fact is this: If the common methods of making and saving money worked… your average American wouldn’t spend 103% of their income, be thousands of dollars in debt, and be 3 months away from bankruptcy if they were to lose their job today.

So let me throw down a few BASIC guidelines that I and my wife have personally used in our financial life… and which brought me from bankruptcy, bad credit, and low paid jobs in 2001… to having increased my income by over 1500%, having 747 credit, and having 3 paid off cars and a soon to be paid off house in 2008.

In the coming weeks I’ll share a few tips on finances, but this 3-Step Giving Principle is a great beginning step for anyone and everyone to use!



Oh my God… did he just say give away 10% of my money? And to church??? I sure did! God richly blesses us all with jobs and income to the point that as Americans… we are better off financially than 97% of the world’s population.

It is a way for us to give thanks to Him for blessing us with what we already do have (even if it is a low-paying job, or a “dead-end job”). Be thankful for what you do have now… knowing that as you work faithfully at your current position… God is preparing to exalt you to a higher position when the time is right.

A good church helps to build up the community around it both spiritually and naturally (through feeding programs, shelters, clothing ministries, programs that keep kids off the street, jail ministries, etc.) and these houses of God need more than just prayer to keep them running…

For those of you not in church (which I highly recommend you find a good one if you don’t)… give your 10% to a charity or non-profit organization that is devoted to a cause that truly touches your heart.

It could be an organization that feeds hungry children in Africa… or saves the rainforests in South America… or helps to shelter the homeless tsunami victims in Asia… or even something as local as giving to a charity that serves victims of domestic or child abuse in America.

When you start taking care of those less fortunate than you… God will start to take care of you!


By saying this, I mean become a good steward of your money and pay yourself. You do this by saving at LEAST 10% of all the money you make in a savings account, retirement fund, investment, etc.

We all have plans in life and sometimes life can be a tool… and throw a wrench in our plans… so it is always good to have an account full of money to keep yourself protected in case of unexpected bills (such as a car breakdown, etc.)

After 10 months of saving your money… you will have exactly 1 months of paychecks saved up in you account. In 6-8 years depending on how much interest your making, you will have ONE year of your salary saved up!

People who have savings are less stressed, worried, and anxious than those who have NO savings or very little savings… because we’re not worried about common issues like: What if I get laid off, or what if the furnace needs to be replaced, or what if I get sick and can’t work for a week or two.


Okay, so if you followed my methods and are somewhat good at math… you now have 80% of your income left. By know you’re probably asking this question: “How can I possibly survive off of 80% of my income???

Good question — but how about this question, “If you’re job was to cut your pay by 80%, and you couldn’t find another higher paying job… could you survive?

The answer will probably be a resounding ‘Yes!’. You would survive by cutting back on non-important expenses that wastes your money.

So what to do with the other 80% of your income?

Pay your bills with a smile on your face.

Don’t let bills go late, or go in default and get late fees, don’t wait until the water company sends you a 3-day cut-off notice before you pay the bill.

Devise a system to pay off past debts that you owe… such as school and car loans, medical bills, etc. as SOON as possible. The less debt you have, the easier life will be.


By paying others in a respectful and timely manner… and by having a heart of giving, God will open up HUGE doors for you that cannot and will not be shut… and He will open up opportunities for you that you couldn’t ever fathom with your bad self!

The giving principle works with ALL aspects of your life. If you are feeling lonely, give time to someone else is who is lonely. If you are sick in your body, give time and volunteer to help old folks in the nursing home. If you are sad, give kind words to people all around you.

I challenge you to take a 30-Day challenge and make it your New Year’s Resolution to Give Your Way to the Top in 2009!

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Life May Knock You Out… But Keep Getting Back Up!

Do you ever wake up sometimes and think to yourself, “Life is dealing me a bad hand of cards!”. It may seem like everything that can go wrong, DOES go wrong.

Sometimes it may seem like you can never do anything right… or perhaps you may think that you are the most unluckiest person you know, because life never gives you a “break”… and when it does, it’s in the form of somebody breaking in to your car or your house!

The Bible declares in Proverbs 24:16 that “A righteous person may fall seven times, but he gets back up“.

What God’s abundant word is saying is this: Everybody in this world, no matter how great or small, no matter how rich or poor, no matter what the color of their skin is or what sex they are… is going to get KNOCKED down at times in their life.

But what makes you or breaks you my friend… is what you do AFTER you are knocked down by life. Look at the sport of boxing or MMA (mixed martial arts). Sometimes the fighter gets hit with a CRUSHING right hook to the temple… Sometimes he gets a DEVASTATING uppercut in the jaw.

Sometimes the fighter just absolutely gets his LIGHTS KNOCKED OUT so bad, that you think that the fool forgot to pay his electric bill.

Every great boxer from Muhammed Ali to Mike Tyson to everybody’s favorite movie underdog, Rocky Balboa… had ONE thing in common.

No matter how many times they got knocked down, they kept getting back up!

No matter how hurt and bloodied they were, they stayed in the fight and did not give up!

No matter how big or bad the opponent that was before them was, they stiffened their jaw up and ran towards their problem…. rather than away from it!

This week if you are feeling beat up, and knocked around, and bruised up by the cold weather… or by expenses… by frustrations… or if you’re just plain depressed and distressed… know that it is okay for you to get knocked down in life… BUT you better get back up!

Everytime you get back up, you catch a little more wind and you are stronger than you were before! Don’t give up, but get a holy attitude and stop letting life beat you up… but give it a stiff jab to the lip!

Live life fully today, show love to your family and friends, worship God in Spirit and Truth… and the next time life knocks you down, shout these words out…


It’ll motivate you… trust me (o:

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