A Friend

A friend is a person whom you want to have near when you are dying. And whom you like to be with while you are living; To whom you spontaneously turn for help when you are in trouble. And who is the first to hear the good news when you have good fortune; Whose counsel you seek when you are perplexed. And whose congratulations you welcome when the perplexity is solved; In whom you can confide the secret you want no other living soul to know.

Yet will never pry into your heart to discover whether there are any more secrets to be revealed; On whom you can lean when your heart aches. But who will never take advantage of your leaning; Who will get down on his knees beside you when you are down. And forget that he did so when you are on your feet again; And whose shoulder you can weep when you are sad. And with whom you enjoy laughing when you are glad; Who has a tear on his cheek when you suffer.

And a twinkle in his eye when the sun shines on you again; Who has pain in his tone when you are in distress. And melody in his voice when your heart is gay; Who admires you for your strong points. But loves you in spite of your weak ones; Who can laugh at your foibles. Without despising you for having them; Who makes allowance for your limitations. Without allowing them to obscure your talents; Who is proud of you when fortune favors you. But not ashamed of you when you fail; Who contributes to your success without claiming any share in it. Who can feel and show satisfaction when you please him.

But never resentment when you disappoint him; Who will tell you the truth even when it hurts. And to whom you can tell the truth without his taking offense; Who is not ashamed to ask you a favor even at the risk of being imposed upon. Who can extend a helping hand and lighten your load Without expecting any other reward than having had the privilege of so doing; Who gives all he can whenever he can. Without ever keeping a record of what he has given; Who says the best about you when everybody else is saying the worst.

Any person needs at least four such friends; Every person owes it to himself to be such a friend to at least four fellow humans. God help me to be such a friend.

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I Once Was Blind… and Know I Can See!

“When you stop looking at the world with your eyes… and start looking with your FAITH… then you will no longer be blind”  – Daniel Wiafe, Jr.

When we wake up in the morning… and taking it for granted that you don’t sleep in late every single day… and also taking it for granted, you agree with the philosophy of Benjamin Franklin (early to bed, early to rise; makes a man, healthy, wealthy, and wise)… then you will find yourself waking up and opening your eyes up to a dark and a dim world.

Your vision is blurred… and the environment around you is dark and dim… even with your eyes fully open. It is only when you turn on the LIGHT… or open up the curtains and let the sunlight ILLUMINATE your room… that you will TRULY be able to see!

The same is true with our faith. Have you ever wondered how some people are able to make it through severe and unexpected tragedy and losses in life… the type of drama that would cause many of the strongest among us to bow down to the spirit of depression… and give up?

Have you ever wondered how some people, who are down to their dying days... due to an aggressive cancer that is eating away and ravaging their bodies… can all of a sudden be completely healed in their body by faith in Jesus… and their organs have literally regenerated themselves?

It’s all because these people can literally SEE with eyes of faith. They are NOT moved… or swayed… or shaken by what they “see” with their natural eyes. They only believe and are moved by what they see by faith.

When you have eyes of faith… you set your eyes on Jesus, who is the author and the finisher of your faith… and then all of a sudden, the “impossible” becomes possible… and the “unreachable” becomes reachable!

So how do we see with eyes of faith, you might ask?

It’s actually a pretty simple formula. I have personally had the blessing to see people healed physically in their bodies and emotionally through the power of God… and I have also had the pleasure of seeing what seemed like mountains that were set in my life to block me from my future, become instant mole hills that I could step over… by using this formula.

Here goes…

1. Begin to visualize in your mind that result that you want or need. In the case of sickness and disease… begin to imagine and actually SEE yourself in your mind, healed. If you continue to SEE yourself as sick, guess what — you will REMAIN sick.

If your business is failing… begin to see customers come in and visualize your sales going up. Stop seeing your business as broke and penniless, and start seeing it as being wealthy!

2. Understand that the man or the woman of God who sees with eyes of faith isn’t limited to what can be seen, heard, or felt at the present state… but they sight goes much further… and can see where they’ll be at in the future.

3. Help to strengthen your vision… by getting pictures of that result you are expecting. Cut out pictures of where you see yourself… and hang them on your wall.

4. Last but not least, know that your Lord Jesus is in agreement with your faith… and believe it.

Let me know what you think… comments are ALWAYS welcomed. Be blessed today, and walk in God’s richness and abundance today!

