You are What You Eat

You are what you eat!

You are what you eat!

This week, I was reminded of how important it is to stay committed to the Word of God. In my busy work life and day-to-day activities… I neglected to get into my Word and into my daily prayer, and actually felt the negative effects of it ALL week long.

You see, the Bible tells us in Psalms 34:8, “O taste and see that the LORD is good; How blessed is the man who takes refuge in Him!”

So how do you taste the Lord? Do you actually take a bite out of Him? Is he sweet to the physical taste… or does He taste just like chicken?

No silly… you don’t taste him with your physical senses, but you do allow that spiritual side that is on the inside of us all… to taste, and feel, and connect to the goodness & the abundant peace that comes through Christ Jesus.

…and not only do you taste, but you “consume” the Lord and let him fill you up… just like you would do if you came in from working a hard, 12-hour shift at your job… and you came back home famished… had a 5-course meal that was prepared for you by your spouse… and promptly began to make short work of it, devour it, and allow it to fill up your stomach!

How do you consume the Lord, one might ask?

One way is to simply get into His word to learn more about Him and yourself. People would be surprised, but as you begin to read AND understand the Scriptures, you begin to learn it is NOT a book of “fables” and “stories”, but its real and relevant… and you begin to see yourself in it, and how you can make yourself into a BETTER man or woman by applying the time-tested principles that are in the Bible.

I personally have a One-Year New Testament Bible that has Scriptures broken down each day into New Testament, Proverbs, and Psalms… and can be read in about 5 minutes a day. During my business day, I also saturate myself with good Gospel music and Bible teachings (iTunes are great!)

A second way is to get into a daily prayer with God. People really make prayer VERY difficult, when its not supposed to be difficult, and never was! What prayer is when it comes down to it, is a dialogue between you and your Heavenly Father. Not only do you speak to God, but you stay silent and allow Him to speak back to you too.

After all, would you want to be in a conversation with a person… and they NEVER allow you to get a word in? We’ve all met people like that before, haven’t we?

Well, the same is true for God — allow Him to speak back into your spirit. Just speaking for myself I know when I take the time to pray… I’m doing so because I’m expecting answers and results.

There are many ways to pray to God… but one method that I like that works very well is the ACTS method.

A = Adoration
C = Confession
T = Thanksgiving
S = Supplication

You begin by getting into a quiet place and ADORING him, which means you begin to praise Him for who He is, for His goodness, for His faithfulness to you, for sustaining you, for keeping your family safe, for blessing you with good health, for fearfully & wonderfully creating you, etc.

You continue to go into CONFESSION… meaning you ask him to forgive you for any sins you have committed… and ask Him to give you the strength to overcome any weaknesses you may have in your life (ex. lust, anger, unforgiveness, bitterness, laziness, greed, etc.)

Move on into THANKING God for what He has already blessed you with. So many times, we get so wrapped up on what we feel God has not done… that we ignore the awesome deeds that he HAS done for us.

You finish off by SUPPLICATION (intercession)… in which you ask Him to meet your needs and your loved one’s needs. I personally thank Him in expectancy of answered prayers during this time. I thank Him for the health of my family, the peace in my home, for opening up increased & abundant wealth in my business, and EVEN to have a good day!

Whatever methods you use to “taste the Lord” on a daily basis… please just make sure that you keep it consistent. Give yourself a 10-15 minute portion out of the day… that you can devote to God’s Word and prayer… and try it out for the next 30 days.

It will change your life… trust me!

Be blessed and walk in God’s abundance today.

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Today is a Blessing to you… from Your Father!

Today is a day of blessing for you! One way to kickstart your day in a good way... is to get out into nature, and do some running.

Today is a day of blessing for you! One way to kickstart your day in a good way... is to get out into nature, and do some running.

This is the day the LORD has made… let us REJOICE and be GLAD in it.”  (Psalm 118:24)

No matter what trials or difficulties you have been facing all week long… remember that yesterday is gone… and know that TODAY is a new day.

Today is a day not like the day before… but it is truly a blessing for you to be alive… and you should be JOYFUL about this blessing!

Many times, we tend to get caught up with the junk and the mess that goes on in our lives, businesses, home, and workplaces… and as human beings, we tend to CARRY the weights and burdens with us on a day to day basis.

But now is the time for you to relinquish that load and that heavy burden. Don’t allow the things that happened yesterday (the past)… to negatively affect you in the present moment that God has made for you.

