Need a Hug? Your Brotherly Love Can Rescue Somebody!

The following story was sent to me by Samson Ojo, founder of INSPIRATION ZONE, a Facebook group:

I heard an amazing story about a set of twins who were just a few days old. One of them had been born with a serious heart condition and wasn’t expected to live. A few days went by and one baby’s health continued to deteriorate, she was close to death.

A nurse at the hospital asked if she could go against hospital policy and put the babies in the same incubator together, rather than in individual incubators. It was a big ordeal, but finally the doctor consented to allow the twins to be placed side by side in the same incubator, just as they had been in their mother’s womb.

Somehow, the healthy baby managed to reach over and put his arm around his little sick sister. Before long, and for no apparent reason, her heart began to stabilize and heal. Her blood pressure came up to normal. Her temperature soon followed suit. Little by little she got better, and today they are both perfectly healthy children. A newspaper caught wind of the story and photographed the twins while still in the incubator, embraced in a hug. they ran the photo with the caption, “The Rescuing Hug”.



There is an interesting story about two siblings in the Bible that takes place on the pages of the Book of Genesis, Chapter 4.

These two siblings are Cain and Abel… and as many of you know, Abel (the younger brother) was killed by Cain (the older brother) in a fit of rage and jealousy. What was the reason for Cain knocking off his li’l brother?

He was mad at Abel because the Lord accepted Abel’s sacrifice to him… over Cain’s sacrifice.

That gives a new insight to sibling rivalry, don’t it? I have a brother exactly 10 years older than me… and a brother who is 8 years younger than me… and last time I check, I haven’t gotten mad enough at either one of them to kill ’em!

The key thing about this story that stuck out to me was this: When God confronted Cain and inquired about the whereabouts of Abel, Cain’s response was cold and precise:

“Am I my brother’s keeper?”

And several thousands of years after this phrase was uttered by Cain to God… we (in this day and age) are still muttering the same words in different contexts.

“I am not responsible for that!”

“Don’t look at me… it’s his/her fault!”

“I don’t care what happens to you… as long as I’m okay and my business is taken care of, it’s all good!”

These are some of the phrases that we think and that we say… and in essence, we are saying to God and to mankind as a whole, “No, I am NOT my brother’s/sister’s keeper… I don’t care what happens to him/her!”

As we seen in the story about the two newborn babies… if the nurse hadn’t placed the healthy twin next to the dying twin in the incubator… the sickly twin would have surely died.

The reason why the dying baby turned around and lived… was because of the LOVING embrace of her sibling. Without this love, affection, or care…. the baby surely would have died.

So this week, when you see someone who is hurting… or needs help… needs a shoulder to cry on… or is in desperate need of love, be a brother or a sister to them… and watch God WORK MIRACLES in their life, as well as your own!

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