When (and not if) the Attacks Come… What Do You Do?

Did you know that there are some people out there who believe that just because they are a part of the Kingdom of God… that they are TOTALLY exempt from hardships and attacks from the enemy?

Hopefully you’re not one of those people — and while we definitely strive to have our good days, and I 110% believe in the fact that God blesses His children… I do know that at times in our lives we WILL be attacked by the enemy and harassed.

I believe it is a testing and a strenghtening of our faith when these persecutions and attacks come… because even Job, who was arguably the most blessed and wealthiest man of his time, lost everything he had! He lost his children, his servants, his riches, his homes, and even his good health!  (Job, Chapters 1 through 2)

Job had a natural reason to get angry with God. After all, he dedicated himself to the Lord… served Him… praised Him… was good to his family. Job was a top-notch character… and YET, God allowed the enemy to wreak havoc in this man’s life.

So when the enemy attacks… what do we do? What do we say? Where do we run to?

Although I don’t think that that answer can be covered by one blog post… my friend Kathryn Lang of Proverbs31 Life wrote some good basic steps for us to follow on her blog, when the enemy sticks his ugly head in to attack us:

Surviving an Attack by the Enemy

1. Now the battle plan. Digging into the Word and spending time with God EVERY DAY is the only way to understand His purpose and His plan and to continue to walk in it no matter what you might face.

2. Stay focused. Drawing a straight line from point A to point B can only be accomplished it you stay focused on where you are going. Do not turn to the left or to the right but look straight on.

3. Use your words. The enemy will try to use words to destroy but you can use words to build up. Speak positive things over your life and over the situation.

4. Remember the ending. It is easy to get caught up in this world and to lose track of the ultimate end and where we will be “tomorrow.”

5. Remember the point. We are ambassadors to this world and not residents of this world. Everything that we do and everything that we have is for the furthering of our ambassadorships.

What do you think about the action steps? Do you have other steps that you do whenever the enemy attacks your life? Let us know and write them in the comments section!

Until tomorrow, be blessed… and walk in God’s total abundance for your life today!

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