Does the Bible Have the Answer to EVERY Question in the World?

Is it right for me to smoke, drink, play cards -- especially when it's not addressed in the Bible?

Happy Monday to you… you AWESOME man or woman of God… I hope you enjoyed your weekend!

Here is YOUR scripture of the day from the abundant Word of God:

“Stop listening to instruction, my son… and you will stray from the words of knowledge.” (Proverbs 19:27)

More than once in my life, people in one form or another have asked me this question: “What does the Bible say about such issues… such as gambling, drinking, smoking cigarettes, etc.”

There are SO many questions that we have in this world… and obviously you cannot DIRECTLY find the answer to every single question in the Bible.

Obviously, we know with a 100% certainty that we shouldn’t murder people… we shouldn’t steal… we shouldn’t commit adultery… we know we should NOT get drunk… we know that Jesus is the way to eternal life, etc. The Bible DIRECTLY answers those questions.

But I do believe that the Bible INDIRECTLY gives us instruction, wisdom, and a line of thinking that we can use in EVERY aspect of our lives. I believe the Bible can ALWAYS indirectly answer ALL of our questions that we have.

When it comes down to it… when we are faced with an issue, a problem, or a decision… that the Bible doesn’t address directly, we need to remember that we need to walk in love… as this was Jesus’ commandment.

Based on this commandment of love (which does no evil or harm to anyone)… ask yourself these 3 questions:

(1) Will my actions/decisions harm myself or someone else spiritually, physically, or emotionally?
(2) Will my actions/decisions cause shame or disrespect to myself or someone else?
(3) If Jesus was walking on this earth in 2009… what would he do if He were in my shoes?

If you can pass by this 3-point check on your decision… and aren’t harming or shaming anyone… then I believe in MOST cases, you can go ahead and make the decision that you need to make.

DISCLAIMER: When we are faced with MAJOR issues that the Bible doesn’t address… we must ALWAYS remember to pray first. When you actively seek God for an answer… He will speak to you if you diligently seek Him out for an answer.

Be wise and walk in God’s instruction friend. Let me know what you think about this post, by writing your comments down below!

Until tomorrow, be blessed… and walk in God’s abundance today!

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  • Jasper

    Great point Daniel. There are a lot of things that the Bible doesn’t address that we encounter daily and the 3 questions you brought up especially, “If Jesus was walking on this earth in 2009… what would he do if He were in my shoes?” are very important in helping us to make the right decisions.

    I don’t think God wants us to be perfect people and quite frankly mankind messed that up when Adam and Eve sinned.

    I believe God wants us to listen to his spirit for guidance. If you can walk in Love while doing what your contemplating then I don’t think it’s a sin b/c the greatest command of all is LOVE.

    So when someone is smoking are they walking in love? Probably not with all the 2nd hand smoke which is more harmful to non smokers. But on a more serious note, the litmus test is LOVE and WWJD.

    Comment | June 29, 2009
  • I personally think that there is NOTHING that we faced today that God hasn’t given us the directions to face. I once heard someone say that he didn’t worry about the don’ts in the bible “I’m so busy doing the do’s that I don’t have time for the don’ts anyway.”

    Focus on doing the things that God has told you to do. Build a personal and intimate relationship with the Father. The questions will be answered if you take these two steps!

    Comment | July 1, 2009

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