How a Butterfly Flapping its Wings… Can Help You Get AHEAD in Life!

Did you know that weather forecasters can not predict the weather…. anymore than 5 to 7 days ahead of time? Why is this?

Because there are always subtle and tiny changes that occur within our atmosphere… and these tiny changes can add up and drastically change the outcome of the weather in a significant way.

That’s why it is said that a tiny butterfly flapping it’s wings… can cause a devastating tsunami to occur half-a-world away!! This phenemona is called the BUTTERFLY EFFECT.

This is what happened in The Butterfly Effect movie with Ashton Kutcher. He would go back in time… and the little, tiny, minor changes that he made in the past… had HUGE effects in the future!

I believe we can apply this Butterfly Effect in our lives also. Sometimes, when we are trying to get somewhere in life… or if we are trying to attain a position… we try to make HUGE leaps and bounds all at once! What happens more times than not, is we get burned out by the process… and give up.

Now taking huge leaps like this can work for you if you’re TOTALLY 110% dedicated to achieving your goal. For instance, I had a major surgery in early-March… and dropped about 18 lbs. within that next week. When I got well enough to start lifting weights again, I made a goal to myself that I would QUICKLY gain 20-25 lbs. of pure muscle in 6 weeks. I am currently on Week 4 of my plan… and have gained 13 lbs. of muscle. I’m a bit behind schedule… but I’m totally committed!

All that took dedication… it took heart… it took me FORCING myself to eat when I’m not hungry (5-6 meals a day, about 4000 calories a day)… it took me downing NASTY protein drinks and protein bars that taste like cardboard paper… it took me forcing myself to get 8 hours of sleep at minimum a day… and it took me forcing myself to go to the gym 3 times a week and throwing weights around like I was Conan the Barbarian.

But for most people, QUICK change is NOT necessary (most of the time)… and it is 10 x easier for you to implement SMALLER changes over a longer amount of time… rather than to implement LARGE changes over a short amount of time.

For instance, I could have decided to gain 20-25 lbs. of muscle in 6 months (instead of 6 weeks)… which would only require me to gain about 1 lb. a week which is pathetically easy! Doing it this way, would allow me an easier process to attaining my goal… and would also increase the chance that I don’t get burned out by trying to acheive the goal.

The same can be applied in almost any area of your life. If you want to write a 100-page book… using the BUTTERFLY EFFECT… you can say to yourself, “I want to accomplish that in 6 months (about 182 days), so that means I only need to write HALF A PAGE a day.” That’s it! How easy is that??

If you want to build a online business that guarantees you financial freedom… take the BUTTERFLY EFFECT method. Say to yourself, I will concentrate all my efforts to make $20 that FIRST month. Once you have hit that goal, the next month focus for making $40. Then the next month focus on hitting $80… then $160… then $320… then $640… then $1280… then $2560… you get the point!

All the big goals that we set for ourselves in lives… can be acheived by hitting small goals that lead up to the big one! That is why it is said the ONLY way to eat an elephant… is by taking one small bite at a time.

Jesus once said to His disciples… “Anything is POSSIBLE to you… if you BELIEVE”. Believe today friend… and you WILL achieve great and mighty things!

Be blessed and walk in God’s rich abundance today!

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The Freaks Come Out at Night!!

And it came to pass, that at midnight the Lord smote all the firstborn in the land of Egypt. (Exodus 12:29)

At midnight, Ruth was introduced to Boaz. At midnight, Paul and Silas sang, and heaven couldn’t help but hear their song.

Too often in the middle of the night, in the mist of our darkest crisis, at the depths of our darkest valley, we allow ourselves to become upset, distraught, concerned, and anxious. God sits on his throne saying, “When you have worn yourself out through your own ability, I will be here to help you and lift you up.

When you have exhausted all your natural resources, when it seems the darkest and loneliest, and fear runs rampant, you have reached your midnight hour.”

When you reach midnight, how do you respond? Do you stand firm or flee? Do you complain or confess Christ? Do you seek man or God? Do you try your own solutions or trust God?