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Put Your Faith in this and You Will ALWAYS Be Disappointed

Okay... so maybe disappointment isn't the greatest gift in the world... but this sure was a funny pic!

Good day to you, wherever in the world you are at. As Christian people who are a part of God’s Kingdom… we must NEVER forget that we are not exempt from losing or straying away from our faith.

I have heard it said in the past that the #1 reason why many people leave church, and EVEN worse… abandon their faith in God, is because of the hypocrites they see in church, or see on T.V.

So let’s be real — are there hypocrites in church? Well does a fish swim in the water and does a bird fly in the air? Of course there are hypocrites in church!

…and then again, there are also hypocrites in the hospitals, but that doesn’t stop any of us from going to the hospital if we break our leg… does it?

Are there hypocrite attorneys out there? There sure are… but if I ever get into legal trouble, I’m going to be the first person to rush out and try and grab myself a Johnny Cochran/Matlock — whether they’re a hypocrite OR not!

Point being is this: People are people, whether they are godly or ungodly people. Pastors are people. Ministers are people. Bishops are people. I myself am a pastor, and while I would like to tell everyone that I have no faults in my life, actions, or thoughts — that would be a BOLD faced lie!

I do live a highly moral life… and I refrain from doing many of the things other 20-something year olds do… but I do mess up sometimes.

I get angry without cause sometimes, I get a little selfish sometimes, sometimes I think crazy thoughts… but I do strive to be the BEST man God made me… and I try even harder to walk a stronger Christian walk, each day that I live. So I might not be perfect (and never will be)… but I AM better than I was yesterday!

You see friends… we must NEVER put our faith in men. Do NOT put your faith in men, because they will ALWAYS disappoint you — but put your faith in the ONE living and TRUE God, and He will NEVER disappoint you!

The ONLY perfect person who ever walked this earth was Jesus… and we should follow his example and put our faith in Him, because we WILL NEVER be disappointed in Him.

If you put your faith in Christ on me, a self-declared man of God — you will eventually be disappointed. If you put your faith in Christ on your Pastor at your church — you will eventually be disappointed. If you put your faith in Christ on the television evangelist — you will eventually be disappointed.

But put your faith in Jesus… and fix your eyes on Jesus, who is the AUTHOR and the FINISHER of your faith… and you will NOT grow weary and you will NOT lose heart! (Hebrews 12:2, 3 paraphrased)

Don’t allow people to shake your faith in Jesus… but do allow your faith in Jesus to shake the world around you! If you ever see people who are leaders in the Body of Christ, and they fall into sin… or they disappoint you, don’t leave God and your faith because of that. That man or that woman is just the same as you — a human being and is prone to falling to the same sins you do.

Put your faith in Jesus… and you will NEVER be disappointed. Be blessed and walk in God’s abundance today!

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You are What You Eat

You are what you eat!

You are what you eat!

This week, I was reminded of how important it is to stay committed to the Word of God. In my busy work life and day-to-day activities… I neglected to get into my Word and into my daily prayer, and actually felt the negative effects of it ALL week long.

You see, the Bible tells us in Psalms 34:8, “O taste and see that the LORD is good; How blessed is the man who takes refuge in Him!”

So how do you taste the Lord? Do you actually take a bite out of Him? Is he sweet to the physical taste… or does He taste just like chicken?

No silly… you don’t taste him with your physical senses, but you do allow that spiritual side that is on the inside of us all… to taste, and feel, and connect to the goodness & the abundant peace that comes through Christ Jesus.

…and not only do you taste, but you “consume” the Lord and let him fill you up… just like you would do if you came in from working a hard, 12-hour shift at your job… and you came back home famished… had a 5-course meal that was prepared for you by your spouse… and promptly began to make short work of it, devour it, and allow it to fill up your stomach!

How do you consume the Lord, one might ask?

One way is to simply get into His word to learn more about Him and yourself. People would be surprised, but as you begin to read AND understand the Scriptures, you begin to learn it is NOT a book of “fables” and “stories”, but its real and relevant… and you begin to see yourself in it, and how you can make yourself into a BETTER man or woman by applying the time-tested principles that are in the Bible.

