How to Invest in Your Self (Part 2 of 3)

Happy Friday to everyone! One more day until Saturday… Hooray!

Anyways, this is Part 2 of our 3 Part series on ‘How to Invest in Yourself’. In this series, we are looking at seven (7) things we can pursue… that will increase us spiritually, physically, mentally, and emotionally.

These things include:

1) Spend 15-30 minutes a day in Personal Development
2) Put God First, Family Second, Self Third, Others Fourth
3) Make Own Lifestyle Decisions
4) Whatever U Do for Money… Make Sure Your in Business for Yourself
5) Exercise
6) Make the Most of the Money You Bring in to Your Home
7) Map Out Your Own Financial Future

Yesterday, we described in detail the first two items on the list above.

If you missed Part 1, you may click here to read it first.

(3) Make Your Own Lifestyle Decisions
Depending on what your personality or upbringing is… some people are more independant than others are. For example, I myself moved out of my father’s home when I was about 19 years of age, because I had a VERY strong independent nature and because of my upbringing.

My wife, however, grew up in a very sheltered home where her mother was highly protective of her… so when I first met her, she had a dependent nature for the most part (however, this has changed in the past few years… and she has grown more independent).

In order to get further in life… you need to grow more independent in your thoughts and actions, and my wife’s own example proves that this can be done. Only follow a person’s advice if they have succeeded in the area that you wish to succeed in.

For example… I will NOT take financial advice from a homeless person or a person who just had his home foreclosed on. Why? Because obviously their advice doesn’t work… otherwise they wouldn’t be in the situation that they’re in… so why should I follow suit?

When you make your own lifestyle decisions… it is your way of telling the world that, ‘I am in charge of my own destiny!’ Let’s face the facts… people who allow others to constantly make decisions for them…. lead dull, meaningless existences for the most part.

Making GOOD lifestyle decisions means that you make decisions that are in the best interests of yourself and your family FIRST… and don’t allow other’s opinions to bully you into making decisions that are NOT in your best interest.

As Christians… and even for those of you reading this who don’t believe in Christ (yet) and live good, moral lives… we tend to have a soft nature towards others… and want to please everyone around us, and help everyone else around us. While this is a GOOD thing for us to do (think of others first)… we must NEVER put others first, at the expense of our own family!

Is it right for a man to help his brother financially… at the expense of him not being able to keep the lights and water on at his home and for his family? Or at the expense of his children not having hot food at night or clean diapers to wear?

Is it right for a woman to spend all her time at church or working at a food kitchen… at the expense of her husband and children NEVER seeing her at home for ten months at a time?

While we are called to help others… we MUST set boundaries, and never allow our good works to come at the expense of our spouses and children.

Make your own lifestyle decisions based on your own values, your beliefs, your knowledge, your vision, and your goals. Never make them on other’s values and beliefs in order to please that person.

Remember friend…. you are the MASTER of your own destiny!

4) Whatever You Do for Money… Make Sure Your in Business for Yourself
Let me start off by saying this… I am NOT advocating that you immediately go to your boss right now and tell him, ‘I quit… because Wiafe told me too quit!’

Never that… that would be a poor decision on your part.

What I am saying, however… is that somewhere in your financial plans and goals, you should have a plan on how you can make and create money for yourself… outside of your job.

People tend to gravitate towards jobs… over running their own businesses (in my personal opinion)… because they fear the unkown and feel like there is more security in working for someone else.

Jobs are good if:
(1) You are doing something that you like…
(2) If you’re making the money that you want…
(3) and if you are promised total job security (no layoffs) until you reach your retirement age.

If these three things above apply to you… then stay at your job… FOREVER! There’s no problems or issues… and one of my mottos is, ‘If it ain’t broke… don’t fix it!’

However… if you HATE your job… if you are not making the money that you DESERVE… and/or if you go to work everyday in fear of getting slapped in the face with a pink slip… then it is up to you, to take the bull by the horns, and become the CHANGE that you want!

