Give Up Moments

Good Morning,

When you’re walking the walk of faith with God, you meet resistance. And at times you may feel like quitting. When this happens, don’t quit! On the other side of your give-up moment could be the miracle you’ve been waiting for.

When Peter loaned Jesus his boat to use to preach to the crowd that had gathered, Peter had reached a give-up moment. He had fished all night and not caught a single fish. After Jesus preached, He gave Peter a word. He said, Let down your nets for a draught (Luke 5:4).

Peter answered, “But, Master, we’ve toiled all night long and caught nothing!” That was his give-up moment. But then he said, Nevertheless, at thy word I will let down the net (v. 5). And he caught so many fish that it broke his net! On the other side of his give-up moment was the very miracle Peter needed!

We all face give-up moments, but that’s when you’re got to trust God to keep His Word. Once you find a promise you need in the Word, and God says He’s going to do it, you can trust the Word-even when you don’t see any results or understand-because it’s backed by God. You don’t have to figure God out. You just have to trust that He will keep His Word.

We often limit ourselves by forgetting that, as believers, we are spirit beings. That means we have a right to operate in spiritual principles. We can trust God’s spiritual laws because they work. When you understand this, you set yourself up for something supernatural to happen for you. So don’t give up! On the other side of your give-up moment could be your miracle!

My Declaration of Faith for Today:

I refuse to give up, because on the other side of my give-up moment could be my miracle!
Dr. I.V. Hilliard, Pastor

New Light Christian Center Church

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If You Can See the Invincible… You Can Do the Impossible!

A famous englishman by the name of Smith Wigglesworth once said, “I am Not Moved by What I See. I am Moved Only by What I Believe.”

Don’t be fooled by the funny name… Mr. Wigglesworth wiggled his way all across the world throughout Europe, Asia, Africa, and America laying his hands on gravely ill people… and healing them of cancers, tumors, diseases, and other bouts of uncurable sicknesses (all this is documented)… and preaching to excited crowds of thousands, until his death in 1947.

Now you may not be a Bible-thumping, roof-raising preaching Brit, who loves an occasional spot of tea and a crumpet like Mr. Wigglesworth… but I believe we can all learn from this old-timer.

First off, did you know that this guy started out as an uneducated plumber… who was afraid to speak publicly? That’s right, he spent all day digging through sewage and pipes of the good people of Yorkshire.

I guess he probably wasn’t voted “Most Likely to Succeed” in High School, was he?

But that his position in life did not stop him from dropping his plunger and speaking to hundreds of thousands across the world.

Because Smith was NOT moved by what he seen in the physical or the natural. He was able to SEE the invincible… and therefore he was able to DO the impossible!

It might look impossible for you to keep your job, because your co-workers or your boss who give you Trouble with a capital “T” at work… but if you can see the invincible, you can see yourself as the boss, and one day over them!

It might look impossible for you to get rid of those depressing thoughts and insecurities you have about your body… but if you can see the invincible, you can see yourself as in the same eyes as your Creator, a diamond worth more than all the silver and gold in the world!

It might look impossible for you to meet financial obligations such as paying for your daycare for your child or meeting the payment deadline so that you can keep the gas on and stay cozy warm this winter… but if you can see the invincible, you can see that as long as you do all that you can physically do… your God can do what is impossible for you, and the bills will be met!

This week… do not be afraid. Do not be dismayed. Do not dwell in doubt, and do not be burdened or trouble… because though things may appear to be tough right now, if you (1) Do not allow things to move you into fear or trouble… and (2) See yourself in a better state or accomplishing what you believe to be impossible… you are giving God room to move in your life.

As always, if this has encouraged you… forward it off to your friends and loved ones. Be blessed in all that you do and say… and may God richly bless you this week like never before!

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Refuse to Lose!

“The LORD will make you the head and NOT the tail… you will ALWAYS be at the top and NEVER at the bottom” (Deuteronomy 28:13)

One thing that I have learned in life… is that in order to succeed and be fruitful as a man or a woman of God is that we have to have a fierce tenacity, steady faith, and a strong attitude that says, “I REFUSE to LOSE!”

People will rise up against us and tell us we are nothing… the economy can turn downward and strip us of our faith… circumstances can smack us in the face and knock us down… but when it all comes down to it, the only thing that matters is what YOUR Creator says about you!

He has made you in His image and likeness to have dominion! He has declared that all things will be possible to you if you believe! He has said that you are the head and always at the top… NEVER are you the tail or the bottom… Yes, you are a WINNER!

This weekend… walk with your head held up HIGH like the royalty you are and no matter what goes on… no matter what anyone says… no matter how giant the obstacles in front of you appear… REFUSE TO LOSE, and watch God work miracles in your life!

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Want to Get Ahead in Life? Then Go Get Cut!

This weekend I went to a 3-day business conference in Las Vegas (Affiliate Summit), where I was able to meet a bunch of GREAT people from all across the country… learn more about my business (Internet Advertising & Marketing)… and just get energized by connecting with many like-minded individuals who are doing FAR better than me (by far better, I’m talking about in the millions of dollars!)

I’m saying this because of this well-known fact. If we ever want to get ahead anywhere in life… if we want to make an advancement in our career or business… if we want to ever get away from those crabs that keep trying to pull us back into the bottom of the basket, as we try to climb out… WE HAVE TO GO OUT THERE AND GET CUT!