I am not saying for any of you to forget about yesterday… or not learn any lessons from what happened in the past… but what I am saying is this: DO NOT allow your yesterday to negatively impact or destroy your day today.

This is truly a beautiful day for you… wherever in the world you are located at… and no matter what is going on in your personal life. We are only blessed with so many days to walk on this earth, so it is definitely in your BEST interest to live life fully, without being weighed down by your past.

If you are feeling tired and worn out in the morning when you wake up… or if you feel depressed or highly stressed about the day that is yet in front of you, try some of Dr. Daniel’s remedies and tell me how it works out for you:

* Get a good night’s sleep. Go to bed around 9pm-10pm on weekdays… get a good 8 hours sleep, and wake up around 5am-6am. You will feel REFRESHED in the morning!

* Talk to God EARLY in the morning. Pray to God to give you strength and peace for your day today… and thank Him for the beautiful day that He has blessed you with… and thank Him for what He has already blessed you with (good health, beautiful family, roof over your head, etc.)

* Get the Daily News… Gospel News that is. I recommend getting a One Year Bible, that allows you to read the whole Bible in one year. If you are strapped for time in the morning… just read the New Testament section, Psalms, and Proverbs each day.

* Get Fresh Air. Try to get out after your 15 minutes of prayer & Bible time and get some fresh air. Get out into nature early in the morning and go jog… and get some good air into your system. That will invigorate you for the rest of the day!

* Declare What Your Day Will Look Like. Make a declaration with your mouth on what you EXPECT your day to look like… and more times than not your day will look exactly as the words you speak.

If you have any questions about God, the Bible, or life in general that you would like discussed next Thursday… please e-mail me at Daniel [at] TodayAbundance [dot] com… or leave a comment on this post.

Until tomorrow, be blessed, and walk in God’s abundance for your life today!

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Does the Bible Have the Answer to EVERY Question in the World?

Is it right for me to smoke, drink, play cards -- especially when it's not addressed in the Bible?

Happy Monday to you… you AWESOME man or woman of God… I hope you enjoyed your weekend!

Here is YOUR scripture of the day from the abundant Word of God:

“Stop listening to instruction, my son… and you will stray from the words of knowledge.” (Proverbs 19:27)

More than once in my life, people in one form or another have asked me this question: “What does the Bible say about such issues… such as gambling, drinking, smoking cigarettes, etc.”

There are SO many questions that we have in this world… and obviously you cannot DIRECTLY find the answer to every single question in the Bible.

Obviously, we know with a 100% certainty that we shouldn’t murder people… we shouldn’t steal… we shouldn’t commit adultery… we know we should NOT get drunk… we know that Jesus is the way to eternal life, etc. The Bible DIRECTLY answers those questions.

But I do believe that the Bible INDIRECTLY gives us instruction, wisdom, and a line of thinking that we can use in EVERY aspect of our lives. I believe the Bible can ALWAYS indirectly answer ALL of our questions that we have.

When it comes down to it… when we are faced with an issue, a problem, or a decision… that the Bible doesn’t address directly, we need to remember that we need to walk in love… as this was Jesus’ commandment.

Based on this commandment of love (which does no evil or harm to anyone)… ask yourself these 3 questions:

(1) Will my actions/decisions harm myself or someone else spiritually, physically, or emotionally?
(2) Will my actions/decisions cause shame or disrespect to myself or someone else?
(3) If Jesus was walking on this earth in 2009… what would he do if He were in my shoes?

If you can pass by this 3-point check on your decision… and aren’t harming or shaming anyone… then I believe in MOST cases, you can go ahead and make the decision that you need to make.

DISCLAIMER: When we are faced with MAJOR issues that the Bible doesn’t address… we must ALWAYS remember to pray first. When you actively seek God for an answer… He will speak to you if you diligently seek Him out for an answer.

Be wise and walk in God’s instruction friend. Let me know what you think about this post, by writing your comments down below!

Until tomorrow, be blessed… and walk in God’s abundance today!

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ALL things are POSSIBLE for YOU… if YOU Believe! (Part 3 of 3)

Persistence is a LONG Journey

Persistence is a LONG Journey

Have you ever been on a long road trip, that seems like it will never end? Perhaps it seems like you have been driving for an eternity and it seems like countless hours have passed by… and your legs are all cramped up… and your body is aching and screaming from sitting in that driver’s seat for so long.

Can you remember what that feels like?

Now can you also remember how relieved and elated you were when you finally pulled up to your destination? You probably felt like jumping out of your car and shouting to the world, “I DID IT!”.