No one else will do it for you… you have to do it for yourself!

If this is you… I highly recommend you get and read the books, Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki… and also 48 Days to the Work You Love by Dan Miller.

Also check out the post I did on February ’09 titled, ‘Need More Money in Your Pocket? Keep Reading if You Do… Part #2

What do you think? Let me know with your comments… all feedback by you whether negative or positive is welcome!

Until Monday… be blessed this weekend and walk in God’s abundance today!

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Without Vision, You are Blind.

Helen Keller was once asked, “What is worse than being blind?”. Her response: “Being able to see… but having NO vision.”

Let the vision for your life, family, future, education, health, and ministry be clear to you. The vision that you establish for yourself, helps to guide you THAT place in life that you want to get to… but is just out of your reach.

Your vision for your life, is a roadmap… that will help you find the way to your destination in life, whenever you get lost.

Your vision for your life will help pull you to the top… when haters, naysayers, and hypocrites try to drag you with them to the bottom.

Your vision for your life helps to illuminate your surroundings… when you feel like everything is dark around you.

Basically, without a vision for your life… you’re JUST like a blind person. Only, you just run into more walls than they do!

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How to see the GOOD in EVERY Bad Situation (Really!)

In the United States where I live at… there is a time of year that we Americans enjoy (even more than Christmas and other holiday seasons). Can you guess what it is?

Tax Season!!! Yeaaaah!

Okay, so I was being pretty cynical and sarcastic when I made that remark… because we Americans HATE paying taxes… and now that I think of it, all of you who are

living in other parts of the world in Europe, Latin America, Africa, Asia, and the Middle East and are reading this… probably hate paying taxes too!

During this past week as I was getting my business taxes done, Mr. Positive (a.k.a. Daniel Wiafe) was feeling pretty negative and hateful towards “the Man”… because of the amount of time I had to spend in preparing all the forms, figuring out how much I had to pay to the government, and because the IRS audited me for the year 2007, saying I owed them $xx,xxx… when I really owed them about $500.

So yes, it was a bad situation… and yes, I was negative and somewhat vexed for a couple days… but I was reminded of a phrase that a young Israelite man in Egypt once said:

“Even though you planned evil against me, God planned good to come out of it. This was to keep many people alive, as He is doing now.” (Genesis 50:20)

This young man’s name was Joseph, and he was the second-highest in command in the Egyptian empire… behind the great Pharoah himself. This was quite an accomplishment for anyone… but the path that lead Joseph to that destination, was remarkable in it’s own!

Here is Joe’s story. As you read it, ask yourself if Joseph had a good reason to be mad and angry… at any point in the story:

Thirteen years previous… Joseph was a cocky 17-year-old teenager living in Israel, who was adored by his father… but hated by his brothers (who were jealous that their father showed more favor to Joseph, than them). Long story short, some of his brothers wanted to kill him… but one of Joseph’s older brothers convinced everyone else to just sell him to some slave traders… and tell the father that Joseph got killed and eaten by wild beasts.

So they sold him to some Egyptian slave traders and told the father that Joseph was dead and eaten by wild beasts. Did Joseph have a reason to be mad and negative? Yes he did.

The slave traders took Joseph and sold him to a well-to-do, influential man named Potiphar. God showed favor to Joseph even in that bad situation… and caused Joe to have favor with his master… to the point where Joseph was promoted to be in charge over all the servants in a short-time.

The problem for our hero, was that he was a young, strapping, handsome-looking fellow… and Mrs. Potiphar (the wife) liked what she saw… and came after Joseph sexually.

Joseph, being a man of God and a man of morals… denied her strong and aggressive advances, and it EVEN came to a point when Mrs. Potiphar bluntly demanded to the young man, “Sleep with me now”… and Joseph did what every single, young man in his predicament should probably do.

He RAN and didn’t look back!

