The Choice is Always Yours!

One thing that affects many people in this world is this fact: When things go wrong or awry in MOST people’s life…. many of us have the tendency to “point the finger”, and blame somebody else.

Think about about… have you ever blamed a teacher for getting a bad grade in school… when it was really your fault, because you didn’t study hard enough?

Have you ever blamed other people, for your bad attitude… or perhaps for a mistake that was TOTALLY your fault… when you VERY well know you have control over your own actions and emotions?

Have you ever blamed a merchant or the bank for a bounced check… or a overdraft on a debit card purchase… when it was really your fault, because you spent more money than was in your checking account?

If any of these things has ever happened to you… don’t get mad or ashamed… because they have ALL happened to me!

As positive, abundant people, who grow better on a daily basis… we must learn to take RESPONSIBILITY for our own actions. Although things, the environment, the people that are around us may make things difficult… in the end, whether we win or lose, succeed or fail… is all in our hands.

This day my friend, please understand that the choice is ALWAYS yours! Whether you choose to win or lose, whether you chooce to succeed or fail… the ball is ALWAYS in your court… you are ALWAYS in control.

Make the VERY best of every situation that you face in life… and accept responsibility for the good or the bad choices you make. But whatever happens in the end… know that YOU are the Master of the choices that you make.

Be blessed and have a GREAT weekend!

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Bad Attitude is a Choice

We all face times in our lives… when certain people, or problems, or situations rub us the wrong way and we “go there”…  meaning specifically, we get a bad attitude.

Sometimes even in moments when we feel like things are out of our hands, or we’re confused… we can jump into a BAD attitude.

When we get a bad attitude, it shows. Your whole demanor can change, you are short with your words, you are easy to vex… pretty much, it’s NOT a very becoming snapshot of you.

But whatever the cause of your bad attitude is, please remember two (2) things…

(1) Having a Bad Attitude (or Good Attitude) is YOUR Choice

We are masters of our own emotion, so never feel that just because you are “hot under the collar”, that there is no way you can be in control of your emotions.

Next time you get irate and mad… try breathing in and out deeply, counting to ten, removing yourself from the stressful situation, and even writing and journaling about the reason why you are mad.

Silly as it sounds, they work!

(2) You Don’t Have to Keep a Bad Attitude

Just like if a person buys you a pair of shoes that are too big… or if a shirt that doesn’t fit, as long as you don’t claim it (by removing the tags or using it to the point where it is non-returnable)… you can return that piece of merchandise that does not fit, by having the receipt.

The same is true with a Bad Attitude… that is a “gift” that comes from the enemy. You have a paper receipt (the promises in the Word of God)… that allows you to return this “bad gift” right back to the store where it was bought!

Until NEXT time, be positive, have a good attitude, and walk in God’s blessings today!

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Written by Daniel Wiafe in: Attitude,Encouragement | Tags: , , , ,

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