When in God… You Have NO Choice But to Succeed!!

“When in God, you have NO choice but to Succeed… you have NO choice but to be a Champion… and you have NO choice but to Overcome!”

Last week… I had a dip in business, and got a bit unmotivated… so to encourage myself, I wrote 4 sentences on one of the whiteboards that are in my office.

These messages were more like declarations and statements of faith for me… and were so AWESOME, that I signed & dated the board underneath the messages (to hold myself accountable to it), and so did three other business professionals who were in my office at the time I wrote that message (a lawyer, an insurance broker, and another pastor).

This was what I wrote:

I Have NO choice but to be SUCCEED!
I Have NO choice but to be a CHAMPION!
I Have NO choice but to OVERCOME!
I Have NO choice but to be WEALTHY!

You see my friend… everyday that we are blessed to live life… we are bombarded on a daily basis with choices that need to be made. Some choices we make will be for our good… and obviously, other choices that are made will not be for our good (that’s a nice way of me saying some choices we make will suck!)

Since we are not God, we do not have control of EVERY single situation that takes place in our lives… (now that’d be great if we did, wouldn’t it?)

But we do have the ability to have control over our MINDSET and MANY of the situations that affect us.

That’s right!! Just like if you’re getting served food on a cafeteria or a buffet line… and the server offers you something you don’t like… you have the authority to refuse that certain food item, don’t you?

The same is true with many of the choices that are set before us. We have the AUTHORITY to say NO, by choices will not include failing. You have the authority to say NO, my choices do not include bankruptcy. You have the authority to say NO, my choices do not include divorce.

Whatever the situation is, you control what items will go on your plate. If you have been following this blog for anytime, you know that one of my personal favorite Scriptures is this:

“You shall declare a thing, and it WILL BE established… and the light of God shall shine down on ALL your ways!” (Job 22:28)

Now, everyday that I enter into that office and look at those statements of faith… I am encouraged to think positively… and know that my choices are limited to only positive choices.

The ball is in your court. Choose this day whether failure, misery, and pain are choices that you want on your platter… or live life ABUNDANTLY, and only leave room for success, joy, and love on your platter.

I personally believe in the POWER of declaration so much, that I am naming my 1st boy who will be here in about 6 weeks… Malachi Champion Wiafe.

Do you think in life, he’s going to really ever doubt he’s anything but a champ? No, I don’t think so either.

My challenge to you is to write your own Statements of Faith… and follow them for at least 30-Days… and let me know how much it has affected your life at the end of that 30-days.

Be blessed in all that you do… and walk in God’s abundance today!

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