In running away from Mrs. Potiphar, she grabbed and tore off his robe… and told all the other servants that the Israelite slave tried to rape her… and when her husband came home… his fury RAGED against Joseph, and he had the young man thrown into prison! Did Joseph have a reason to be mad and negative at this point? I imagine he did.

Joseph was thrown into prison… and again, being the favored man of God he was… he was shown favor by the head jailer of the dungeon. During his time behind bars… Joseph interpreted dreams for two of the Pharoah’s officials who were thrown into jail, and lo and behold… Joseph’s predictions came true for both of the men.

One of the men PROMISED Joseph, that if he ever got out… he would tell Pharoah about Joseph (and get him set free). The man got out of jail… but forgot about Joseph… and Joseph sat rotting in jail for TWO more years. Did Joseph have a reason to be mad and negative at that? You better believe he did!

Two years later… the Pharoah had a dream, and none of the wise men in Egypt could interpret it… and then the official remembered about Joseph’s special talent for interpreting dreams… and told Pharoah about him.

Pharoah was intrigued… and commanded Joseph to be brought up out of the dungeon, bathed and shaved. Joseph proceeded to interpret the King of Egypt’s dreams and this was the prediction:

“The land of Egypt will go through seven (7) years of plenty and abundance… and then after that, there will be seven (7) years of world-wide famine and drought. My advice to you is to find someone to collect all the grain and food during the 7 years of plenty… so that the people in the land of Egypt won’t starve to death during the 7 years of drought and famine.”

Who do you think Pharoah put in charge? He put Joseph, the former slave and the former prisoner in charge. He gave Jospeh a new name, a mansion, a beautiful wife, wealth, and put him at 2nd command over the ENTIRE Egyptian empire… if he would oversee the project of saving up grain during the 7 years of abundance, thus saving the land of Egypt from certain destruction!

Nice turn of luck for Joseph wasn’t it?

The seven years went by quickly, and enough food was saved up for Egypt and the surrounding lands. During the years of famine… people from all over Egypt and the world came to Joseph, who sold them grain and food to keep them alive. Amongst those who came, was Joseph’s brothers! And when Joseph’s brothers saw him, they didn’t EVEN recognize him…. can you believe it?

Here was Joseph’s BIG chance to get even with these worthless “scumbags” who sold him into slavery!

No, he didn’t take it there… because he would have been just as wrong as they were 13 years earlier.

He took them aside (after playing a few tricks on them) and what he told them in essence was this:

“Yeah, you meant evil and bad towards me because you hated me… but God knew what He was doing in the long run, because if I hadn’t gone through all the hell I went through… I wouldn’t have been promoted to Pharoah’s right-hand man, who is in charge of food distribution… and all of you brothers and the rest of my family would have STARVED to death. So yes, I am happy I went through my mess… because God brought something GOOD out of the bad situation you put me in!”

So basically, I began to turn my attitude around and get joyful and positive… yeah it stinks to have to deal with a bunch of tax headaches and hassles for the short-term… but I am glad that God has blessed me to even be able to bring in income, and not have to be tied down with debt, and not have to be confined to a 9 to 5 job, and to have a happy and a peaceful home, and to have a new baby on the way!

Whatever may be going on in your life that may be a negative situation, be thankful for it… and look for ways that God can use it to make you stronger, wiser, more faithful, and a better person through it.

Through every horrible and dark situation that affilicts us in life… there is always at least a little light and a little good that can come out of ANY situation… even if you lost your job, even if you lost your mind… and yes, even if you have lost a loved one!

God is good in ALL situations… and so His good, will always OUTWEIGH any evil… if you are able to look for it.

This week… look at the glass as half-full, instead of half-empty… walk in abundance, be blessed… and look for the GOOD, in every bad situation!