The reason why we feel so good when we get to our final destination after a long trip… or we are all giddy with joy after we see a wonderful Thanksgiving day dinner set up, after hours of slaving away in a kitchen… or why we are able to stand up proudly after we spend many days working on assembling a book cabinet… is because of the persistence that we put into the task… FINALLY paid off after a certain amount of time.

This is Part #3 of ‘All Things are Possible for You… if You Believe!‘. In it, we discussed that when we go into prayer for anything we desire… whether it be for our family, finances, physical & emotional healing, whatever… there are 3 IMPORTANT concepts for us to remember when we aim to get results from our prayers.

(1) God is Your Loving FATHER
(2) FAITH is the Engine that Moves Prayer
(3) PERSISTENCE is the Road You Travel until You Reach the Results

Today we’ll be talking about a little word called Persistence

PERSISTENCE is the Road You Travel until You Reach the Results You Want
Many thousand years ago in a country known as present-day Iraq, there lived an Israelite captive whose name was Daniel (and no, it wasn’t me… I’m not that old). He had received some alarming and detrimental news in a vision about his countrymen… and he immediately set in his heart to get answers to his questions from God.

Anyways, he was so sorrowful that he went into mourning for his people… and decided to abstain (fast) from meats, breads, and wine.

This guy named Daniel stayed before the Lord looking for an answer… and after 3 weeks… an angel of the Lord named Michael met him. Not only did the angel meet Daniel… he brought Daniel’s answer to him from God all wrapped up with a bow tie! (okay… so there wasn’t a bow tie on it)

What got me about this event that started out in the 10th Chapter of Daniel… is that Michael told Daniel that the very FIRST day he sent his prayer up, God received it.

But it took Michael a FULL 21-days to fight his way through hell and high-water… in order to get the answer to Daniel. If Daniel had stopped seeking God when he did not get instant results… he would NOT have gotten his answers.

But Daniel who several years earlier had found himself on the wrong side of a lion’s den… knew from experience, that his God was able to accomplish anything and everything… and he knew to persist, until he received his anwer.

The word persistence is defined as “refusing to stop, to relentlessly seek after a thing until you get it”

This is the 3rd and final concept in getting our prayers answered. We MUST be persistent. When we pray, of course we should believe in instant results. But even if we don’t see things happen instantly, just like Daniel… we should know that our Father has heard our prayers… and whether we have to wait a week, a month, a year… we will PERSISTENTLY wait for an answer to our prayer!

Persistence is a LONG road… but the bigger that thing is that you want… the more passion you should have for it… and the more persistent you should be.

Because honestly friend, I cannot give you an exact formula for a ‘prayer that gets answered instantly’. But I can say this… that if you are persistent in your prayer and in your faith… you will ABSOLUTELY praise God when you receive that answer from God for that thing you have been praying for, for so long.

If you grow weak while you are traveling down that long, sometimes lonely road called persistence… remember what one of my favorite Scriptures says:

Wait on the Lord and He WILL renew you strength… He will mount you up on wings like an eagle. You WILL run and not grow weary, you WILL walk and not faint.” (Isaiah 40:31)

Let me know what you think in your comments! Be blessed and walk in God’s total abundance for your life today.

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ALL things are POSSIBLE for YOU… if YOU Believe! (Part 2 of 3)

Apologies to everyone for not getting the post out yesterday as promised… but here goes:

On Wednesday, we did Part #1 of ‘All Things are Possible for You… if You Believe!‘. In it, we discussed that when we go into prayer for anything we desire… whether it be for our family, finances, physical & emotional healing, whatever… there are 3 IMPORTANT concepts for us to remember when we aim to get results from our prayers.

Do not think you are selfish when you pray for yourself personally. God is your loving Father… and so there are some things which you should EXPECT to have… since you are the son or daughter of the most High King of the Universe.

DISCLAIMER: Now, these are NOT the ONLY 3 concepts that we need to have when it comes to answered prayer… just 3 that I personally believe are integral in us getting results when we send our prayer up to heaven. If you come up with any other concepts… please write about them in the Comments section.

(1) God is Your Loving FATHER
(2) FAITH is the Engine that Moves Prayer
(3) PERSISTENCE is the Road You Travel until You Reach the Results

FAITH is the Engine that Moves Prayer
Pretty much ALL the big and huge moves & decisions that I have personally made in life have been made in faith.

