Sometimes the BIGGEST Winners are the Best Losers

Sometimes the BIGGEST Winners in Life... have come from being the Biggest Losers at one point!

Sometimes the BIGGEST Winners in Life... have come from being the Biggest Losers at one point!

Did you know that some of history’s BIGGEST winners… were also some of the BIGGEST losers in history as well?

…and no, I am not talking about the reality show, the Biggest Losers… where the contestants try & lose as much weight as possible!

Really… some of the most successful people of ALL time, have had mile after mile of defeat and loss… and probably should have given up while they were ahead, but they refused to.

Colonel Harlan D. Sanders REFUSED to quit, when at the tender, young age of 65… he left his home in Kentucky with a recipe for some tasty, fried chicken… and was rejected by over 1,000 restaurants. He finally succeeded on his 1,009th sales visit.

Thomas A. Edison
REFUSED to quit… when he finally found the right filament to use in lighting up the light bulb… only after finding 10,000 filaments that DID NOT work in a light bulb.

Soichiro Honda of Japan REFUSED to quit… when he took his idea for a new piston ring to the executives of Toyota and they laughed him out of their offices.

He refused to quit after World War II devasted Japan… and forced the Japanese to have to depend on walking or bicycles… and Soichiro created the first motorbike, and then went on to create one of the most successful automobile brands in the whole world — Honda!

Jesus Christ of Nazareth REFUSED to quit when his closest friends abandoned Him, or when He was beat beyond recognition, stripped naked, and pinned to a cross between two thieves… and mocked! He refused to quit when He breathed his last breath… and spent 3 days in the bowels of hell.

…and in the end He rose up in power so that, “At the name of Jesus… EVERY knee will bow in heaven, earth, and under earth!” (Phillipians 2:8-10)

We will not always win in life… but if we accept our losses and defeats… and use the knowledge that we learn from those losses to help make us better… we can literally PROPEL ourselves into successful winners!

As long as you learn to do something better… become more efficient… become a better person… or become stronger from a defeat that you have endured, I believe you should celebrate that defeat, because it is bringing you one step closer to your victory!

Be blessed today… and walk in God’s abundance for your life today!

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