Please feel free to forward this to your friends and family… and INVITE your friends to join TodayAbundace. To join this Facebook group and get Weekly Inspiration and Motivation, go to this link:

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How to NEVER Succeed in ANYTHING in Life! (Read on…)

Ouch, that must be the most NEGATIVE title I’ve ever given any of my weekly TodayAbundance messages… but it’ll make sense in the end, *TRUST ME!*

Okay let’s face it… if you’ve ever read more than one book or article on motivation or inspiration, you’ve surely come across some titles that make it seem like being a success in life is a simple ONE step process… and that if you JUST find the right “magical” formula for success, all your problems and issues will fade away… world peace will envelope the whole entire earth and bring a standstill to all these world wars… and all of our unfortunate brothers and sisters starving to death in 3rd world countries will be fed.

Well the news is this: There is NOT a magical formula for success… and there never will be, because success for everyone is different.

Webster’s Dictionary defines success as “attaining wealth, fame, fortune, status”… but the great motivator Earl Nightengale once said on his recording, “The Strangest Secret”, that the definition of success is summed up by this definition: “To progressively move forward towards a worthy goal that you set for yourself”

Think about that. Being a success in this guy’s point-of-view is “Progressively moving towards a worthy goal, that I set for myself”.

Which definition do you like better? Basically in a nutshell, Webster’s tells you that you are NOT a success unless you are either rich, famous, or popular. Webster’s “success” tells you that you are only at the top of your game if you are focused on attaining worldly items… and the love of people (who probably don’t care anything about you in the first place).

Let’s be real… money, fame, and fortune is good… and for me to tell anyone to NOT have money would be totally foolish, but we have to get ourselves to the point where money (or our drive to acquire money, if we’re broke) is NOT our first priority… or our measurement of success. If money, fame, and fortune was all that people needed to be a total success… then why do we hear about rich & famous people committing suicide, jumping from relationship to relationship, abusing drugs?

Yeah, I know… it’s a good question, isn’t it?

Is that the type of success we truely want? Even if you had a hundred million dollars in the bank account now… how long would you be happy? How long would all the big, fancy stuff you bought with your money keep you happy? Our wants are always a lust that can NEVER be satisfied, because we will always want more!

Our desire to attain more money should just be a MEANS TO AN END, and not the end itself… meaning that I desire to get more money, so that I can satisfy my goals that I set for myself… and past that if I get more or less money, who cares.

The Bible says in 1 Timothy 6:10 that, “The LOVE of money, is the root of all evil”. Notice it DID NOT say “Money is the root of all evil”… but it said “The LOVE of money is the root of all evil”.

Where our heart is… that is where our treasure is at… and where our treasure is at, that is where we’ll find out how we can be a success in life… and truely enjoy it!

Nightengale’s definition pretty much says that as long as you (1) Have a goal or goals set for yourself…. and (2) You are actively moving towards accomplishing your goal… you are a success.

So a woman whose goal is to be the perfect mother to her 3 children, and loves her kids unconditionally… is a SUCCESS.

The student who aims to the best in his class, and studies like crazy to achieve this goal… is a SUCCESS.

The woman who desires to be an entrepreneur, and studies everything she can about management, marketing, and accounting… is a SUCCESS.

The pastor who aims to be the best pastor he can be, and actively seeks to see the people healed both spiritually and naturally in his church… is a SUCCESS.

Our success is NEVER measured by anybody else… it is NEVER measured by anyone else’s standards… the only person who even has the right ruler or yardstick to measure how far you will succeed… is you and only you. Not your parents, not your friends, not co-workers, but you and ONLY you.

You are a master of your own destiny… and you will NEVER have true success if you are trying to chase someone else’s success. You’ll end up being just like a dog who always chases his tail… and NEVER catches it.

Make goals for yourself to attain today… and then ACTIVELY work at achieving them, and then when you have achieved them, set more goals for yourself!

