Can You Feel Your Pulse? Then You’re Blessed!

Are you a blessed person? You can check by seeing if you can feel the pulse in your wrist. If you feel your pulse beating… then you are, by no doubt, BLESSED!

Tomorrow is promised to no man, woman, or child. Each day that you live is a TRUE blessing from God. This saying is true and to the point.

Right now as you read this… there are millions upon millions of people worldwide… who are starving, who are being hunted by others, enslaved, diseased, and can’t go to sleep in peace because of the violent environment in which they live — because they fear someone will kill them or kidnap them in their sleep.

Looking at life from this point of view… kind of makes all of our problems, look minor and significant. You truly are blessed by God, to be in the state where you’re at right now.

So today, be blessed friend… thank God for every day of existence you have… and walk in His abundance, today!

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