We serve a God who is so much greater than we allow him to be. Rely on him alone. Turn to him. In the midnight hours of your life, God will bring your deliverance. “At midnight I will arise to give thanks unto thee because of thy righteous judgments” (Psalm 119:62).

Today’s Prayer:


Pastor Rod Parsley

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Learning to Accept Constructive Criticism

“Instruct a wise man and he will be wiser still;
teach a righteous man and he will add to his learning”
(Proverbs 9:9)

People who are able to accept constructive criticism from others… are WELL prepared to live life fully and abundantly. Why? Because by their very nature, they are humble and meek in their spirits!

It is a fact that average people tend to get offended… or get their feelings hurt, whenever someone tries to correct them… or show them a better way of doing things… but a WISE man or woman understands and accepts the fact that they don’t know it all, and sometimes what the other person is saying, is a BETTER way of doing things.

When you are of that type of mindset (where you realize you can’t possibly know everything)… you put yourself in a position where you accept people’s opinions, feedback, and criticisms… and THEN make a decision whether that person’s idea is good for you or bad for you.

This type of position makes you WISER and also puts you into a position where more doors are opened for you in life.

So today, if someone tries to correct you… or show you another way of doing things, don’t get mad and irritated RIGHT off the bat… receive their opinion with a grain of salt, and treat it like some catfish. Eat all the meat… and spit out the bones!

Until tomorrow be blessed and walk in God’s abundance today.

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Don’t Beat Yourself Up Over Mistakes

Because golf exposes the flaws of the human swing – a basically simple maneuver – it causes more self-torture than any game short of the Russian Roulette.

The quicker the average golfer can forget the shot he had dubbed or knocked off-line -and concentrate on the next shot – the sooner he begins to improve and enjoy golf.

Like life, golf can be humbling. However, little good comes from worrying or beating ourselves up about the mistakes we’ve made. The next shot, in golf or life, is the big one.


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And The Rocks WILL Cry Out!

As Jesus was entering into Jerusalem for the last time of his three-year ministry… he was praised and cheered on by multitudes of EXCITED people along the road… who had witnessed or heard about the miracles and healings he had performed on others.

The Bible declares that these people began to, “…joyfully praise God in LOUD voices for all the miracles they had seen.

But not everyone was ecstatic about him coming to town… and some even had a chip on their shoulder. Luke 19:39 talks about these folks, the Pharisees (a group of intelligent Jewish scholars and teachers). It says that they confronted Jesus and said: “Teacher, rebuke your disciples!”

Basically what they were saying, if I could translate it to our language of today was this: “Teacher, tell all these people who are out here acting a fool to SHUT UP!”

Jesus’ response to the Pharisees was this: “I tell you the truth… if these people keep quiet, the rocks will CRY out!”


This past weekend, I was in a service where a woman who had been dealing with a SEVERE case of open skin and bone infection of her ankle and foot was healed after 5+ years of dealing with this critical condition. The case of infection was so SEVERE, that the doctors had told her at one point, it would be best to amputate her foot to prevent the infection from spreading to the rest of her body and killing her!

This woman had went in to the doctor’s office… and BEFORE the nurses had removed the bandage to examine her wounds, she testified that she began to cry out to God and thank Him for healing her foot (Keep in mind, this was BEFORE the bandage had been unwrapped). The nurse continued to unwrap the foot, and to all the medical personell’s astonishment… that decaying foot was healed!

Even at the church service, a few days after her coming back from the doctor’s office… she continued to praise God in a LOUD voice, for what He had done for her as she told the whole congregation about what had happened and how God had worked.

I say this, to say this: Anytime God does anything great for you… you have a RIGHT, a PRIVILEGE, and a RESPONSIBILITY to praise God in a LOUD voice!

It doesn’t matter what people think… what people around you may say… people may call you a fool… you might look crazy silly… but chances are, God isn’t doing too much for those folks anyways, so who cares what they think!