I typically tell people to set at least ONE goal in the 4 primary areas of life:

(1) Spiritual Goal (ex. Pray for at least 15 minutes every morning, Read the entire Bible in a year)
(2) Relationship Goal (ex. Give my wife flowers everyday, Have dinner with my parents every Sunday)
(3) Financial Goal (ex. start a Internet business by May, make $75,000 a year by 2010)
(4) Physical Fitness Goal (ex. lose 15 lbs. by May, bench press 200 lbs. by December 31st)

You will ALWAYS be a success when you set goals for yourself that you are passionate about and you actively seek to accomplish them. It will give you a NEW sense of vigor… and excitement as you accomplish each one of your goals.

You will ALWAYS be a success, when you focus on attaining enough money to provide a very comfortable life for yourself, family, and loved ones… get yourself out of debt… and provide long-term financial security for yourself. Past that, use your excess money & time for a higher calling — such as helping people who are less fortunate and less blessed than you are, and you will be a SUCCESS in God’s eyes!

Until next time, be blessed, be good to yourself and others, and walk in God’s rich abundance for your life… today!

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Goal Setting – The SEXY Way – Part #2

This is the second post, in a 2-part series discussing how powerful the effects of goals can be in your life… if you implement them correctly and with enthusiasm. To read the first post, please [CLICK HERE]

Alright my people… so yesterday, I identified why Goals are sexy! No, goals don’t have curvy hips and long legs… and no, goals don’t have bulging biceps or plump pectorals, but they are definitely the SEXY thing for you to have in your life.

Goals influence you, goals motivate you, goals pull you higher than you could ever hope to reach, and goals help to define you.

So, let’s go into more specifics on goals… if you read the previous blog post yesterdat, you will definitely understand why it is important and VITAL that you have goals.


Goals MUST be written down somewhere (on a notebook, on a sheet of paper, etc.). If you just keep your goals in your head without writing the vision down on paper… you will forget what it is… and the goal will lose it’s power of influence in your life.

Goals MUST be put in a place where you can view and read them at least once a day (such as on your bedroom or office wall, on the fridge, in your underwear drawer, etc.). The more times you are able to read your goals on a daily basis… the more ingrained it will become in your mind and your spirit.

Here’s something that I learned while going to college (yes… I actually learned something good in college). Goals must be S.M.A.R.T…. meaning that your goals must be:


Specific – Meaning you don’t focus on just setting some general goal, like “I want to lose weight” or “I want to make more money”… that’s too general! Your goals should look more like “I will join a gym, workout 3 days a week, and lose 25 lbs.”… or “I will go back to school, learn a new discipline, and will raise my salary up by $20,000 a year.”

Have a little attitude and a little spunk in setting your goals… you’ll like it!

Basically you identify the Who, What, Where, When, How, and Why of your goal.

Measurable – You have to be able to measure your progress of your journey to reaching your goal. So if you want to lose 25 lbs in 5 weeks… you would measure yourself each week by making sure you’ve lost at least 5 lbs. each week. If you haven’t lost at least that much weight, you know you are off-track some and need to work a bit harder.

Attainable – You can attain (or have) almost any goal that you set eventually with hard work, a positive mindset, and perseverance. Think to yourself… is it important that I reach this goal. If not, then it probably isn’t a good goal for you to have in the first place.

Realistic – While I am a firm believer that we as sons and daughters of the most high God can reach almost anything that we set out to do… let’s take a step back and be real. If you are 3-foot tall midget, you’re probably not going to be able to reach the goal of being an N.B.A. basketball player.

If you were not born in the United States of America… and are not at least 35 years of age… you cannot ever hope to be President of the United States.

Most things in life CAN be reached in life with goals and faith (firmly believing it will happen)… but make sure that you’re realsitic about it. Make sure you’re willing to put in the time, expenses, blood, sweat, tears, and the effort that is needed to undertake in order for you to reach the goal. Make sure you’re willing to pay the price!

Timely – Goals MUST have a time frame set to them, so that they can WORK for you. So your goals may look like, “I want to graduate from dental school in 2 years” or “I want to be able to bench press 300 lbs. in 6 months” or “I want to be able to purchase my first home by January 1, 2010”.

