Did You Know that You are a KING?

Did you know that regardless of who you are… or what station you are at in life… and no matter what line of work or business you’re in… do you know that you are a KING in God’s eyes?

Consider the following declaration to us:

“…and from Jesus Christ, the faithful witness, the firstborn from the dead, and the ruler over the kings of the earth… To Him who loved us and washed us from our sins in His own blood… and has made us KINGS and priests to His God and Father, to Him be glory and dominion forever and ever. Amen!” (Revelation 1:5, 6 – NKJV)

While it may be hard for some to grasp this notion of kingship, you are in fact ROYALTY on this earth… and you have certain unalienable rights that are granted to you from the King of kings, Jesus Christ! The Bible says in another place that you are a “…chosen person, a royal priesthood, a peculiar person to God! ” (1 Peter 2:9)

So what does it mean to be a king (or a queen – for you ladies out there reading this) under Christ Jesus?

It means that you are to walk, speak, and ACT like you have dominon, influence, and power over every aspect of your life. Anything that is a part of this earth… you have the authority to control (except people). You have the authority to do this by your King, who said, “Greater works than me shall you do!” (John 14:12)

When problems arise at your job or place of business… or perhaps in your finances… command them to act right. DO what you can do in your own power to solve the issues… and EXPECT God to honor the dominion that He has given you over the earth and complete what you cannot.

Have you EVER seen a broke or poor King? No, you haven’t… so why should you be broke, poor, or destitute if God has commanded you to be a King? Even if you don’t even have a nickel in your pocket… get it implanted in your mind and your spirit that you are WEALTHY, and the question for you won’t be ‘If I can ever get wealthy”… it’ll be ‘When I get wealthy!”

If you or your loved ones encounter sickness, disease, or accidents… no matter how life threatening it is… KNOW that you have dominion over it. Jesus walked around COMMANDING these things… and you can too, as long as you BELIEVE. Command sickness to bow down… command diseases to bow down… command ailments to bow down… command depression to bow down in the name that is above every name, JESUS.

Your emotions are subject to you. Any poor or negative attitudes are subject to you. Even addictions are SUBJECT to you! You tell them what to do… and not the other way around.

Remember this friend… you ARE a King, without any doubt… and there is no arguement about it. If you believe that Jesus is your Lord, and that God has raised him from the dead… you are a King. So this day, don’t walk with your head down, but hold it up high. Don’t walk in fear and anxiety… but walk in faith and excitement.

Why? Because this is the day the Lord has made for YOU… so start walking like you own some stuff and like your important!

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  • Greta

    Wow! This is powerful! I never looked at it this way. The interesting thing is that I work with removing emotional blockages from people so their bodies can become whole again.
    What i didn’t think of was that I could also command these blockages/diseases to go. So I will experiment. Will these blockages go right away, or in a short while? Will one command be sufficient?
    Thank you for bringing this forth Daniel. It is well put.

    Comment | June 5, 2009
  • Hi Greta,

    Powerful work that you do up there (removing emotional blockages). I am a SINCERE believer that many of the physical ailments we have as people are from ‘psycosomatic influences’… or the fact that our minds, thoughts, and emotions are having negative influences on us.

    What all do you do on your job?

    Anyways, its interesting that you should bring that up… if we look at the Word and what it says… we are to be in command over the things & have dominion on this earth (Genesis 1:26).

    I was reading an interesting verse today out of Acts 2 or 3 today… where Peter told the Jews after him and John helped a lame man become well again… that the reason why this guy was healed was because of:

    (1) The name of Jesus
    (2) Faith in Jesus

    I believe the MORE faith we have… the stronger results.

    In your case… I would tell you that there is no set formula (pray once, pray twice — and you’ll get results)… I would say to you to KEEP praying in the name of Jesus and believing UNTIL you see the results that you want.

    Also, I would say to read as many things on faith and healing as you can (Oral Roberts, Smith Wigglesworth, Kenneth Copeland, John G. Lake)… all these people’s ministries will BOOST up your faith



    Comment | June 5, 2009
  • Greta

    So if a person does not become healed when they believe and have faith, and have asked for this healing in the name of Jesus, how then does one interpret the scripture?

    It is a paradox in that we are told, that with the prerequisite belief,we can command the disease, etc to bow down, and THEN, having believed it, (because I do) it does not happen??? ………….. Jesus’ healings were instantaneous, and according to “Greater works than me shall you do!” (John 14:12) our/my healings should be so too.

    My belief is, there is nothing in the body that cannot be healed, and I have always worked enthusiastically with that belief.

    I have never presumed to heal on my own, I have always asked God to heal through my hands, but when I spend hours on a person and still they come back for more, and they are back with the same problem, having felt better for awhile, oh yes they do, for no-one else does what I do……… you see, I want them to be healed (one time) and carry on with their lives! I believe this can happen! So why do I not see the results in them like I know I ought to?

    I actually have not claimed John 14:12, I would never have presumed I could do “greater works than Jesus” that would have been a sacrilegious thought until I “read” that verse again yesterday. Can I really do greater work than the Master?

    Working on the premise of doing greater work than my Master, would change the face of my work, because I would then only work with people who believe they can get well, and not waste my energy and my time.

    I only do my Touch for Health work (greta’s version) because I love to see people get well, but I have lost interest in it, for a variety of reasons.

    Although I have literally seen miracles happen on my table when emotional blockages were lifted, only to see these miracles reversed when they could not let that blockage go.

    So I conducted an experiment on myself yesterday, Daniel, I commanded the “result of an injury” to bow down, and fully expected it to be instantaneous, and nothing happened. Still nada this morning.

    According to “Greater works than me shall you do!” (John 14:12), what’s going on? Why is it not instantaneous? How long do I wait? Sure I can keep praying, but if I take that verse literally, as I do, the healing ought to have happened right away. So how can I teach that scripture to anyone else, when it does not manifest as promised in the scriptures?

    This is a very deep subject and not possible for a short discussion. (as I get quite passionate about this):) Ya think?

    Nevertheless, it has been good food for thought and I know it is part of the direction my walk is taking me.

    I will continue to ponder and challenge this, as this is right where I am in life.

    Bless you my friend,

    Comment | June 6, 2009
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