Smash Your Way through Walls… by Smiling!

Many of you will agree with me… we live in an unhappy generation, where people tend to gravitate towards being cold towards others… and are all about self.

But there is a SIMPLE way that we can melt through some of the coldest hearts… and demolish through some of the thickest walls that people raise around themselves.

This can all be done by smiling.

You don’t need to talk… or take alot of time… or even know a person to smile at them. A smile is not intrusive… a smile is not offensive… but a smile is one of the QUICKEST ways we can smash our way through emotional & personal walls that people raise up.

People naturally open up to people who smile. You bless others to have a good day when you smile at them. If someone is having a bad day… your smile can bless them. If YOU are having a bad day… your smile can encourage yourself, and literally “trick” you into having a better day!

A simple smile is so POWERFUL… Dale Carnegie listed it the first of 6 ways to get people to like you… in his Best Selling Book… “How to Win Friends and Influence People“.

Check out this poem written by Barbara Hauck, age 13:

She smiled at a sorrowful stranger.
The smile seemed to make him feel better.
He remembered past kindness of a friend and wrote him a thank-you letter.
The friend was so pleased with the thank-you letter that he left a large tip after lunch.
The waitress, surprised by the size of the tip, bet the whole thing on a hunch.
The next day she picked up her winnings and gave part to a man on the street.
The man on the street was grateful; for two days he’d had nothing to eat.
After he finished his dinner, he left for his small dingy room.
(He didn’t know at the moment that he might be facing his doom.)
On the way he picked up a shivering puppy and took him home to get warm.
The puppy was very grateful to be out of the storm.
That night the house caught fire.
The puppy barked the alarm.
He barked ‘til he woke the whole household and saved everybody from harm.
One of the boys that he rescued grew up to be a President.
All this because of a simple smile that hadn’t cost a cent.

Until next time, be blessed and walk in God’s abundance today!

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Sometimes the BIGGEST Winners are the Best Losers

Sometimes the BIGGEST Winners in Life... have come from being the Biggest Losers at one point!

Sometimes the BIGGEST Winners in Life... have come from being the Biggest Losers at one point!

Did you know that some of history’s BIGGEST winners… were also some of the BIGGEST losers in history as well?

…and no, I am not talking about the reality show, the Biggest Losers… where the contestants try & lose as much weight as possible!

Really… some of the most successful people of ALL time, have had mile after mile of defeat and loss… and probably should have given up while they were ahead, but they refused to.

Colonel Harlan D. Sanders REFUSED to quit, when at the tender, young age of 65… he left his home in Kentucky with a recipe for some tasty, fried chicken… and was rejected by over 1,000 restaurants. He finally succeeded on his 1,009th sales visit.

Thomas A. Edison
REFUSED to quit… when he finally found the right filament to use in lighting up the light bulb… only after finding 10,000 filaments that DID NOT work in a light bulb.

Soichiro Honda of Japan REFUSED to quit… when he took his idea for a new piston ring to the executives of Toyota and they laughed him out of their offices.

He refused to quit after World War II devasted Japan… and forced the Japanese to have to depend on walking or bicycles… and Soichiro created the first motorbike, and then went on to create one of the most successful automobile brands in the whole world — Honda!

Jesus Christ of Nazareth REFUSED to quit when his closest friends abandoned Him, or when He was beat beyond recognition, stripped naked, and pinned to a cross between two thieves… and mocked! He refused to quit when He breathed his last breath… and spent 3 days in the bowels of hell.

…and in the end He rose up in power so that, “At the name of Jesus… EVERY knee will bow in heaven, earth, and under earth!” (Phillipians 2:8-10)

We will not always win in life… but if we accept our losses and defeats… and use the knowledge that we learn from those losses to help make us better… we can literally PROPEL ourselves into successful winners!

As long as you learn to do something better… become more efficient… become a better person… or become stronger from a defeat that you have endured, I believe you should celebrate that defeat, because it is bringing you one step closer to your victory!

