I believe in God– Even when he does not speak.

Sweeping across Germany, the Allied forces, in the closing days of the Second World War, search the farms and houses of the countryside looking for snipers. It is a dangerous job, and every precaution is taken. They search everywhere, no matter how unlikely a place may be to contain a sniper.

This particular house is one of those. It is abandoned–in fact, it’s not much more than a heap of rubble. Surely there can be no sniper hiding here. But the soldiers search anyway. They go through what was the living room, kitchen, and so on. No sign of a sniper.

Then one of them notices what looks like the entrance to the bowels of the earth; a square hole surrounded by crumbled bricks and leading into sheer blackness. Some of the searchers get flashlights and prepare to enter the black hole. When the light penetrates the darkness, they can see that this was, in another time, the basement of the house. Being in the dark, they are very cautious lest an enemy soldier be hiding there.

After a while, they find no one and are about to leave when one of the searchers sees something on one of the basement’s crumbling walls. Walking over they see a Star of David scratched onto the wall. Underneath it, in rough lettering is a message:

“I believe in the sun–even when it does not shine;
I believe in love–even when it is not shown;
I believe in God–even when he does not speak.”

A victim of the Holocaust had died in that dark place. And that person spoke to the living of faith; a faith that somehow was maintained even as all seemed lost; as they were sinking in a sea of hatred, violence, and war.


by Terrance Bell

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