I believe that whenever we move and act in faith… we are pleasing the Father. I believe whenever He sees one of His sons or daughters moving or walking in faith He looks down from His throne and says, “Now that’s MY boy… you’re making me proud!” or “That’s MY girl… show ’em how it’s done!”

Check out what the Bible says about how faith pleases God:

“But without FAITH it is impossible to please Him… for he who comes to God must BELIEVE (have faith) that He is, and that He is a REWARDER of those who DILIGENTLY seek Him.”  (Hebrews 11:6)

You see my friend… if we have no faith, we ARE not pleasing our Father. Your Heavenly Father is saying to you RIGHT NOW, that if we believe in Him… He will REWARD you!

My definition of faith is this: ‘Believing that you have something RIGHT NOW… even though you can’t see it, feel it, touch it, hear it it, taste it, or smell it’

Faith goes beyond just simply believing in something (such as your healing in your body, or believing that your business will explode financially)… you MUST be able to mentally see yourself in the position that you pray that God will get you too!

EXAMPLE: So if you are praying for a new house… and you have done all that you can do on your side (get your credit in order, searched out homes, etc.)… put it in God’s hands and EXPECT and visually SEE that you have the new home that you are praying for.

Get photos of your new home and place it on your fridge (or wherever you can see it multiple times a day — I know you like to eat, so the fridge is a GREAT place). Start shopping for new appliances and furniture to place in your new home. Imagine what your new home will smell like… and imagine yourself walking through your new kitchen.

Basically, start acting like you have that thing that you are believing in God for by faith!

You see, the Bible is a book of God’s promises to us (his children). Out of the many things He declares in his Word, faith is one of the most talked about subjects in the Bible.

Read a few of the comments that God declares about faith in His Word:

  • Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen. (Hebrews 11:1)
  • Now Abraham believed God, and it was credited to him as righteousness.  (Romans 4:3)
  • Jesus turned and saw her. “Take heart, daughter,” he said, “your faith has healed you.” And the woman was healed from that moment. (Matthew 9:22)
  • According to your faith will it be done to you. (Matthew 9:29)
  • He said to her, “Daughter, your faith has healed you. Go in peace and be freed from your suffering.”  (Mark 5:34)
  • He replied, “If you have faith as small as a mustard seed, you can say to this mulberry tree, ‘Be uprooted and planted in the sea,’ and it will obey you. (Luke 17:6)
  • He listened to Paul as he was speaking. Paul looked directly at him, saw that he had faith to be healed. (Acts 14:9)

Let me know what you think. I would LOVE to see your comments, questions, and discussions on any of these posts! Part 3 will come out on Monday.

Have a GREAT weekend… and until Monday, be blessed, and walk in God’s abundance for your life, today!

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ALL things are POSSIBLE for YOU… if YOU Believe! (Part 1 of 3)

Last week I was talking to a good friend concerning a past post I had done titled, “Did You Know that You are a King“… and in it I described how we are royalty created on this earth by the King of kings (Christ Jesus)… and how we are to walk in power, authority, dominion, and influence over our emotions, thoughts, finances, and EVEN over sickness/disease.

Anyways, my friend raised up a VERY good (and difficult) question concerning that post… which I was going to respond back to her privately on… but then decided it would be to all of our benefits if I answered it back publicly, as no doubt MANY people probably have the same question.

It was such an AWESOME question she asked…

By now, if you’re still reading this (which I know you are!), you’re probably screaming inside your head,”Get down to business and tell us what that question was Daniel… the suspense is KILLING me!!”

So ladies and gentlemen, without further ado… the question summarized was this: “If I pray & believe for someone to be healed and it doesn’t happen right away… how long do I keep praying for?”

After all, the Bible specifically tells us that (1) Jesus healed, (2) Greater works than Him shall we do, (3) Ask for anything in the name of Jesus and I will do it for you, (4) Lay our hands on the sick and they shall recover.

My answer to her question would be this: ‘If you pray for something and truly BELIEVE in it with all of your heart… keep praying & thanking God for answering your prayer… keep doing what you can do in your own power… and prepare for the results.. UNTIL you see the results!’

You may receive results instantly! You may receive your answer 3 days from now. You may receive the results 3 months for now.

Shockingly, you may see the results 3 years from now! (Yeah, I know you didn’t want to hear that 3 years part… but I said it anyways).

Do we have enough faith, heart, and persistence to keep on praying for something… even when we don’t see the results instantly. It is in fact, VERY difficult for anyone (including myself) to keep praying for anything… especially when you can’t see the results instantly, but never-the-less, it is a muscle that we all must build.

