ALL things are POSSIBLE for YOU… if YOU Believe! (Part 3 of 3)

Persistence is a LONG Journey

Persistence is a LONG Journey

Have you ever been on a long road trip, that seems like it will never end? Perhaps it seems like you have been driving for an eternity and it seems like countless hours have passed by… and your legs are all cramped up… and your body is aching and screaming from sitting in that driver’s seat for so long.

Can you remember what that feels like?

Now can you also remember how relieved and elated you were when you finally pulled up to your destination? You probably felt like jumping out of your car and shouting to the world, “I DID IT!”.

The reason why we feel so good when we get to our final destination after a long trip… or we are all giddy with joy after we see a wonderful Thanksgiving day dinner set up, after hours of slaving away in a kitchen… or why we are able to stand up proudly after we spend many days working on assembling a book cabinet… is because of the persistence that we put into the task… FINALLY paid off after a certain amount of time.

This is Part #3 of ‘All Things are Possible for You… if You Believe!‘. In it, we discussed that when we go into prayer for anything we desire… whether it be for our family, finances, physical & emotional healing, whatever… there are 3 IMPORTANT concepts for us to remember when we aim to get results from our prayers.

(1) God is Your Loving FATHER
(2) FAITH is the Engine that Moves Prayer
(3) PERSISTENCE is the Road You Travel until You Reach the Results

Today we’ll be talking about a little word called Persistence

PERSISTENCE is the Road You Travel until You Reach the Results You Want
Many thousand years ago in a country known as present-day Iraq, there lived an Israelite captive whose name was Daniel (and no, it wasn’t me… I’m not that old). He had received some alarming and detrimental news in a vision about his countrymen… and he immediately set in his heart to get answers to his questions from God.

Anyways, he was so sorrowful that he went into mourning for his people… and decided to abstain (fast) from meats, breads, and wine.

This guy named Daniel stayed before the Lord looking for an answer… and after 3 weeks… an angel of the Lord named Michael met him. Not only did the angel meet Daniel… he brought Daniel’s answer to him from God all wrapped up with a bow tie! (okay… so there wasn’t a bow tie on it)

What got me about this event that started out in the 10th Chapter of Daniel… is that Michael told Daniel that the very FIRST day he sent his prayer up, God received it.

But it took Michael a FULL 21-days to fight his way through hell and high-water… in order to get the answer to Daniel. If Daniel had stopped seeking God when he did not get instant results… he would NOT have gotten his answers.

But Daniel who several years earlier had found himself on the wrong side of a lion’s den… knew from experience, that his God was able to accomplish anything and everything… and he knew to persist, until he received his anwer.

The word persistence is defined as “refusing to stop, to relentlessly seek after a thing until you get it”

This is the 3rd and final concept in getting our prayers answered. We MUST be persistent. When we pray, of course we should believe in instant results. But even if we don’t see things happen instantly, just like Daniel… we should know that our Father has heard our prayers… and whether we have to wait a week, a month, a year… we will PERSISTENTLY wait for an answer to our prayer!

Persistence is a LONG road… but the bigger that thing is that you want… the more passion you should have for it… and the more persistent you should be.

Because honestly friend, I cannot give you an exact formula for a ‘prayer that gets answered instantly’. But I can say this… that if you are persistent in your prayer and in your faith… you will ABSOLUTELY praise God when you receive that answer from God for that thing you have been praying for, for so long.

If you grow weak while you are traveling down that long, sometimes lonely road called persistence… remember what one of my favorite Scriptures says:

Wait on the Lord and He WILL renew you strength… He will mount you up on wings like an eagle. You WILL run and not grow weary, you WILL walk and not faint.” (Isaiah 40:31)

Let me know what you think in your comments! Be blessed and walk in God’s total abundance for your life today.

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  • Jasper Nhira

    Persistence is the definition of life. There’s always something going on in our lives, when we solve one problem another problem pops up. The only thing we can do in life is determine to be problem solvers and persist. I like the example you give when Daniels prayer was heard by God but it took the angel of God, Michael, 21 days to get the message to Daniel. All we can do is expect for things, prayers, and goals to be answered, instantly or not.


    Comment | June 16, 2009

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