A Friend

A friend is a person whom you want to have near when you are dying. And whom you like to be with while you are living; To whom you spontaneously turn for help when you are in trouble. And who is the first to hear the good news when you have good fortune; Whose counsel you seek when you are perplexed. And whose congratulations you welcome when the perplexity is solved; In whom you can confide the secret you want no other living soul to know.

Yet will never pry into your heart to discover whether there are any more secrets to be revealed; On whom you can lean when your heart aches. But who will never take advantage of your leaning; Who will get down on his knees beside you when you are down. And forget that he did so when you are on your feet again; And whose shoulder you can weep when you are sad. And with whom you enjoy laughing when you are glad; Who has a tear on his cheek when you suffer.

And a twinkle in his eye when the sun shines on you again; Who has pain in his tone when you are in distress. And melody in his voice when your heart is gay; Who admires you for your strong points. But loves you in spite of your weak ones; Who can laugh at your foibles. Without despising you for having them; Who makes allowance for your limitations. Without allowing them to obscure your talents; Who is proud of you when fortune favors you. But not ashamed of you when you fail; Who contributes to your success without claiming any share in it. Who can feel and show satisfaction when you please him.

But never resentment when you disappoint him; Who will tell you the truth even when it hurts. And to whom you can tell the truth without his taking offense; Who is not ashamed to ask you a favor even at the risk of being imposed upon. Who can extend a helping hand and lighten your load Without expecting any other reward than having had the privilege of so doing; Who gives all he can whenever he can. Without ever keeping a record of what he has given; Who says the best about you when everybody else is saying the worst.

Any person needs at least four such friends; Every person owes it to himself to be such a friend to at least four fellow humans. God help me to be such a friend.

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Healing in the Marketplace

“And wherever Jesus went—into villages, towns or countryside—they placed the sick in the marketplaces. They begged him to let them touch even the edge of his cloak, and ALL who touched him were healed!” (Mark 6:56)

Watch the video below… as street minister, Chris Overstreet and his crew pray for a woman with total & severe nerve damage in her leg… get INSTANTLY healed by the power of prayer in Jesus’ name.

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I Once Was Blind… and Know I Can See!

“When you stop looking at the world with your eyes… and start looking with your FAITH… then you will no longer be blind”  – Daniel Wiafe, Jr.

When we wake up in the morning… and taking it for granted that you don’t sleep in late every single day… and also taking it for granted, you agree with the philosophy of Benjamin Franklin (early to bed, early to rise; makes a man, healthy, wealthy, and wise)… then you will find yourself waking up and opening your eyes up to a dark and a dim world.

Your vision is blurred… and the environment around you is dark and dim… even with your eyes fully open. It is only when you turn on the LIGHT… or open up the curtains and let the sunlight ILLUMINATE your room… that you will TRULY be able to see!

The same is true with our faith. Have you ever wondered how some people are able to make it through severe and unexpected tragedy and losses in life… the type of drama that would cause many of the strongest among us to bow down to the spirit of depression… and give up?

Have you ever wondered how some people, who are down to their dying days... due to an aggressive cancer that is eating away and ravaging their bodies… can all of a sudden be completely healed in their body by faith in Jesus… and their organs have literally regenerated themselves?

It’s all because these people can literally SEE with eyes of faith. They are NOT moved… or swayed… or shaken by what they “see” with their natural eyes. They only believe and are moved by what they see by faith.

When you have eyes of faith… you set your eyes on Jesus, who is the author and the finisher of your faith… and then all of a sudden, the “impossible” becomes possible… and the “unreachable” becomes reachable!

So how do we see with eyes of faith, you might ask?

It’s actually a pretty simple formula. I have personally had the blessing to see people healed physically in their bodies and emotionally through the power of God… and I have also had the pleasure of seeing what seemed like mountains that were set in my life to block me from my future, become instant mole hills that I could step over… by using this formula.

Here goes…

1. Begin to visualize in your mind that result that you want or need. In the case of sickness and disease… begin to imagine and actually SEE yourself in your mind, healed. If you continue to SEE yourself as sick, guess what — you will REMAIN sick.

If your business is failing… begin to see customers come in and visualize your sales going up. Stop seeing your business as broke and penniless, and start seeing it as being wealthy!

2. Understand that the man or the woman of God who sees with eyes of faith isn’t limited to what can be seen, heard, or felt at the present state… but they sight goes much further… and can see where they’ll be at in the future.

3. Help to strengthen your vision… by getting pictures of that result you are expecting. Cut out pictures of where you see yourself… and hang them on your wall.

4. Last but not least, know that your Lord Jesus is in agreement with your faith… and believe it.

Let me know what you think… comments are ALWAYS welcomed. Be blessed today, and walk in God’s richness and abundance today!

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