The Word of God goes on to tell us in MULTIPLE verses that (1) We are healed according to OUR faith & (2) Jesus when he went back to Nazareth, could only heal a FEW people, because of their lack of faith.

Think about it… the He-Man of healing, the King of kings, and the God of this whole universe wasn’t ABLE to heal people… and it was because of their lack of faith.

Consider this: A man once asked Jesus to heal his son of seizures and an evil spirit that sought to destroy the boy. The man didn’t quite 100% believe that Jesus could conquer something “so big” as healing that boy… and asked Jesus, ‘IF you can heal him, please do so’.

Jesus’ response to the man was this: ‘If I can?? ALL things are POSSIBLE to him who believes’… and then proceeded to heal the boy after the man declared that ‘he believed’. (Mark 9:14-29)

I would like to say this to you today friend… ALL things are POSSIBLE for YOU… if YOU will believe!

So that leads me to THREE (3) very important concepts that I believe are IMPORTANT for us to understand when it comes to receiving answers to our prayers. Please remember this is not an exhaustive list… and remember, God is NOT a big, blue genie waiting to fulfill EVERY single request and wish you ask of him when you rub his lamp. Your name is NOT Aladdin… and you do NOT have a flying rug… or a comically, funny monkey that sits on your shoulder.

We don’t try to use God so that we can get ahead in life… we allow God to USE us, so He can get ourselves and others ahead in life.

Here are the concepts:

(1) God is Your Loving FATHER
(2) FAITH is the Engine that Moves Prayer
(3) PERSISTENCE is the Road You Travel until You Reach the Results

(1) Like any good parent… God is your heavenly Father… who wants to see you (His son or daughter) succeed in life and do good. Many people have a fearful, damning view of God, like He’s a scary entity that is ready to strike you down with a lightning bolt as soon as you walk across the street without looking both ways… but in reality God is Love and wants the best for you.

Did you know that when the Bible talks about ‘The fear of the Lord’… it is NOT speaking or commanding us to have actual fear of God, but it is telling us to be ‘in awe and total utter respect of the power and strength of the Almighty God who is before us and who made us.’

The Bible states in summary in Luke 11:9-13 this… ‘What good father when his son asks for a fish, gives him a snake… or if his son asks for an egg, gives him a scorpion?’

On the flip side of this… we know that as good parents, our children will not ALWAYS receive everything they ask for… especially if we can’t afford it, or if it will do the kid damage, or if the kid is not ready/mature enough to receive it.

The God you serve is not poor and destitute (Good News!)… so He can afford anything, because He created everything (Right now I hear someone saying ‘duh’ right now). It is my personal belief, however, that He won’t give us our requests if they would be damaging to ourselves or others… or if we are NOT mature enough to receive what we ask for.

So next time you pray… try calling Him Father God (make it personal)… and remember that He is YOUR Father…and that He loves you and wants the best for you… and believe what that you have what you pray for.

I will post parts 2 and 3 on my blog at on Thursday and Friday… and trust me, you DON’T want to miss any of these posts!

Make sure you tune in to the blog and subscribe to the daily posts by e-mail so you don’t miss a single post. Until tomorrow, be blessed and walk in God’s abundance for your life today!

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Taking Authority Over Your Emotions (The Anger Prayer)

Emotions are an area that many Christians don’t understand. Because of this, Believers often allow their emotions to lead them. As a result, emotionally-led decisions take them on a course that is out of the will of God for their lives.

While God gave every human being emotions, it is critical that we get control over negative emotions and subject them to the Word of God. Make these daily confessions so that you can subject your feelings to God’s Word and make the right decisions:

Heavenly Father, thank You for giving me healthy emotions. I declare that negative emotions will not impact my decisions, neither will they dictate my responses to difficult circumstances.

I will submit my feelings to You in every situation that I encounter in life. You have given me authority over the power of the enemy, and I declare that nothing shall by any means hurt me, including people and situations that try to negatively influence my emotions.

When I feel overwhelmed by life, or troubled by negative emotions, like Jesus, I will pray and keep moving forward. I bind depression, anxiety, worry, fear, doubt, anger, rejection and any other negative emotion that tries to attack my mind. I possess power, love and a sound mind.

I thank You, Father, that I walk in peace, joy and the comfort of the Holy Ghost. I have the mind of Christ and my emotions are controlled by the Word of God. In Jesus’ name I pray. Amen.

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