I personally have a One-Year New Testament Bible that has Scriptures broken down each day into New Testament, Proverbs, and Psalms… and can be read in about 5 minutes a day. During my business day, I also saturate myself with good Gospel music and Bible teachings (iTunes are great!)

A second way is to get into a daily prayer with God. People really make prayer VERY difficult, when its not supposed to be difficult, and never was! What prayer is when it comes down to it, is a dialogue between you and your Heavenly Father. Not only do you speak to God, but you stay silent and allow Him to speak back to you too.

After all, would you want to be in a conversation with a person… and they NEVER allow you to get a word in? We’ve all met people like that before, haven’t we?

Well, the same is true for God — allow Him to speak back into your spirit. Just speaking for myself I know when I take the time to pray… I’m doing so because I’m expecting answers and results.

There are many ways to pray to God… but one method that I like that works very well is the ACTS method.

A = Adoration
C = Confession
T = Thanksgiving
S = Supplication

You begin by getting into a quiet place and ADORING him, which means you begin to praise Him for who He is, for His goodness, for His faithfulness to you, for sustaining you, for keeping your family safe, for blessing you with good health, for fearfully & wonderfully creating you, etc.

You continue to go into CONFESSION… meaning you ask him to forgive you for any sins you have committed… and ask Him to give you the strength to overcome any weaknesses you may have in your life (ex. lust, anger, unforgiveness, bitterness, laziness, greed, etc.)

Move on into THANKING God for what He has already blessed you with. So many times, we get so wrapped up on what we feel God has not done… that we ignore the awesome deeds that he HAS done for us.

You finish off by SUPPLICATION (intercession)… in which you ask Him to meet your needs and your loved one’s needs. I personally thank Him in expectancy of answered prayers during this time. I thank Him for the health of my family, the peace in my home, for opening up increased & abundant wealth in my business, and EVEN to have a good day!

Whatever methods you use to “taste the Lord” on a daily basis… please just make sure that you keep it consistent. Give yourself a 10-15 minute portion out of the day… that you can devote to God’s Word and prayer… and try it out for the next 30 days.

It will change your life… trust me!

Be blessed and walk in God’s abundance today.

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How to Take a Strong Man DOWN!

Dont let the strong man steal your possessions! You have EVERY right to bind him & take back what is rightfully yours!

Don't let the strong man steal your possessions! You have EVERY right to bind him & take back what is rightfully yours!

For many of us who are male (and possibly even female)… we grew up rough, tough and tumbling everywhere… and it was always a matter of a time in our youth, before someone would challenge you to a friendly (sometimes unfriendly) wrestling match.

While I never wrestled for school… the one thing that I learned is that if you can (1) Take your adversary down to the ground, (2) Be on top, and (3) Lock their arms, legs, and head so they couldn’t move… you would win!

Yes I know… I should’ve been a professional WWF wrestler (lol).

So consider this Scripture:

“Or again, how can anyone enter a strong man’s house and carry off his possessions unless he first ties up the strong man? Then he can rob his house!”  (Matthew 12:29)


“I [Jesus] will give you the keys of the kingdom of heaven; whatever you bind on earth will be bound in heaven, and whatever you loose on earth will be loosed in heaven.” (Matthew 16:19)

You see my friend, no matter what you’ve been told or what you believe… Satan is just as real and as present as God is…. and many well-meaning Christian brothers & sisters are leading meager & beaten existences because of this ignorance.

What Jesus is telling us is that you have an enemy whose mission is to ‘steal, kill, and destroy’ and his name is Satan (the strong man).

Now when this strong man comes and strong arms you… and steals your possessions (your joy, your peace, your health, your family, your faith, your finances, etc.)… are you just going to sit there like a punk, and let him walk away with what is yours?

…or are you going to go down to his house, kick down the strong man’s door, slap him around, and take back what is God given and rightfully yours?

Sometimes, we must get out of the role of being too passive… and get a ‘holy anger’ when we see our things getting stolen from us… and right under our noses.

After all, if someone broke into your car and stole your stereo… or if someone broke into your house in the middle of the night and kidnapped your child… are you just going to sit there quietly & sing a nice hymn?

No, by all means you’re going to get up & take action!

