The POWER of Life and Death is in YOUR Tongue!

“The POWER of life & death is in YOUR tongue.. and those who love it will eat its fruit.” (Proverbs 18:21)

People talk crazy… people say foolish things… people curse others… and people say horrible things! This isn’t anything new… and as long as God has given us the GIFT (at least for most people!) of speaking, there will always be people out there who say inappropriate things that they shouldn’t be saying!

I guess some people didn’t have their mouths washed out with soap enough when they were younger… did they??

While in most cases you can’t control the words that come out of other’s mouths… you CAN control the words that come out of YOUR mouth.

Many people will use their tongues to speak negative things, such as “The economy is bad”… or “You’ll be just like your father when you grow up”… or “I’m not smart enough”… and worse than that, many times we will talk down on others… and tear them apart with our tongues. Many times, the things which we speak DO become reality… so in essence, when we speak badly or negatively… in most cases bad and negative things happen!

On the other hand, instead of speaking negatively, and down upon yourself and others, and instead of crying, “The sky is falling!”… let me show you another way! An even better way to use that tongue God gave you!

Speak POSITIVELY about yourself. Speak HOPE into a negative situation. Speak GOOD about others.

Simple as that. In doing this, you are speaking the undisputable POWER of God into yourself, others around you, and into your situation.

I am convinced that is almost nothing on this earth, that can stop a POSITIVE man or woman who is armed with a fully-loaded tongue… and knows how to use it.

Be blessed today… and aim to speak 5 good things about yourself… and 5 good things about others today!

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