After all, if Ed McMahon knocked at your front door and was holding a big, oversizes check in has hand… and you had all your friends and family over at your house… I can GUARANTEE you’d probably be jumping up and down, knocking lamps and TVs over, hugging and kissing people, and shouting at the top of your lungs!

Whenever God does something special in your life… He does it for a reason and purpose, namely because of the fact that He loves you… because you are His son or daughter. You are His special creation!

Don’t be mistaken. Even though there are many things that APPEAR to happen to us by accident, chance, our own intelligent, or our own talent… it is ALWAYS God that allows greatness to happen.

The old saying says: ‘When the PRAISES go up, the BLESSINGS will come down”… and is SO true… the more you praise Him, the more blessings tend to keep falling down upon you… because He hears your expressions of gratitude.

So this week, where ever you are at in the world, whether times are good or bad for you right now… open up your mouth and praise Him for the EXCELLENT things He has done for you! Because I guarantee that if you don’t, the rocks will cry out to Him… and I’m not about to have any rocks receive my blessings!

Until next time, be blessed in all that you do… and walk in God’s total abundance, today!

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Without Vision, You are Blind.

Helen Keller was once asked, “What is worse than being blind?”. Her response: “Being able to see… but having NO vision.”

Let the vision for your life, family, future, education, health, and ministry be clear to you. The vision that you establish for yourself, helps to guide you THAT place in life that you want to get to… but is just out of your reach.

Your vision for your life, is a roadmap… that will help you find the way to your destination in life, whenever you get lost.

Your vision for your life will help pull you to the top… when haters, naysayers, and hypocrites try to drag you with them to the bottom.

Your vision for your life helps to illuminate your surroundings… when you feel like everything is dark around you.

Basically, without a vision for your life… you’re JUST like a blind person. Only, you just run into more walls than they do!

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How to Use Mentors to Take You HIGHER in Your Business!

This Post was originally written by me for the Pakistani Christian Business Group

God says in His abundant word, “As iron sharpens iron… so one person sharpens the wits of another!” (Proverbs 27:17)

Whenever we get together with people who are of higher skill level than us (or even of the same skill level)… something special begins to happen. The wisdom, the experience, the know-how of that other person begins to rub off on us… and vice versa… until in the end, both people are SHARPER because of that meeting and relationship!

It is a STRANGE phenomenom, but its true. The Bible describes it as “Iron sharpening iron”. As you all may know, after you use a knife, axe, or any other type of cutting tool for ANY extended amount of time… it begins to get “dull” on the edge and LOSE it’s ability to do it’s job (which is to cut).

As we go through lives in our businesses and ministries, we expend a lot of energy, and sometimes grow weary… and begin to get “dull” and slowly lose our ability to think creatively… or cut new deals… and we become inefficient at what we do over time.

Every so often, it is a MUST for us, that we connect with people who are of the same mindset as yourself… or even higher. It would be preferrable if these people are in the same business arena as you.

What will happen is that when you befriend people such as this… you’ll be able to talk with them, get re-energized, get a NEW passion for your business, bounce creative ideas off of them, get a NEW spark… and you and that other person will literally “sharpen the wits of each other!”

This is the whole essence of having Mastermind Groups and even this rapidly-growing Pakistan Christian Business Group that Kamran Khan founded. All of us, from our different walks… from different parts of the world… have at least two things in common:

(1) We all worship Jesus Christ.

(2) We all want to succeed in our businesses.

You see friend, we all have something to offer each other… and I invite you all to start discussions on the Facebook page at Pak. Christian Business… so that we may all SHARPEN each other! If you need help or a creative idea, ask for help! If someone is having trouble and posts it in a discussion… help them out!

Do you want to get to a level that you can’t get to by yourself in business? Try to find mentors online and offline! In this day and age… there are PLENTY of people out there willing to impart their wisdom and experience to you, if you seem excited about their knowledge… and are willing to buy them something as small as lunch… or even a cup of coffee!

Even if you have to pay a mentor for their knowledge, I can guarantee you… that what you will get out of it in the long run will be worth THOUSANDS more than you paid!