When you set deadlines to your goals… it keeps them from going dead… and makes them that much more real in your life, and helps to push you harder, so that you can reach them.

That said… write down your goals NOW! You don’t have an excuse not to succeed in life. You don’t have an excuse to not be the person you want to be, or have the things you want to have. You don’t have an excuse not to do the things you want to do in life.

THe only one who can change your life, is you… and you can start today.

Tomorrow is going to come whether you want it to, or not… so you might as well make it brighter by setting your goals today!

Until tomorrow, be blessed and walk in God’s rich abundance today!

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Goal Setting – The SEXY Way

Okay, so I wrote this headline to capture your attention. Did I do a good job? Anyways… when we think of goals and writing goals down… let’s be real, it sounds B-O-R-I-N-G.

Sure… goals do NOT have an hourglass shape… or have a 36-24-36 measurement… or look good in a little red dress, but if we could see how good goals can look like in our lives when we implement them… they would look very sexy!

I bet you never thought you would hear a preacher use the word ‘Sexy’, did you???

But if we could see how POWERFUL the effects and results of goal setting can be in just about every aspect of our life, goals would be one of the MOST attractive things we can lay our eyes on.

Let’s look at some wisdom from the Bible:

“Write the vision down, and make it plain on tables [a tablet, notepad], that he that reads it may RUN with it” — Habakkuk 2:2

In yesterday’s blog post, we talked about having a vision in your life for yourself (click here to read that post). In order for us to achieve our vision that we have for our lives… it is essential that we write it down on paper.

A goal simply put is this:

You writing down on paper where you want to be, what you want to have, or what you want to do… at a certain specified time.

You can also look at a goal just like you look at a MapQuest map when you’re traveling. Your goal is the destination where you want to ‘end up at’.

Too many times in life, we let life & circumstances dictate where we should go… instead of us dictating to life & circumstances where we WANT to go. Goals are the engine that superpower us into ACHIEVING just about EVERY desire we have in our life.

So you don’t believe that goals will work for you if you work it? A Harvard study that was done many years ago followed a class of graduate students over a span of 20+ years. Only 3% of those students WROTE down their goals.

At the end of the 20-year study, the 3% of the graduating class that wrote their goals down… had accomplished MORE than the remaining 97% of the class who DID NOT write their goals down!

The 3% with the goals were wealthier, happier, had more satisfaction with life, were healthier, and more vibrant.

All because they set and wrote down some boring ole goals for themselves.

The Bible agrees with this. Even back in 600 B.C. when the prophet Habakkuk wrote penned those words of wisdom through inspiration… it holds SO true today.

If we write our vision down on paper (goals)… when we read it, it allows us to run in life, instead of crawl.

Goals seem to be as sure as the law of gravity, as sure as the sun coming up in the morning, and as sure of it going down in the evening. Goals work for people who use them. Whether it is science or some type of weird, supernatural phenomenom — goals have a tendancy of exciting, invigorating, and pushing you to your fullest potential.

You need goals for your career or business. You need goals for your physical health and well-being. You need goals for your family. You need goals for your spiritual life. Just about every aspect of life you have… YOU NEED GOALS!

I will talk more about goals tomorrow… and get more specific on how to set proper goals which will excite you and drive you to get to places that you never dreamed that you could ever get too! Until then, think and dream about where you want to be at life in the next 5 years. Where do want to be at in life next year? Where do want to be at in life in the next 6 months?

What have you always wanted to do… or to be… or to have in life? Have you wanted to write a book, or perhaps start a new business, or maybe go to the moon (hey — space traveling is definitely NOT my thing, so I won’t hate on you if it’s yours!). What did you always dream about doing in life, ever since you were a kid?

Think about it and until tomorrow, be extremely blessed… and remember God’s abundance in your life starts today, so grab it and run with it now… because tomorrow is too late!

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