What Does Not Kill You… Only Makes You Stronger!

What do you do… when life throws you a such a HARD blow that seems to “knock you out”?

What do you say… when it seems like things in your life are out of control, and you feel like you’re on a head-on collision with disaster?

How do you feel… when it seems like everybody you know is against you, and no one is standing up for you… or in your corner?

The Bible tells us that “A righteous man falls seven times… but he ALWAYS gets back up!” (Proverbs 24:16)

This life that we all live WILL have it’s ups and downs… mountains and valleys… good times and bad times.

You can choose this day to be a SURVIVOR… or you can choose to be another countless victim of your circumstances and “bad fortune”. People who CHOOSE to be survivors may get beat down by life… but they refuse to stay down and out. Survivors have a tendency of getting up after adversity hits them, dusting themselves off, and asking the world, “Who else wants some of this?”

Survivors are those people who are strong in their faith… mighty in prayer… and most of all, have a stiff-jaw that can take some punishment. Survivors refuse to lose… they refuse to give up… they refuse to complain when unfair things happen to them in life.

Most of all… a SURVIVOR knows how to cope with the negative hand… that life sometimes deals us. Whether it is the death of a loved one, a loss of a job, the discovery of a terminal illness, or any other traumatic event… a survivor does best what he or she knows to do… and that is to LIVE LIFE.

Be blessed on this day my friend… and remember, that what does NOT kill you or destroy will by all means… only make you stronger. By choosing to be a survivor today… you are choosing to live an abundant life tomorrow!

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