You are What You Eat

You are what you eat!

You are what you eat!

This week, I was reminded of how important it is to stay committed to the Word of God. In my busy work life and day-to-day activities… I neglected to get into my Word and into my daily prayer, and actually felt the negative effects of it ALL week long.

You see, the Bible tells us in Psalms 34:8, “O taste and see that the LORD is good; How blessed is the man who takes refuge in Him!”

So how do you taste the Lord? Do you actually take a bite out of Him? Is he sweet to the physical taste… or does He taste just like chicken?

No silly… you don’t taste him with your physical senses, but you do allow that spiritual side that is on the inside of us all… to taste, and feel, and connect to the goodness & the abundant peace that comes through Christ Jesus.

…and not only do you taste, but you “consume” the Lord and let him fill you up… just like you would do if you came in from working a hard, 12-hour shift at your job… and you came back home famished… had a 5-course meal that was prepared for you by your spouse… and promptly began to make short work of it, devour it, and allow it to fill up your stomach!

How do you consume the Lord, one might ask?

One way is to simply get into His word to learn more about Him and yourself. People would be surprised, but as you begin to read AND understand the Scriptures, you begin to learn it is NOT a book of “fables” and “stories”, but its real and relevant… and you begin to see yourself in it, and how you can make yourself into a BETTER man or woman by applying the time-tested principles that are in the Bible.

I personally have a One-Year New Testament Bible that has Scriptures broken down each day into New Testament, Proverbs, and Psalms… and can be read in about 5 minutes a day. During my business day, I also saturate myself with good Gospel music and Bible teachings (iTunes are great!)

A second way is to get into a daily prayer with God. People really make prayer VERY difficult, when its not supposed to be difficult, and never was! What prayer is when it comes down to it, is a dialogue between you and your Heavenly Father. Not only do you speak to God, but you stay silent and allow Him to speak back to you too.

After all, would you want to be in a conversation with a person… and they NEVER allow you to get a word in? We’ve all met people like that before, haven’t we?

Well, the same is true for God — allow Him to speak back into your spirit. Just speaking for myself I know when I take the time to pray… I’m doing so because I’m expecting answers and results.

There are many ways to pray to God… but one method that I like that works very well is the ACTS method.

A = Adoration
C = Confession
T = Thanksgiving
S = Supplication

You begin by getting into a quiet place and ADORING him, which means you begin to praise Him for who He is, for His goodness, for His faithfulness to you, for sustaining you, for keeping your family safe, for blessing you with good health, for fearfully & wonderfully creating you, etc.

You continue to go into CONFESSION… meaning you ask him to forgive you for any sins you have committed… and ask Him to give you the strength to overcome any weaknesses you may have in your life (ex. lust, anger, unforgiveness, bitterness, laziness, greed, etc.)

Move on into THANKING God for what He has already blessed you with. So many times, we get so wrapped up on what we feel God has not done… that we ignore the awesome deeds that he HAS done for us.

You finish off by SUPPLICATION (intercession)… in which you ask Him to meet your needs and your loved one’s needs. I personally thank Him in expectancy of answered prayers during this time. I thank Him for the health of my family, the peace in my home, for opening up increased & abundant wealth in my business, and EVEN to have a good day!

Whatever methods you use to “taste the Lord” on a daily basis… please just make sure that you keep it consistent. Give yourself a 10-15 minute portion out of the day… that you can devote to God’s Word and prayer… and try it out for the next 30 days.

It will change your life… trust me!

Be blessed and walk in God’s abundance today.

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