The Best Battles are the Ones Not Fought!

When people talk about us… say negative things about us… challenge us and our views… debate us… or they just downright act silly… many times we have a tendency of getting defensive, and getting defensive REAL quickly!

But did you know that in life… we don’t ALWAYS have to be on the defensive… or be out there looking to start a fight? Did you know that there are some “battles” that are started in front us… that we don’t NEED to fight?

For some of us this makes sense… but for others it seems like that couldn’t work. But consider what was told to an ancient king named Jehoshaphat (we’ll call him Jeho for short) back in the good ole days when Israel was conquering lands for it’s territory:

Do not be afraid or discouraged of the army before you. For the battle is NOT yours… it’s the Lord’s!” (2 Chronicles 20:15)

What this is saying to you and me in 2009 is this… you don’t need to be afraid or fearful of what may happen when people rise up against you with their words or actions… because this battle NEVER was yours, but it belongs to God Almighty…

…and God NEVER loses a battle!

There are some battles that come before you or that you’re tempted to fight in… that you don’t even need to lift a finger or say a word, because God is going to fight it (and win it) for you!

And then there are other times in life… where WE are the aggressors… and WE pick fights that don’t need to be started! (Uh Oh, I’m talking about you!) We need to come to the realization that we don’t live in a perfect world… and at times, people will do LITTLE things that irritate and irk us… but why should we make a mountain out of a mole hill, because we just make things WORSE that way.

For example, just because a spouse may leave cupboards open… leave the cap off of the toothpaste bottle… or perhaps leaves clothes lying around the house… or maybe don’t have dinner cooked on time… does that mean you need to start World War 3?

No it doesn’t…

Your husband, wife, family members, and closest friends are supposed to be on your team… so there’s RARELY a need to instigate a fight with them, becasue your on the same side!

In war, when you harm somebody who is on the same side as you… it’s called friendly fire. I sincerely believe we have TOO MUCH friendly fire going on in our families. We need to learn to solve disagreements in a friendly manner… and even let other people have their way when it comes to small issues.

In conclusion, we need to pick our battles wisely… because in the end, sometimes that the battles that we win… are the ones we didn’t fight in the first place! Until tomorrow… be blessed and walk in God’s abundance today.

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What Does Not Kill You… Only Makes You Stronger!

What do you do… when life throws you a such a HARD blow that seems to “knock you out”?

What do you say… when it seems like things in your life are out of control, and you feel like you’re on a head-on collision with disaster?

How do you feel… when it seems like everybody you know is against you, and no one is standing up for you… or in your corner?

The Bible tells us that “A righteous man falls seven times… but he ALWAYS gets back up!” (Proverbs 24:16)

This life that we all live WILL have it’s ups and downs… mountains and valleys… good times and bad times.

You can choose this day to be a SURVIVOR… or you can choose to be another countless victim of your circumstances and “bad fortune”. People who CHOOSE to be survivors may get beat down by life… but they refuse to stay down and out. Survivors have a tendency of getting up after adversity hits them, dusting themselves off, and asking the world, “Who else wants some of this?”

Survivors are those people who are strong in their faith… mighty in prayer… and most of all, have a stiff-jaw that can take some punishment. Survivors refuse to lose… they refuse to give up… they refuse to complain when unfair things happen to them in life.

Most of all… a SURVIVOR knows how to cope with the negative hand… that life sometimes deals us. Whether it is the death of a loved one, a loss of a job, the discovery of a terminal illness, or any other traumatic event… a survivor does best what he or she knows to do… and that is to LIVE LIFE.

Be blessed on this day my friend… and remember, that what does NOT kill you or destroy will by all means… only make you stronger. By choosing to be a survivor today… you are choosing to live an abundant life tomorrow!

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How to Get MORE Done… in LESS Time (Part One)

“Well done, good and faithful servant; thou hast been faithful over a few things… I will make thee ruler over many things: enter thou into the joy of thy Lord” (Matthew 25:23 KJV)

This verse describes a parable Jesus told His disciples… about a servant who was responsible with the FEW talents his Master had left him. This servant in the end, MULTIPLIED what was given to him… and his Master told him to enter into his joy!

Do you ever find yourself working hard at your business… but at the end of the day… it seems like you never really get the most important things done? Do you sometimes bang your head on the wall… wondering how you could’ve spent 8 hours working… and all you “accomplished” was mailing a few letters and surfing on the Internet?

Then this is a MUST read for you!

We are responsible for the time that God blesses us with on this world… and that includes the time we spend working. If we are faithful with the “few” hours a day we have to make a living… I sincerely believe that He will RICHLY bless us in our time and in our business earnings.

The following is a story about a man named Ivy Lee… who revolutionized the business world with his SIMPLE, yet EASY way to seize control of our time while we are at work at our businesses…. Keep Reading…

About a hundred years ago, Charles Schwab was in charge of the Bethlehem Steel Corporation in the USA. Things were not going that smoothly so he asked Ivy Lee, an efficiency expert, for advice for himself and his managers to help them be more productive.

Lee told him that he would increase his company’s sales and the efficiency of his management team if he could talk to each man for about 15 minutes.

Charles Schwab asked: “How much will it cost me?”

Ivy Lee replied: “Nothing, unless it works. After three months, you can send me a check for whatever you feel it’s worth to you.”

He spent ten minutes with each executive and told them to follow the instructions below:

1. In the evening, write down the six (6) most important tasks that need to be done the next day and arrange them in order of importance.
2. The next day, start the first task and finish it before starting anything else.
3. After finishing the first task, start the second most important task. Finish it and then start the third and so on.
4. After the day’s work, spend five minutes making a list for the next day. Unfinished tasks can be moved to the new list.
5. Do this for the next ninety days and check the results.

Ivy Lee’s plan worked well with the executives of Bethlehem Steel. Charles Schwab was so pleased with the results that he paid Lee $25,000 a huge sum in the early twentieth century.”

Time Management Steps that Work by John Watson

As Watson notes, effectiveness is about doing the most important tasks even if minor tasks get left undone. “A merely efficient person may get lots of tasks done, but they may well not be the tasks that move their life forward.”

Please read that last paragraph again… and again… and again until it sinks in.  “A merely efficient person may get lots of tasks done, but they may well not be the tasks that move their life forward.”

Part Two will come next Monday… and until then… be blessed!

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