Shoot Your Way to Excellence!

The major difference between the big shot and the little shot is this: The BIG shot is just a little shot who kept on shooting.” – Zig Ziglar, Motivational Speaker

A powerful phrase that we can all let sink down in our spirits. Everybody who has ever succeeded in life… or has become a big shot in business, ministry, community, or in their fields of expertise started out as a small, unknown person.

No one started out big. McDonalds NEVER started out big. Microsoft NEVER started out big. Exxon Mobil NEVER started out big. All these companies started out as small, unknown companies. All of these companies on the rise to their GREAT success… had victories, and they all had defeats along the way.

But the ONE major thing that I believe seperated these world-changing businesses is that they kept on “shooting”, even when they faced adversity, problems, and trials. They NEVER gave up and they NEVER threw in the towel.

They kept shooting, and shooting, and shooting… and even if they missed the target 99 out of 100 times, at least one of their shots hit the target, and in our businesses… many times only ONE deal separates us from being dead-broke… to being a millionaire!

Even a blind man can shoot a gun and hit the target at least once, if he’s given 1,000 chances… all he has to do is persevere, be patient, and keep shooting, and he will by all means hit that target!

This week… if you or someone who is close to you is tempted to give up and throw in the towel in your business, family, ministry, etc., remind yourself to keep on shooting… and EVENTUALLY, you WILL hit the target!

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The RICHEST Place on Earth — and How You Can Find It!

“Do not be afraid, for I know that you are looking for Jesus, who was crucified…. He has risen from the dead and is going ahead of you into Galilee.” – The words of an angel, to a group of scared & confused Israelite women, almost 2000 years ago. (Matthew 28:5-7)

Many years ago, I attended a powerful, city-wide conference… that featured a magnificent speaker from the Bahamas, named Myles Munroe.

Here’s the question the speaker asked everybody that day:

Can you tell me what is the Wealthiest place on this earth?

There are probably like 10,000 answers you could give… and since I feel nice today (LOL), I’ll go ahead and tell you what some of the WRONG answers are.

The wealthiest place is NOT in the diamond fields of South Africa. It is NOT in the vast, oil fields of Kuwait. Nor is it in the royal wealth of the the banks of London… or in the stock markets of New York City.

The WEALTHIEST and RICHEST places on this earth lie in the graveyards and cemeteries all across this globe.

In these graveyards, lie the remains of people who NEVER attained their potential in life. They died without writing best-selling books that were in the fabric of their dreams.

They died without finding the cures to cancer, aids, and other diseases that for ages have plagued mankind.

In these graves are people who died without writing beautiful songs and ballads, that would’ve touched our hearts.

They died without starting multi-million dollar corporations that could have impacted the economy… and they died without starting organizations or ministries that would have changed the world.

In many cases, some of the things that these men and women could’ve have accomplished for mankind and this world is worth more than all the money, the gold, and the silver in this world… and sadly, a great WEALTH of ideas will never become manifest, because the owners of this GREAT wealth of knowledge will die before they can act upon it.

This is where YOU come in… and can play YOUR part in making sure that the richest place on earth, is NO longer our graveyards.

As many of you know, that this is Easter week… the week that those of us who are Christians celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Resurrection simply means this: “Rising from the dead & Returning to Life”.

Many of us have dreams of becoming great men and woman… we have dreams of writing best-selling novels… starting successful businesses… running for political office…. the list is endless, but many of us NEVER accomplish that thing that we DREAM of doing.

Many times, it is because of fear and doubt… or ignorance… or a lack of resources on our part… the lies that people have told us… whatever the case is, sometimes the dreams and visions we have, are DEAD and buried within us… and we leave them in that grave within our hearts and minds… and when we die (which we all will), our dreams will die to… and NEVER have a chance to come alive.

This is a week that we celebrate LIFE, and it’s victory over death! Why not make it a week to also re-establish yourself… and where you’re at right now in life?

Now is the time for you to RESURRECT those dead dreams, passions, and ambitions of yours… and bring them back to life! It doesn’t matter what people say… or the lack of your resources… all that matters is God, and you can be assured He has all the resources and wisdom in the universe.

You were born in this time and in this age to make an impact and a difference in this world! You are NOT an accident or mistake… because what God creates, he instills purpose and potential in. This week and go after your dreams this week with a new fire and a new sense of urgency… and watch God use you!

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The POWER of Life and Death is in YOUR Tongue!

“The POWER of life & death is in YOUR tongue.. and those who love it will eat its fruit.” (Proverbs 18:21)

People talk crazy… people say foolish things… people curse others… and people say horrible things! This isn’t anything new… and as long as God has given us the GIFT (at least for most people!) of speaking, there will always be people out there who say inappropriate things that they shouldn’t be saying!

I guess some people didn’t have their mouths washed out with soap enough when they were younger… did they??

While in most cases you can’t control the words that come out of other’s mouths… you CAN control the words that come out of YOUR mouth.