…and God tells us that the only way to “rob the strong man” is to tie him up, or bind him. Aren’t you glad that Jesus tells us that “whatsoever we BIND on earth, has already been BOUND in heaven”?

I believe what that means to us, is that just like the local police… we have an authority from our superiors up high (Heaven)… to slap handcuffs on any demon or spirit that breaks the law.

So this week, when (or if) you see things being stolen from you, whether they are tangible or intangible… go ahead and bind up the thief with the words of your mouth… and declare those things that are not, as though they are!

Get on top of Satan this week, and bind him up in a spiritual headlock, and throw him on the ground. He’s been beating up on you… so it’s only right that you turn the tables on him every once in awhile!

Let me know what you think… I love all your comments….

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Take COMMAND of Your Worship!

It should NEVER be a bore, a chore, or a bother to worship God… or to come to His house.

David wasn’t ashamed when he cried out in Psalm 100:4, “Enter His gates with THANKSGIVING… and into His courts with PRAISE; Give thanks to Him and praise His name!”

There should always be within us a sense of joy, a feeling of excitement, a knowledge of expectancy whenever we enter into the presence of God… be it in your daily time that you spend with him, be it when you go to the worship service at your church, wherever…. it doesn’t matter!

Because when we come into a real worship encounter with God… you’ve not just come to play games, or to take part in a weekly religious tradition, or to be seen by other people… you’ve come to meet the Creator of your body, the Author of your life, the Healer of your body, and the Savior of your soul.

Watch this:

Being in the marketing and advertising industry, I am trained to know how powerful the effect of our words are. The smoother I write my words, the more I can convince people to buy the products/services I promote… and the more money I make. On the flip side, if I write terribly, well… umm…. I eat Ramen Noodles and hot dogs for that week.

FACT: A good marketer can hypnotize you into such a deep trance with the words they write or say… that they can literally empty your pocket of all the cash you have… and clean your bank account out!

So you can see how surprised I was, when I read a church advertisement last weekend telling people to “Don’t stay home this Sunday… come to our church and give God his time for the week, you owe it to Him”


We should NEVER think of worshiping God as some type of community service that we are FORCED to do… because we were found guilty of some wrongdoing throughout the week.
God does not need our time… but we DO need His time!

Every morning that we wake up… we should literally COMMAND ourselves to worship God. Worship is defined as, “loving unquestioningly and excessively”. We should be glad and excited to be in his presence.

That same immediate feeling you get when you eat a bunch of chocolate candy bars… and wash it down with a big glass of red Kool-Aid… should be the same HIGH feeling you get when you worship God — except with the latter, you won’t have a “sugar crash”

Command yourself to worship the Lord, your God… every morning that He blesses you to have breath in your body, a roof over your head, and clothes on your back!

Until next time, be blessed… and walk in God’s abundance today!

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Build Up the Kingdom of God… in Your Own “Little” Way

Be a BUILDER of Gods Kingdom!

Be a BUILDER of God's Kingdom!

I was recently reading Luke 19:11-27 last week… in which it gave one account on a particular parable that Jesus told to the people.

This was the parable of the Ten Minas (some Gospels described it as the Parable of Talents).

In this story, Jesus told of how a man of noble birth (himself), was sent to a distant country to become king over the land (us). When the nobleman & future king arrived… he called 10 servants… and gave them each 10 minas, and gave them explicit instructions to, “…put this money to work until I come back!”

When the king returned back home… one servant earned 10 MORE mina with what was given to him, so he was BLESSED with being put in charge over 10 cities.

Another servant earned 5 MORE mina with what was given to him, and he received 5 cities.

A third servant told the king, “Sir, here is your mina; I have kept it laid away in a piece of cloth…. I was afraid of you, because you are a hard man. You take out what you did not put in and reap what you did not sow.”

Shockingly… the master called this goofball wicked, because whether it was fear that compelled him, or whether it was laziness that compelled him… the servant did NOT build up the kingdom.

And the story gets juicier! The 10 minas that this third servant had… was snatched away from him, and given to the first servant (Remember him? He was the guy who was put in charge over 10 cities)

The king ends by saying, “I tell you that to everyone who has, more will be given… but as for the one who has nothing, even what he has will be taken away.”

I sincerely believe that the lesson we can pull away from this is that Jesus has blessed us all with different talents… and to different degrees.