Be blessed today… and walk in God’s abundance for your life today!

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What is the PURPOSE of Life? (The $10,000 Question!)

What is the Purpose of Life... and Can We Find Some Type of Instructions on How to Live?

What is the Purpose of Life... and Can We Find Some Type of Instructions on How to Live?

Whenever you buy or get something expensive in life… whether it is a new car, a entertainment stand you have to put together, or anything valuable… one of the FIRST things you typically do is READ the instructions that the manufacturer gives you. (unless you’re a true alpha male like your’s truly & don’t need instructions – LOL!)

In some cases, instructions give you a way to build something in the shortest amount of time…  and in other cases instructions tell you how to use something correctly, so it won’t BREAK down on you.

Instructions help us to figure out the complicated… and to build or use the unknown… so that we are not confused, lost, bewildered, and puzzled… because we know EXACTLY what to do!

I believe the same is true with this life that we live. There are MANY brothers and sisters in Christ out there who are lost in life… they are depressed by circumstances around them… they are puzzled at why they have not gone further in life… they are confused at why life is SO unfulfilling for them.

Why are many people like this leading “meaningless” existences in their own eyes…? I believe it is because they lack PURPOSE.

If you do not know what your purpose in life is (from the manufacter’s point of view)… then you are like a huge ship that is launched from a harbor without any navigation or compasses. Sooner or later, a ship like that will either (1) wander around aimlessly and NEVER reach it’s destination… or (2) crash into something.

Too many of us are wandering around this life without a compass… and we are wandering around aimlessly in life… and perhaps we are crashing and colliding into painful objects along the way.

But what if I were to tell you that there is a map that we can follow in life? What if I were to tell you there are instructions that we can receive that will lead us into our purpose?

When God (our manufacterer) originally created Adam and Eve (Genesis 1:26)… He BLESSED them… and said that they were GOOD… and He created them with 4 main purposes in life. You ready to hear what those purposes were?

(1) You are created in God’s image to have RELATIONSHIP and walk with Him. (Gen. 1:26, Gen. 3:8)
(2) You are created to have DOMINION & authority over the earth. (Gen. 1:26)
(3) You are created to WORK (Gen. 2:15)
(4) You are created to have FELLOWSHIP with people. (Gen. 2:18-21)

If you understand these purposes… life WILL be fulfilling. And don’t get scared at the WORK part. It is important for men and women to do meaningful work that they enjoy… and not be confined to soul-killing jobs that they hate!

Let me know what you think with your comments… and until next time, be blessed and walk in God’s abundance today!

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NEVER Allow Circumstances to Run Your Life!

Make your OWN choice today! Dont allow circumstances to run your life.

Make your OWN choice today! Don't allow circumstances to run your life.

Every day that we are blessed of God to live on this earth, we have decisions to make. Some decisions are easy to make and some decisions are difficult to make. Even when we decide NOT to make a decision… we are still making a decision.

Usually 99.9% (don’t quote me!) of the difficult and hard decisions that we make in life, are impacted by external forces, such as the bad economy…  negative people talking in your ear…  our past pains & failures…  our education…  misunderstandings…  fear, etc.

But I’m here to tell you today friend, that I have good news!

IF you ever wish to do something GREAT… or to be somebody GREAT in life… and you wish to achieve the FULL potential that your heavenly Father has put deep down in you… then you must realize that it doesn’t matter what the circumstances around you are…  it doesn’t matter what people may say to you…  and it doesn’t even matter what the economy looks like or sounds like.

All that matters is the fact that you serve a God WITHOUT limitations… and you are created in His image and you are blessed with FAR more potential than you could even fathom or think!

Listen to what George Bernard Shaw, a famous playwright in the 19th century said:

“People are always blaming their circumstances for what they are.  I DON’T believe in circumstances.  The people who get on in this world are the people who GET UP and look for the circumstances they want, and, if they can’t find them, MAKE them.”