If you can’t get your favorite mentor(s) in-person… then buy their books, read their forums and blogs, attend conventions, read their articles… there are SO many different ways that you can be mentored.

Until next Friday my Christian Business friends, be blessed and stay sharp!

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Shout With a Voice of Victory… and Watch the Walls Fall!

Back in the ancient times before civilizations had tanks, full-metal armor, nukes, and weapons of mass destruction… the strongest thing that a king had to protect his kingdom, people, and possessions with, were stone walls.

These kings would raise up tall, mighty walls that were fortified with stone and mortar… and surround the city with these walls, so it would make it ALMOST impossible for any enemy to invade their city.

Many times in life… we feel like there are external forces against us, which there are… and often it feels like these forces OVERPOWER us in our emotions and make us feel like giving up… or make us feel depressed. We want to accomplish something in life, or go further… but it seems like the enemy has built up “tall, mighty walls” around what we want to attain, and we feel powerless and drained emotionally.

In order for an army to break through the walls… it would often times take incredible strength and effort, and in the case of Joshua of Nun… it took a DIVINE effort for him and his armies to break through into the city of Jericho.

Consider this verse:

“Now Jericho was tightly shut up because of the Israelites. No one went out and no one came in…. Then the LORD said to Joshua, “See, I have delivered Jericho into your hands, along with its king and its fighting men… March around the city once with all the armed men. Do this for six days.

Have seven priests carry trumpets of rams’ horns in front of the ark. On the seventh day, march around the city seven times, with the priests blowing the trumpets. 5 When you hear them sound a long blast on the trumpets, have all the people give a loud shout; then the wall of the city will collapse and the people will go up, every man straight in.” (Joshua 6:1-5)

Before Joshua was even within eyeshot of the mighty walls surrounding the city of Jericho… God PROMISED him the city! All God wanted of Joshua and his army… was for them to (1) Obey what He commanded… and (2) Give forth a loud shout of praise… and the walls of Jericho WOULD fall.

The Bible continues on and tells us that Joshua did as he was commanded… and that the Mighty Walls of Jericho did indeed fall, when the fighting men of Israel lifted up a shout of praise to God. They then RUSHED into the city, and TOOK what belonged to them!

My encouragement to you this day is this:


Sometimes you just have to shout with joy to God in the midst of your confusion, anxiety, and troubles… and many times that is all it will take to bring those mighty walls down. Try it and see what happens. When you shout for joy, it puts you in a happy, child-like state… where problems that seemed SO large, no longer seem so large anymore.

Today… if you are feeling down and out, under the weather…. or if you feel like you’re fighting a battle that is just too large for you… remember that the battle is not yours, its the Lords, and He has NEVER lost a battle. Give Him a SHOUT of JOY for what He has done in your life… and WATCH those walls come tumbling down!

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Need More Money in Your Pockets? Keep Reading if You Do… Part #3

I take it if you’re reading this, then your answer to the question, “Need More Money in Your Pockets…?” is probably YES!

The Bible says in 3 John 1:2, “Beloved, I wish above all things that you would PROSPER, and be in good health… even as your soul PROSPERS!

This PROSPERITY the Bible speaks about is not only for your finances… but also in your health, spiritual-life, family, and all aspects of your life.

Prosperity means many different things to many different people… but I’m sure we can agree that prosperity can mean “abundance”, “increase”,  and “wealth” in one’s life.

While I don’t believe that everybody will be filthy-rich like a Warren Buffet… or an Oprah Winfrey… I do believe that in the area of finances, God DOES NOT want any of His children to walk in poverty, be dodging bill collectors, parking our cars half-a-mile away from our house so the repo-man doesn’t get it… you get the point. We should NOT be walking around this earth poor, broke, and destitute!

Before you keep reading this juicy post… you’ll want to get familiar with the first two posts that were done back in December & February:

Part #1 is how you “Spend Your Way into Prosperity”. Sound contradictorary? Who cares how crazy it sounds… it works my friend! In a nutshell it says (1) Pay God First,  (2) Pay Yourself Second,  (3) Pay Those Bills on Time.