One person may be very talented at making money… or very talented at preaching or teaching. One person may be excellent with children and teenagers… and another person may have a knack for administration and management.

A person over there might be able to sing the paint off of the walls… while you couldn’t hum a tune well enough to save your life, but you’re an excellent worker, and can paint those walls like nobody else.

Some are blessed athletically, some are talented when it comes to counseling and giving advice… there are probably a million and one different talents that are out there in the world.

But whatever your talent is… use it to build up the Kingdom of God. It definitely does not matter if you’re in a church setting… use your talents to glorify Jesus in your daily life.

Even if it’s just a small act that you… remember, a solid and indestructible wall, is built ONE brick at a time.

I believe that many times, we think that the only “good talents” are the ones that are used in church… but it is my strong, personal belief… that church is a training ground for us to get replenished and polish off our God given talents… and to be used as we go out into the world and win it for Christ!

Until tomorrow, be blessed and prosperous… and walk in God’s abundance today!

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Jesus Can Reach the Unreachable!

Did you know that it doesn’t matter to Jesus what your past looks like… it doesn’t matter to Him how crazy you acted like back in the day… and it definitely doesn’t matter to Him how much trouble you got into back in the day… AS LONG AS YOU COME TO HIM!

There are many people who I have encountered in life… who love the Lord with all their hearts, and desperately want to be in His good grace… but are mistakenly convinced that their rocky past is so BAD, that it excludes them from the Kingdom of God… and gives them front row seats in the bowels of hell.

They think that because they used to prostitute… or because they used to cheat people… or because they had abortions in the past… or because they used to be a drug pusher…. or because they literally destroyed a loved one emotionally by their actions… that the salvation of Jesus Christ is out of their reach.

But the GOOD NEWS is this…

ALL have sinned… and EVERYBODY has fallen short of the glory of God (Romans 3:23)… but the GIFT of God to you is everlasting life in Christ Jesus (Romans 6:23).

You see friend, a gift (when given in the right way) is given to one person from another… without the expectancy of anything from you.

When Christ died on the cross for all of us… and became the PERFECT sacrifice and replacement for all of our past, present, and future sins… He didn’t expect you to have lived a perfect life. No, perfection was in Him, and in Him alone.

Turn from your past guilt and shame right now… and don’t allow it to shackle you and weigh you down any longer. When you fully 100% come to Christ, you don’t need to wrestle with the guilt of last year… or the shame of your childhood.

There is nothing… and I repeat NOTHING…. that can separate you from the love of God.

There is nothing in this world that you, anybody else, or I could have ever done in life… even at our lowest and darkest moments… that would put us out of the reach of an all-loving & all-forgiving God.

The Bible declares, “If you confess that Jesus is your Lord… and believe that God has raised him from the dead… YOU WILL BE SAVED” (Romans 10:9, 10)

Don’t allow the past to burden or hold you any longer… but put your faith in Jesus, who is still alive & powerful today.

Perhaps this message wasn’t for you… then that’s good. But it IS for someone else that you know… and I URGE you to forward this message to them right now.

Until next time, be blessed… and walk in God’s abundance for your life today.

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Stay on the Ship

Last year I flew out to San Francisco, CA from Tulsa, OK on a business trip… and shockingly had to make 2 stops along the way to switch planes.

One of those stops was in Fresno, CA (which is about halfway between Los Angeles and San Francisco). The plane that I got on was a pitifully tiny airplane… that looked like a crash waiting to happen. It was so small & rickety, I don’t think calling it an airplane would do it justice… it was more like a “prayer-plane”… meaning you better say your prayers before you take off in it!

Anyways… as expected, the flight was EXTREMELY bumpy and scary… and it got that much worse as we started to descend across San Francisco bay towards the airport. The winds were so fierce as we flew in…. that it repeatedly knocked the plane sideways as we came in.

Looking down at the bay that had a few windsurfers surfing the waters… I figured we were probably no more than a quarter-mile away from the beach… so worst come to worst I could swim should we crash! (lol)

…then as if he was reading my mind, the gentleman sitting across the aisle reached across and told me that those windsurfers shouldn’t be surfing those waters… because sharks come into the bay from the Pacific Ocean!

It was at that point that I decided that the plane was the SAFEST and the ONLY place for me to be in — through the windy conditions, through the fear, through the storm, and even if we were to crash into the ocean (*knock in wood*).