NEVER allow circumstances to control you…
NEVER allow circumstances to dictate your future…
NEVER allow circumstances to stop you from reaching your goals…
NEVER blame circumstances for your failures. Accept responsibilty for your actions & learn from your past!

You are the master of your destiny… and are blessed by the Best to succeed in everything that you set out to accomplish! Sure, you WILL fall at times… you will lose a few battles… the road will get tough at times… but if you persevere, “All things will be possible for you, if you believe!” (Mark 9:23)

Be blessed this week… don’t allow circumstances to run your life… and walk in God’s abundance for your life, today!

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Does the Bible Have the Answer to EVERY Question in the World?

Is it right for me to smoke, drink, play cards -- especially when it's not addressed in the Bible?

Happy Monday to you… you AWESOME man or woman of God… I hope you enjoyed your weekend!

Here is YOUR scripture of the day from the abundant Word of God:

“Stop listening to instruction, my son… and you will stray from the words of knowledge.” (Proverbs 19:27)

More than once in my life, people in one form or another have asked me this question: “What does the Bible say about such issues… such as gambling, drinking, smoking cigarettes, etc.”

There are SO many questions that we have in this world… and obviously you cannot DIRECTLY find the answer to every single question in the Bible.

Obviously, we know with a 100% certainty that we shouldn’t murder people… we shouldn’t steal… we shouldn’t commit adultery… we know we should NOT get drunk… we know that Jesus is the way to eternal life, etc. The Bible DIRECTLY answers those questions.

But I do believe that the Bible INDIRECTLY gives us instruction, wisdom, and a line of thinking that we can use in EVERY aspect of our lives. I believe the Bible can ALWAYS indirectly answer ALL of our questions that we have.

When it comes down to it… when we are faced with an issue, a problem, or a decision… that the Bible doesn’t address directly, we need to remember that we need to walk in love… as this was Jesus’ commandment.

Based on this commandment of love (which does no evil or harm to anyone)… ask yourself these 3 questions:

(1) Will my actions/decisions harm myself or someone else spiritually, physically, or emotionally?
(2) Will my actions/decisions cause shame or disrespect to myself or someone else?
(3) If Jesus was walking on this earth in 2009… what would he do if He were in my shoes?

If you can pass by this 3-point check on your decision… and aren’t harming or shaming anyone… then I believe in MOST cases, you can go ahead and make the decision that you need to make.

DISCLAIMER: When we are faced with MAJOR issues that the Bible doesn’t address… we must ALWAYS remember to pray first. When you actively seek God for an answer… He will speak to you if you diligently seek Him out for an answer.

Be wise and walk in God’s instruction friend. Let me know what you think about this post, by writing your comments down below!

Until tomorrow, be blessed… and walk in God’s abundance today!

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Having the Mindset of a Millionaire #1 (Financial Fridays)

Why have a poverty mindset? Choose to have a Millionaire Mindset!

Why have a poverty mindset? Choose to have a Millionaire Mindset!

Back in March 2008… my wife Melinda and I went to Las Vegas for the first time in our lives. We were excited, thrilled, and pretty stoked to see what this city had to offer. But alas, we made a BIG mistake!

That big mistake was this: Staying at a resort at the north end of the strip called the Circus, Circus.

I won’t go into TOO many details on how bad our stay was at this hotel… but in summary I can say that if you don’t mind smoke-stained walls, dingy carpet that hasn’t been changed since the 1970’s, and itchy blankets on your bed… stay here!

Fast forward a few months later to July 2008. This time we had learned our lesson… and decided to stay at the Platinum Hotel and Spa… which was the BEST hotel we have EVER stayed at!