Before you go to your kitchen countertop and grab your favorite cleaver or steak knife and slice & dice yourself… let me explain what I’m saying by, “You Have to Go Get Cut!”

God says in His abundant word, “As iron sharpens iron… so one person sharpens the wits of another” (Proverbs 27:17)

Have you ever noticed whenever you use a metal object a lot be it a knife, ax, scissors, or whatever other sharp toys you like to play with… it tends to get DULL and BLUNT after awhile, and begins to lose it’s effectiveness at doing it’s job (cutting or slicing).

The same thing happens with us after awhile. We are “sharp” at our professions, at our businesses, at our jobs, at our crafts… but after awhile, no matter how good we are at what we do… or no matter how greatly we desire to become or do something great in life… if we don’t connect with other like-minded people, we can get dull and blunt.

In order for you to keep doing whatever it is that needs to be done… or to accomplish new things, you need to either (1) Get a new knife…or (2) Sharpen the old knife. Obviously, you can’t throw yourself away and get a new you (at least not at the current time)… so the only option you have is sharpening your self.

How do I do that you ask?

A few things. Whatever it is you desire to do… simply get around, connected, and build relationships with like-minded people. That’s it!

There’s a number of ways we can connect with like minded individuals who can sharpen us:

(1) Join groups in the field that you want to advance in (online or in person)… or go to conventions. These groups can provide you with encouragement, motivation, and inspiration… as well as knowledge and wisdom in your area of focus.

(2) Read books by people who have achieved what you want to achieve. If you want to become rich in real estate, why not read a book by Donald Trump? If you want to become a better basketball player, why not read a book by Michael Jordan? If you want to become a motivational speaker, why not read a book by Zig Ziglar or Tony Robbins?

(3) If possible, get a mentor. A mentor is simply someone who has already achieved what you want to achieve… and will teach you and pour into you their knowledge. Many times more than not, you will have to pay someone to mentor you, but hey… think of it as an investment in yourself.

(4) Ditch people that “Dull” you up… rather than “Sharpen” you. Basically what I’m saying is that if all your friends are negative, aren’t going anywhere, and pretty much just suck… ditch ’em and get new friends! You don’t need anyone being a burden on you… and When you’re at the top, you can get new friends!

Until next time, stay sharp and focused… it was great meeting new friends in Vegas (Andrew and Kris)… it’s great to have a new office partner (Jeremiah Hale) who’ll keep me sharp in business and in God… be blessed and walk in God’s abundance today!

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How to Stay Positive in an Unpositive World

That’s right… no creative or catchy headline title this week… just a good, old fashioned ‘How to’ post that I believe will add some positive sunshine and warmth… to someone who may be having a slightly cloudy and overcast week.

Early on December 27th… my mother passed away. She had been extremely sick for the past 2 years… had become incapacitated in the past few months… pulled out her feeding tube a week prior… and her two sons had to make the HARD decision to agree with the doctor’s recommendation that the feeding tube not be reinserted because of her physical condition.

All this happened around Christmas, which is supposed to be a warm, fuzzy, joyful time of the year. That in more words or less… made the situation we faced. suck extremely that much more.

Now watch this…

Anytime one of our loved ones die… anytime we are in a long-term relationship with someone (whether it is dating or marriage) and it breaks up… anytime we are in a financial crisis and it seems like Repossession, and is big brothers Eviction and Foreclosure are knocking at our doors… anytime when it seems like everybody at the job or in your household are talking about you so bad that you want to get some boxing gloves, take them to the ring, and go Mike Tyson on them…

…I can bet money that you are probably not having a warm, bright, sun-shiny day. In fact, your day feels like it’s cloudy… overcast… drizzly… cold and icy… gray skies… and all that other good stuff.

So do you have a right to be mad at the world if you’re having an UNPOSITIVE day, or do you have a right to throw an adult temper tantrum, or do you have a right to show everybody what kind of day (or week) you’re having?

No. No, you don’t.

I was reading a post by my good friend Jasper, where someone quoted God’s promise to us on his note: “As a man [or woman] thinks, so is he [or she]” (Proverbs 23:7). The guy continued to say, “We have to fake it, until we make it”.

That’s true, especially when we’re trying to be POSITIVE in a generally unpositive world!

FACT: Being unpositive and mad at the world does NOTHING good for us anyways, so why have that type of mindset.. even if you “deserve” to feel that way. Being mad like that all the time brings stress, anxiety, can cause sickness and disease in your body, and causes people to avoid you like an Al Sharpton for President rally!

If you’re having trouble staying positive this week… remember to (1) Look at the glass as half-FULL, and not half-empty.

Identify (2) What is the good thing that can come out of a bad situation. In my mother’s case, she is no longer in pain… and she is in heaven now, and at that I can REJOICE!

(3) Learn to smile and be friendly towards others around you… even if you have to fake it ’till you make it, and FORCE yourself to smile when you don’t want to. Go ahead and try it out… it works. Give 10 people today a great, big-old Kool-Aid man smile… and see if it doesn’t make you happier… and do something positive for your day!

Remember, being unpositive and mad towards everyone else WILL not make you happy, but will bring yourself (and others) down. Being positive (even if you have to force yourself), is just what the doctor ordered when your day is not going all good and gravy.

If this post helped you.. or you think it can help someone else, feel FREE to forward it or post it to your friends and loved ones.

Until next time, I love everybody… have a positive day… congratulations to my cousin Marian on her wedding last week… and walk in God’s abundance, today!

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