You see my friend, a plane is a type of ship. A ship is simply defined as, “A vessel which is designed to take a person or cargo from ONE destination or state… to another.”

The Word of God… is also a ship.

It is designed to safely take us from one state… to another! You can be in a state of poverty… and God’s word will take you into a state of abundance!

You can be in a state of sickness and disease… and God’s word will take you into a state of healing!

You can be in a state of despair… and God’s word will take you into a state of hope!

….as long as you STAY IN THE SHIP, which is the Word of God… and don’t jump overboard, you WILL be kept safe. You will be kept in one piece.

In Acts 27… Paul was taken prisoner… and was being transported from Jerusalem to Rome by ship across the sea… which was a 2,100 mile journey (the same distance as going from Atlanta to Los Angeles).

Before they had departed… Paul informed the captain of the ship that the journey would be perilous… and of course, the captain ignored his advice. Two weeks into their journey… a storm of hurricane intensity crashed down on top of that ship with it’s 276 passengers.

Yeah you’re right — they should’ve listened to Paul!

Paul speaking by knowledge of the Holy Ghost, told the captain that everyone must STAY ON THE SHIP if they want to be saved… and if they did, “not a hair would be harmed on anyone’s head”.

They wisely listened to Paul’s advice… and ALL the men were saved…. because they stayed on the ship!

So this week… if you are going through trying times, and you feel like jumping out of the ship (which is the Word of God)… don’t do it! It can be scary sometimes in the storm. It can be be dreadful when you’re in the midst of a hurricane sweeping through your life…

…but STAY ON THE SHIP which is the Word of God… and it will safely transport you to where you need to be at in life!

Blessings to you, and walk in God’s abundance today!

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You’re NEVER too Old to Walk Into Your Destiny!

Many times… I receive private notes and messages from members of this blog and the Facebook group that REALLY inspire and encourage me!

There is one message that I received last week from a good friend… that was especially powerful and really stuck in my spirit. I believe it will INSPIRE everyone on this board!

For privacy reasons, I will not reveal her real name… but we will call her Shari…. and she has agreed to let me publish this note to inspire everyone. Enjoy!

Hello Daniel,

Thank you for the WORD in due season!
I really needed that word.
I am really needing to push through the “fear of failure
I have struggled with ALL my life.

It has stopped me from pursuing anything worth while and has kept me in bondage to the “safe route” which keeps me working as a cashier where I count the seconds to go home and keeps me from pursuing something fun and creative like photography or creating my own greeting cards.

It is interesting that just the other day I found an interesting envelope. My dad passed away over a year ago and we have purchased his home, there are still remnants of his life here and there.

I found in some of his things the other day his application for an art correspondance school that he had applied for. he did follow through and graduated from the course. But what I found interesting was what he wrote on the application.

The question was:
I would like to become a successful artist because __________________

He wrote:
“I want to have a larger income and I don’t want to be a truck driver for the rest of my life.”

At the time, he was 25 years old.

He was a truck driver until he retired at the age of 60.

This made me sad, and also caused me to ponder my own life. 44 years old and STILL a cashier…

WHY? you ask… FEAR of FAILURE !!

WOW eee !!

Fortunately the last couple of years of my dad’s life were spent in a building that was partial care but independent living ( he needed help because of a bad heart ) where the people were exposed to dad’s paintng and art work and they LOVED it !

His apartment became an ART studio, all you could smell was oil paint when you walked in. There were paintings wall papering the walls and lining his floors.

He began to sell his work to those that really enjoyed it.

The last painting on his easel was a ballerina, the last three he painted were ALL ballerinas. It was VERY important to me that I could keep the last one.

I felt it was a sign that he believed in me to pursue my dreams and that YES ! I would dance again.

Anyways, he “could have” had many more years if he would have taken his dreams seriously.

I do not want to wait till it is TOO LATE to pursue my dreams. I have been in a GREAT battle recently to follow my heart… and to hear what I really desire, and not the lies of the enemy with all the reasons why I can’t.

Anyways, Thanks again for such a timely word.

BIG BLESSINGS to YOU and your family!


Remember… as long as you’re still breathing, you’re NEVER to old to accomplish great things!

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