We were placed in a HUGE 1,500 sq. foot deluxe, sparkling suite that overlooked the beautiful Las Vegas strip… and the fabulous mountains in the background. There was a huge whirlpool jacuzzi that could fit up to 6 people in our room. We had our own personal washer & dryer. State-of-the-art fitness equipment and daily massages were at our call!

This place was fit for ROYALTY.

The thing that had changed for me and Melinda between our two visits to Las Vegas that year was this:

We got the bad end of the deal the 1st time we stayed at a Vegas hotel… and we will be danged if we get a bad deal like that TWO times in a row! We stayed at a crappy hotel the first time… but we both agreed that, that would NOT happen again.

Yes I know… I probably use the word ‘crap’ too much in my writings… but hey, I never proclaimed that I had an extensive vocabulary… so leave me alone (LOL!)

It’s on this point that I want to talk about having a Millionaire Mindset. God tells us in Deuteronomy 8:18 this: “But remember the LORD your God, for it is he who gives you the POWER to produce wealth…”

So now we know God gives us the power… or the ability to get wealth…. so do we just sit by patiently waiting for it to drop in our laps?

No way Jose! You get up… and take what is yours!

When I look back over how through God’s abundant blessings… we were able to put ourselves on a road to start building wealth… I can honestly say that it started with a mindset change…

Too often, as a result of upbringing, our parents, school systems, friends, whatever — our minds have been conditioned to have a poverty mindset.

A person with a poverty mindset just can’t become wealthy… and even if he/she does get wealth through let’s say an inheritance or winning the lottery, they will most likely lose it all.

On the other hand, if you drop a person like Donald Trump or Oprah Winfrey off in Haiti (the poorest country in the western hemisphere)… and take away all their wealth and finances… I can guarantee you, within 5 years they will be worth millions once again!

Why? Because they both have a Millionaire Mindset.

My own personal mindset change all started out with 4 IMPORTANT principles that I decided to follow (which I will cover every Friday for the next month):

(1) Not Going Back to Crap!
(2) Educating Yourself!
(3) Believing in Yourself!
(4) Taking Action!

Not Going Back to Crap!

When it comes to money or whatever station you are at in your finances presently… make up in your mind that this will be the LOWEST state that you will ever have in your finances.

Back in 2002 when I declared bankruptcy at 22 years of age… I made myself a solemn promise that something like this would NEVER happen again. I didn’t exactly know how I would prevent myself from deteriorating back to that condition… but I was firm on my decision:

I hate being broke. Nothing is worse than being broke. Being broke is a joke.

My mind was made up that I would NOT return back to this crappy, embarassing, and soul-sucking condition of bankruptcy that I had faced. For those of you have declared bankruptcy before… you know EXACTLY what I’m talking about.

When you can change your mindset and believe in something… I believe that God honors that decision… and gives you favor along with resources to aid you to reach whatever your mind seeks to attain!

For me… 2002 was a crossroads in all aspects of my life (relationships, finances, education, my future)… and I had a made-up mind that I would travel forward from that point, and NEVER backwards.

I invite you right now friend… wherever you are at in your financial life, if you are NOT at the point or path where you know you should be… or if you are struggling financially (and no, God does NOT want you to be broke)… make a decision right now as you are reading this, that this is the lowest point in your finances you will ever be at in your life.

You might not know how you are going to get out of debt… you might not know how you are going to raise your income level… you might now know how you will start your business… but that’s okay for right now!

I just need for you to believe in your mind and heart, that as far as your finances are concerned… you are at the bottom right now, and the ONLY place you can move from this point… is up!

Let’s do some homework right now:

(1) Take out a piece of 8″ x 12″ paper out now and a marker (or pen).
(2) At the bottom third of the paper… write down Friday, June 26, 2009… (or whatever today’s date is)
(3) At the middle third of the paper… draw a BIG arrow pointing up (above the date)
(4) At the top third of the paper (above the arrow) write down “As of this date… My Finances will only get better. God has given me the POWER to get wealth!”
(5) Hang it up on your wall next to your 10 declarations… and look at it everyday, repeat those words, and believe it!

