When Your Time Comes – Jump on It!

Congratulations on presidential elect, Barack Obama, for his historic, huge run and win that he made… in traveling down that long road to the White House this past Tuesday, November 4, 2008.

Whether you were an Obama-mama… or a McCain-ite… or just plain didn’t care who won (highly unlikely)… it was incredible seeing the reactions of people all across the nation, as well as the world celebrate his victory.

The one thing I especially noticed were the tearful and emotional reactions of many of the older, black men and women who were a part of the civil rights era… and marched with Dr. King.

Their reactions were all virtually the same: “Never could I have ever imagined in my lifetime… that an African-American person would have even the slightest possibility… of ascending the steps to the White House”.

In fact, Obama’s victory lead many people, pundits, news reporters, media outlets, and Joe the Plumbers to wonder… how did he [Obama] do it? How did he beat out the popular and strong Clinton brand? How did he win his 1st primary victory in Iowa (a state that has less than a 6% black population)?

How did he beat out a war veteran, with 20+ years of Senate experience, who has served his country for over 40 years? How did he raise almost three-quarters of a BILLION dollars for his campaigns and ads in less than 2 years and crush everyone else with this MASSIVE fundraising?

Without getting too political myself… or getting to deep into it, I think Scripture has a slight inkling on how this 47-year-old, junior senator from Chicago did it… and also on how this phenomenom can apply to us:

“I have seen something else under the sun:
The race is not to the swift
or the battle to the strong,
nor does food come to the wise
or wealth to the brilliant
or favor to the learned;

– Ecclessiastes 9:11

What God’s Abundant Word is saying to us is this: We can have all the physical talents, or the money, or the support from people, or gifts that God has blessed us with… but it doesn’t mean we’re going to be #1 JUST because of that.

The last sentence declares, “Time and chance happen to them all”… meaning that there are TIMES when the environment around us is so ripe and sweet around us… that we have almost no choice, but to pick of it’s fruit and eat it… when these CHANCE event present themselves to us.

In Obama’s case (IMHO), 2008 represented a year where he almost had no choice, but TO win, because the environment and the chance presented to him, was just to ripe for him to win.

Consider this:

The economy was in shambles and in the worst shape since the Great Depression, the Republican party was in a virtual mess, foreclosures are at an all-time high, there are two wars being fought (one of which is HIGHLY unpopular), and a current President who some (not all) view as the Worst President of All Times.


Obama came in offering the assets and talents he did have: a “Change” message, a new face, polished oratory skills, calm demanor, and charisma… true enough, but without the environment being “ripe for the picking” and these chance events happening, his historic win may have been VERY unlikely.

Obama’s TIME and CHANCE for the presidency came… and instead of not making a move, he took the initiative… jumped on it, grabbed the bull around the horns, and ran with it!

I believe we can all learn something from Obama. At various times in our lives, opportunity just seems to present itself to us. Sometimes, it seems to just drop in our lap like a gift from heaven.

Have you ever looked back over your life and thought, “You know, I wish I had done ________ when I had the opportunity to do it”… or “I wish I had gone after __________ back in the day.”

We all have missed out on Time and Chances when they have presented themselves to us… every single one of us. While we can’t do anything about the past (unless your name is Michael J. Fox and you have a time-traveling DeLorean)… you can put yourself in a position where you can JUMP on opportunity as it presents itself in the future.

When opportunity happens to you next time in the future (which it will), don’t be afraid or fearful about it. Don’t hurt yourself, by saying, “I’m not smart enough”… or “I don’t have enough qualifications for this position.” or “I don’t really deserve this”.

Don’t hurt yourself by not making a move on the opportunity as it presents itself. If it is something great that happens to present itself to you… and you truly desire it and you have a peace with it, GO FOR IT!

Think about of us, and don’t rush into it, but don’t wait too long… because that opportunistic moment of chance that has been blessed to you can just as easily pass you by, and move to the next person who is ready to jump on it.

Have a awesome Friday, and a blessed weekend… and until Monday, walk in God’s Abundance for your life, today!

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