This is the link to read the whole post on Part #1

Part #2 is how you can “Simple Ways to Increase Your Income”. This post has a lot of meat and potatoes in it… and will fill you up if you’re hungry! In a nutshell it says (1) Focus in on your talent and (2) Three Simple Ways to Increase Your Income.

This is the link to read the whole post on Part #2.

That said… my wife and I have done financial workshops in the past in the church and in the community… and many times, people will ask, “What is the SECRET to Increase My Finances”…

… and my response would always be the same: “Shhhh… don’t tell anybody. The secret to increasing your finances is this: Make more money and/or spend less money.”

Nice, deep advice… huh? I ticked off more than a couple people with that type of advice.

But in reality it is true… and with most things in life… there is typically a SIMPLE process behind getting what you want in life, but executing that process is what is DIFFICULT for many.

The basics behind having more money and being more financially stable are: “Make more money and/or spend less money.” — Follow this process to a ‘T’, and I can assure with almost 100% certainty that you will ALWAYS be able have a nice roof over your head… a nice car to drive in… nice clothes to wear… be able to take nice vacations with your loved ones… be able to bless others around you… and NOT go in debt doing so.

Part #3 is going to deal with this topic: How to Get Out of Debt.

When my wife and I got out of debt some years ago… we followed the Dave Ramsey plan. We were lucky enough to find out about it while we were still pretty young (about 23 and 24 years old). We executed the plan, and completely got out of debt.

FACT: You simply CANNOT become wealthy financially… if you have an excess amount of debt.

Here is his plan:

Whatever it takes for you to get money in your savings account… do it! Sell stuff on eBay, Craigslist, garage sales, cut yards, deliver pizza, whatever… get at LEAST $1,000 in your savings account. What this does is to (A) Give you pride that you’re able to save a significant amount of money… and  (B) Helps to protect you for emergencies that happen in life (ex. car breakdowns, etc.)

Write down all the debts you have MINUS your mortgage (ex. car payment, credit cards, hospital bills, school loans) on paper, from the highest monthly bill you pay each month… to the lowest. Use the money that you used in STEP ONE to fund your emergency fund, to pay off the HIGHEST monthly bill first.

Keep on paying the minimum amounts required by all your other debts… and attack the highest debt. When you have killed that debt, move on to the next debt, and keep knocking them out until you have NO debts.

The typical person who follows this advice faithfully can be debt free in about 18-24 months.




People say you have to have a mortgage for 20, 30, even 40 years? The devil is a lie.


Let me know what you think about this post… if you have any questions message me… and I’ll see you at the top baby!

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You Can Give a Man a Fish…

An old Chinese proverb reads like this: “You can give a man a fish and you have fed him for a day… but if you TEACH him how to fish, you have fed him for a lifetime”.

In this day and age, we have to realize that we must be self-sufficient as people of God.

Even though we can go through times in our lives when we need a hand or help from others… as much as we can, we need to make sure we take responsibility for our own actions, and have the mind of a “go-getter”.

A go-getter doesn’t make excuses when things get rough… they come up with ideas and solutions!

When presented with a problem such as, “I’m hungry, how am I going to catch some of these fish swimming in the river”… a go-getter doesn’t starve to death… look for someone to give him or her a free fish… but a go-getter comes up with SOLUTIONS to the problem at hand.

“Maybe I can make a net or bag… and put it in the river, so that the fish will swim into it and get trapped.”

“Maybe I can this big stick off of a tree, and club the fish to death as they swim along.”

“Maybe instead of clubbing them with a stick… I can take the stick, tie some of this yarn or floss that’s in my pocket to it, attach a safety pin to the end of it, dig up a worm… and catch that fish with my homemade fishing pole!”

As foolish as some of those solutions are… at least they are solutions, and it is better to come up with a weak solution, rather than NO solution at all.

Do what you can do physically and mentally in a problem or situation… and God will accomplish what you cannot do, because He sees your faith.

Be blessed today and walk in God’s Abundance!

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