This is the START of having a Millionaire Mindset! Tune in next Friday, where we will discuss “Educating Your Mind to Be a Millionaire”.

Have fun this weekend, be blessed, rest in peace to the living legend — the King of Pop Michael Jackson… and may you walk in God’s abundance for your life, today!

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You are Christ’s Ambassador!

“We are therefore Christ’s ambassadors, as though God were making his appeal through us.” (2 Corinthians 5:20)

This word of God came through Paul (way back in the day) to the people living in Corinth. He was telling them that they are ALL called into the ministry of reconciliation… which means we are called to help “re-establish the relationship with God and people”, anyway possible.

When you think about the word ‘ambassador‘… what comes to your mind? The biggest thing that comes to my mind when I think of what an ambassador is a scene out of the movie “The Day the Earth Stood Still” with Keanu Reeves!

In one particular scene, Keanu, who is playing an alien from outer space visiting the earth… comes here to decide whether us puny earthlings are even worth being saved from destruction (the aliens from above saw how much damage we were doing to the earth & wanted to crush us like little ants).

Keanu’s character is abused, shot, mistreated, and finally handed over to the Vice-President of the United States, Sarah Palin… err… I mean Kathy Bates.

V.P. Bates then starts to diss the alien (Keanu)… and finally a frustrated Keanu asks her if she is a representative of the whole human species…. and does she speak for all of mankind.

Bates foolishly answers ‘Yes’… and because of her claiming to be a “representative” of the whole human species… Keanu tells his alien cohorts that the humans are evil and will not change their ways… so destroy the WHOLE planet!

Wow! Because of one person acting badly as a representative for 6+ billion people on this earth… the alien saw the “worst side” of humanity and passed judgment!

The same is true for us in our relationship with Christ Jesus and people. When people know that you are a Christian… you are viewed by them as an ambassador for God, and a representative for the Kingdom.

You put a face to God in front of other people… whether you want that responsibility or not!

That is why it is SO very important for us to handle ourselves in a respectful and wise way when we are around other people. You NEVER know who is watching you.

That is why it is SO very important that those that God has entrusted as leaders of His Kingdom here on earth (ex. pastors, priests, evangelists, teachers, writers, artists, etc.) and are in the public spotlight must stand tall and put Jesus in a good light.

Like it or not… we don’t ever want anyone to fall away from Christ Jesus, because of our actions. We are ambassadors for the King of kings and Lord of lords… and we MUST not take that responsibility lightly!

I do not want to die and go to heaven… only to have Jesus tell me 20 people went to hell, because they saw the “bad side” of me.

We are God’s Public Relations firm. Check out what my friend, Jasper Nhira, wrote on God’s P.R. on his blog the other day:

A successful campaign, actor, and business all have one thing in common; Great PR (Public Relations). Gandhi once said, “I like your Christ, I do not like your Christians. Your Christians are so unlike your Christ.” I believe that many people feel this way about Us (Christians).

I don’t think we get it, we are the only JESUS people will see on this earth and its sad that we take our divine mandate so lightly.

The Merriam-Webster definition of Public Relations is, “The business of inducing the public to have understanding for and goodwill toward a person, firm, or institution.”

Are you inducing the public to have an understanding for and goodwill toward God? Better yet is the church you attend living up to the definition of a good Public Relation firm?

Unfortunately, we often sing and preach about the lost but when we’re presented with the opportunity to be Gods personal PR representative we either don’t show up or we don’t do a good job.

Jasper Nhira once said, “When You profess to be a Christian people will not only judge your actions against you but against the one that you profess Lives within you.”

Lets Profess each day that we will become the best PR Representative that God has called us to be. You can do it. It just takes one step at a time.

Jasper Nhira
Know God For Yourself!
Let’s Discuss This. Comments Appreciated.