Many people will use their tongues to speak negative things, such as “The economy is bad”… or “You’ll be just like your father when you grow up”… or “I’m not smart enough”… and worse than that, many times we will talk down on others… and tear them apart with our tongues. Many times, the things which we speak DO become reality… so in essence, when we speak badly or negatively… in most cases bad and negative things happen!

On the other hand, instead of speaking negatively, and down upon yourself and others, and instead of crying, “The sky is falling!”… let me show you another way! An even better way to use that tongue God gave you!

Speak POSITIVELY about yourself. Speak HOPE into a negative situation. Speak GOOD about others.

Simple as that. In doing this, you are speaking the undisputable POWER of God into yourself, others around you, and into your situation.

I am convinced that is almost nothing on this earth, that can stop a POSITIVE man or woman who is armed with a fully-loaded tongue… and knows how to use it.

Be blessed today… and aim to speak 5 good things about yourself… and 5 good things about others today!

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Can You Feel Your Pulse? Then You’re Blessed!

Are you a blessed person? You can check by seeing if you can feel the pulse in your wrist. If you feel your pulse beating… then you are, by no doubt, BLESSED!

Tomorrow is promised to no man, woman, or child. Each day that you live is a TRUE blessing from God. This saying is true and to the point.

Right now as you read this… there are millions upon millions of people worldwide… who are starving, who are being hunted by others, enslaved, diseased, and can’t go to sleep in peace because of the violent environment in which they live — because they fear someone will kill them or kidnap them in their sleep.

Looking at life from this point of view… kind of makes all of our problems, look minor and significant. You truly are blessed by God, to be in the state where you’re at right now.

So today, be blessed friend… thank God for every day of existence you have… and walk in His abundance, today!

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Stop Chasing Your Tail… and Let Your Tail Chase You!

He who works his land will have abundant food, but he who chases fantasies lacks judgment.” – King Solomon (Proverbs 12:11, NIV)

Many times in life, we are surrounded by so many distractions around us. These distractions tell us to do this… to do that… to go after this deal… to partner up with this person… to buy this product… to compete with our neighbors… the list is virtually endless!!

Having BIG dreams are healthy for us all, and God wants us to dream BIG. Dreams are ALWAYS attainable when we define a path to get to them. But fantasies, on the other hand… are imaginations that are unrestricted by reality… and will probably NEVER happen.

Too many people chase after fantasies all their life. Anytime something new comes along… they chase it. Then the next new thing comes along… and they chase that. And on, and on, and on… People who chase fantasies are like dogs that chase their tail. The dog can chase his tail all he wants… and will NEVER catch it!

Instead of wasting your valuable time chasing fantasies… learn to have your dreams chase YOU!

Know what your dreams (or goal) is by doing the following:

(1) Write it down on paper so it gets down in your spirit… and read it multiple times a day

(2) Set a path for yourself to attain that dream. You might say for example, to gain 15 lbs. of muscle, I need to drink 3 protein shakes a day… and lift weights 3 times a week.

(3) Follow your path… and watch your dreams chase you, and CATCH you!

That is how you “work your land”… and in doing that my friend… your dreams WILL by all means, catch you!

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The POWER of Choice!

Meet Edwin Thomas, a master of the stage. During the latter half of the 1800s, this small man with the huge voice had few rivals. Debuting in the Richard III at the age of fifteen, he quickly established himself as a premier ‘Shakespearean’ actor. In New York, he performed Hamlet for one hundred consecutive nights. In London he won the approval of the tough British critics. When it came to tragedy on the stage, Edwin Thomas was in a select group. When it came to tragedy in life, the same could be said as well.

Edwin had two brothers, John and Junius. Both were actors, although neither rose to his stature. In 1863, the three siblings united their talents to perform Julius Caesar. The fact that Edwin’s brother John took the role of Brutus was an eerie harbinger of what awaited the brothers – and the nation – two years hence.

For this John who played the assassin in Julius Caesar is the same John who took the role of assassin in Ford’s theater. On a crisp April night in 1865, he stole quietly into the rear of a box in the Washington theater and fired a bullet at the head of Abraham Lincoln. Yes, the last name of the brothers was Booth – Edwin Thomas Booth and John Wilkes Booth.

Edwin was never the same after that night. Shame from his brother’s crime drove him into retirement. He might never have returned to the stage had it not been for a twist of fate at a New Jersey train station. Edwin was awaiting his coach when a well-dressed young man, pressed by the crowd, lost his footing and fell between the platform and the moving train. Without hesitation, Edwin locked a leg around a railing, grabbed the man, and pulled him to safety. After the sighs of relief, the young man recognized the famous Edwin Booth.

Edwin, however, didn’t recognize the young man he’d rescued. that knowledge came weeks later in a letter, a letter he carried in his pocket to his grave. A letter from General Adams Budeau, Chief Secretary to General Ulysses S. Grant. A letter thanking him for saving the life of the son of an American hero, Abraham Lincoln. How ironic that while one brother killed the president, the other brother saved the president’s son. The boy Edwin Booth yanked to safety? Robert Todd Lincoln.

Two brothers. Same mother. Same father. Same profession. One chose life. The other chose death.

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