Until tomorrow, be blessed… and walk in God’s abundance today!

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It’s Time to Clean Out Your Garage!

A very messy garage (not my garage!)

A very messy garage (not my garage!)

Earlier this week on Monday, I spent almost 8 hours cleaning out my 2-car garage in blistering, 100 degree weather. (I can thank my pregnant wife for forcing me into that job – LOL)

Oh and get this… when we had moved from our previous house to this one… we pretty much just threw all the junk from the old garage into the new garage, and the new garage hadn’t been cleaned since we moved in (almost 2 years ago).

Yeah, I would’ve rather spent my time counting the holes in the ceiling… or maybe watching paint dry…

But isn’t it true in life that we do the same thing? Don’t we at some point or another… take the EMOTIONAL trash, junk, and baggage that we should be leaving at our OLD house (our past)… and then pack it up and bring it with us to our NEW home (the present)?

In Matthew 25:31-46… the parable is told by Jesus about how at the end of time… He will have a flock full of sheep and goats.

The parable continues to say that Jesus will separate the SHEEP (those of us who were kind & hospitable to others)… and put them into a beautiful kingdom prepared for them… and He will take the GOATS (those of us who were selfish, cruel) and toss them into an everlasting fire.

The sound of being thrown into an ‘everlasting fire’ makes that hot garage  I cleaned up seem like a deep freezer now that I think about it…

In essence, what Jesus did was He took those people who were garbage and useless to Him (the goats)… and He got rid of them. Why? There’s no sense in keeping around stuff that has no value to you and only weighs you down… and prevents you from having a CLEAR house.

There are many ways, attitudes, and personalities that we ALL have that are goats… and we should just go right on ahead and ‘toss them into the fire’.

Some of us get angry very fast. It’s a goat, toss it in the fire!

Some of us are quick to get a nasty attitude with people very fast. It’s a goat, toss it in the fire!

Some of us are prideful and think that everyone else around us must bow down and to our every demands. That attitude is a goat, toss it in the fire!

On the practical side, some of us smoke or eat the wrong sorts of food… or perhaps don’t get enough sleep each night… or maybe even stress over things that are not in our control.

Some of us have detrimental relationships that need to end. Partnerships that need to be broken. It can be sad when this happens… but sometimes we need to leave the old behind… so that we can step into the new.

Because I’ll tell you… there was an incredible sense of joy and peace I had when I had cleared out this ‘demon’ that had been in my garage for the past 2 years… and thrown away ALL that junk that was in my garage.

I have room now… I can move freely… I can allow people to go to my garage without being embarrassed of all the clutter… Life is GOOD!

What are some things that you need to ‘toss into the fire’? Let us know on the discussion board or on the comments section… and then go ahead and get your arsonist on… and burn that junk out of your life.

Congratulations everyone, we now have over 600+ members on this group and on the blog… and we have some new stuff that is going to be introduced to all of you in the next month or two. Keep on inviting all your friends to this group  (o:

Until tomorrow, be blessed… and walk in God’s abundance today!

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Don’t Allow People to Use You as a Welcome Mat

Alright, this post is probably not going to be for everybody — because I know that there’s some of you who out there who have a LOT of fight in you… so I definitely don’t want to put anymore fight in you! (LOL)

But for some of you out there who are very passive natured… or perhaps you are more on the introverted side, personality-wise… there are steps that you NEED to put into place, in order to make sure that you don’t give people permission to ‘walk all over you’.

Yes, I said permission… because anytime a person is walked all over by another individual (or group of people), the HUGE majority of the time it is because that person does not stand up for themselves… or their rights.

So why do people allow others to walk all over them… even at the expense of their happiness, freedom, joy, family, finances, and sometimes even health?

I personally believe for the most part it is because:

(1) Many of us who are a part of the Kingdom, believe that in order for us to be meek (Matthew 5:5)… we need to be cowardly, which leads others to mistake our “meekness” for weakness!

But guess what? I have GOOD news for you… when He says meek, it means that you should be ‘humble in your spirit or manner’. Basically it means that yes, you should be humble around God and man.

God DOES NOT want a weak man or woman of God. I repeat — He does not want a weak man or woman to operate in His Kingdom.

To be humble means that you are not to be a show-off, prideful, or carnal… but that you consider every man (or woman) to be your equal. It by no means, translates to you being ‘weak and cowardly’

(2) Many people don’t set up boundaries for their lives. Boundaries are needed for almost every aspect of our life if we are to live fully. Boundaries are need for you to live a life of normalcy. Boundaries are needed for you to take control of your life.

But to often, people allow their jobs, businesses, or ministries to cross a boundary, and interfere with their family life. They are not able to spend quality and needed time with their spouses or children… and this can be detrimental.

Many times we allow friends or families to “cross” over boundary lines in areas which they should not interfere in. If you are a family man or woman… don’t allow a mother-in-law or father or whoever, to cross the line and TELL you how you should live your marriage or raise your kids.

It’s is wise to take advice… it is unwise to take orders (unless you’re in the military).

DISCLAIMER: I am not saying that one should rebel against leadership… because this would be wrong also. Everyone in this world, needs to fall under the authority of somebody else… this is a system I believe God uses to keep us accountable.

But by no means, don’t allow those in leadership or authority over you… to cross boundaries into your personal life that they have no business being in. If you feel that a boss or one who is above you is crossing boundaries… don’t rebel against them, but kindly sit down and address the situation (and your concerns) with them.

This is how we do things in a Godly way and manner.

Whatever you do… always make people feel welcome around you… but remember, you are NOT a welcome mat for people to come along and step on you, rub dirt in your face, and kick.

Be SUPER blessed this weekend… and walk in God’s abundance for your life today!

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When (and not if) the Attacks Come… What Do You Do?

Did you know that there are some people out there who believe that just because they are a part of the Kingdom of God… that they are TOTALLY exempt from hardships and attacks from the enemy?

Hopefully you’re not one of those people — and while we definitely strive to have our good days, and I 110% believe in the fact that God blesses His children… I do know that at times in our lives we WILL be attacked by the enemy and harassed.

I believe it is a testing and a strenghtening of our faith when these persecutions and attacks come… because even Job, who was arguably the most blessed and wealthiest man of his time, lost everything he had! He lost his children, his servants, his riches, his homes, and even his good health!  (Job, Chapters 1 through 2)

Job had a natural reason to get angry with God. After all, he dedicated himself to the Lord… served Him… praised Him… was good to his family. Job was a top-notch character… and YET, God allowed the enemy to wreak havoc in this man’s life.

So when the enemy attacks… what do we do? What do we say? Where do we run to?

Although I don’t think that that answer can be covered by one blog post… my friend Kathryn Lang of Proverbs31 Life wrote some good basic steps for us to follow on her blog, when the enemy sticks his ugly head in to attack us:

Surviving an Attack by the Enemy

1. Now the battle plan. Digging into the Word and spending time with God EVERY DAY is the only way to understand His purpose and His plan and to continue to walk in it no matter what you might face.

2. Stay focused. Drawing a straight line from point A to point B can only be accomplished it you stay focused on where you are going. Do not turn to the left or to the right but look straight on.

3. Use your words. The enemy will try to use words to destroy but you can use words to build up. Speak positive things over your life and over the situation.

4. Remember the ending. It is easy to get caught up in this world and to lose track of the ultimate end and where we will be “tomorrow.”

5. Remember the point. We are ambassadors to this world and not residents of this world. Everything that we do and everything that we have is for the furthering of our ambassadorships.

What do you think about the action steps? Do you have other steps that you do whenever the enemy attacks your life? Let us know and write them in the comments section!

Until tomorrow, be blessed… and walk in God’s total abundance for your life today!

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