What is the PURPOSE of Life? (The $10,000 Question!)

What is the Purpose of Life... and Can We Find Some Type of Instructions on How to Live?

What is the Purpose of Life... and Can We Find Some Type of Instructions on How to Live?

Whenever you buy or get something expensive in life… whether it is a new car, a entertainment stand you have to put together, or anything valuable… one of the FIRST things you typically do is READ the instructions that the manufacturer gives you. (unless you’re a true alpha male like your’s truly & don’t need instructions – LOL!)

In some cases, instructions give you a way to build something in the shortest amount of time…  and in other cases instructions tell you how to use something correctly, so it won’t BREAK down on you.

Instructions help us to figure out the complicated… and to build or use the unknown… so that we are not confused, lost, bewildered, and puzzled… because we know EXACTLY what to do!

I believe the same is true with this life that we live. There are MANY brothers and sisters in Christ out there who are lost in life… they are depressed by circumstances around them… they are puzzled at why they have not gone further in life… they are confused at why life is SO unfulfilling for them.

Why are many people like this leading “meaningless” existences in their own eyes…? I believe it is because they lack PURPOSE.

If you do not know what your purpose in life is (from the manufacter’s point of view)… then you are like a huge ship that is launched from a harbor without any navigation or compasses. Sooner or later, a ship like that will either (1) wander around aimlessly and NEVER reach it’s destination… or (2) crash into something.

Too many of us are wandering around this life without a compass… and we are wandering around aimlessly in life… and perhaps we are crashing and colliding into painful objects along the way.

But what if I were to tell you that there is a map that we can follow in life? What if I were to tell you there are instructions that we can receive that will lead us into our purpose?

When God (our manufacterer) originally created Adam and Eve (Genesis 1:26)… He BLESSED them… and said that they were GOOD… and He created them with 4 main purposes in life. You ready to hear what those purposes were?

(1) You are created in God’s image to have RELATIONSHIP and walk with Him. (Gen. 1:26, Gen. 3:8)
(2) You are created to have DOMINION & authority over the earth. (Gen. 1:26)
(3) You are created to WORK (Gen. 2:15)
(4) You are created to have FELLOWSHIP with people. (Gen. 2:18-21)

If you understand these purposes… life WILL be fulfilling. And don’t get scared at the WORK part. It is important for men and women to do meaningful work that they enjoy… and not be confined to soul-killing jobs that they hate!

Let me know what you think with your comments… and until next time, be blessed and walk in God’s abundance today!

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Did You Know that You are a KING?

Did you know that regardless of who you are… or what station you are at in life… and no matter what line of work or business you’re in… do you know that you are a KING in God’s eyes?

Consider the following declaration to us:

“…and from Jesus Christ, the faithful witness, the firstborn from the dead, and the ruler over the kings of the earth… To Him who loved us and washed us from our sins in His own blood… and has made us KINGS and priests to His God and Father, to Him be glory and dominion forever and ever. Amen!” (Revelation 1:5, 6 – NKJV)

While it may be hard for some to grasp this notion of kingship, you are in fact ROYALTY on this earth… and you have certain unalienable rights that are granted to you from the King of kings, Jesus Christ! The Bible says in another place that you are a “…chosen person, a royal priesthood, a peculiar person to God! ” (1 Peter 2:9)

So what does it mean to be a king (or a queen – for you ladies out there reading this) under Christ Jesus?

It means that you are to walk, speak, and ACT like you have dominon, influence, and power over every aspect of your life. Anything that is a part of this earth… you have the authority to control (except people). You have the authority to do this by your King, who said, “Greater works than me shall you do!” (John 14:12)

When problems arise at your job or place of business… or perhaps in your finances… command them to act right. DO what you can do in your own power to solve the issues… and EXPECT God to honor the dominion that He has given you over the earth and complete what you cannot.

Have you EVER seen a broke or poor King? No, you haven’t… so why should you be broke, poor, or destitute if God has commanded you to be a King? Even if you don’t even have a nickel in your pocket… get it implanted in your mind and your spirit that you are WEALTHY, and the question for you won’t be ‘If I can ever get wealthy”… it’ll be ‘When I get wealthy!”

If you or your loved ones encounter sickness, disease, or accidents… no matter how life threatening it is… KNOW that you have dominion over it. Jesus walked around COMMANDING these things… and you can too, as long as you BELIEVE. Command sickness to bow down… command diseases to bow down… command ailments to bow down… command depression to bow down in the name that is above every name, JESUS.

Your emotions are subject to you. Any poor or negative attitudes are subject to you. Even addictions are SUBJECT to you! You tell them what to do… and not the other way around.

Remember this friend… you ARE a King, without any doubt… and there is no arguement about it. If you believe that Jesus is your Lord, and that God has raised him from the dead… you are a King. So this day, don’t walk with your head down, but hold it up high. Don’t walk in fear and anxiety… but walk in faith and excitement.

Why? Because this is the day the Lord has made for YOU… so start walking like you own some stuff and like your important!

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What Do You See When You Look in the Mirror? – Part 2

So a couple days ago, we were talking about Part 1 of ‘What Do You See When You Look in the Mirror’.

Basically, the question I asked you and the whole gist of it was this:

What kind of image of yourself do you see… when you look in the mirror? Not what do you physically see about yourself on the outside… but what do you see about yourself on the INSIDE with your well, put-together self!?

To read that previous blog post, click here.

In order for us to know what we should look like, what we should act like, and MOST importantly… what is our purpose on this earth, we must look to see what kind of character God has, and when we find that answer… we will know who we TRULY are.

Kinda deep, huh?

Because, let’s face it. There are many people out there today in different classes, stations of life, people who have a lot of money… and people who are broke, people who are healthy as a horse… and people who look like they got kicked by a horse… etc.

But no matter how successful (or unsuccessful) we are or think we are in life… unless we know what our purpose is in life… we are lost. That IMHO is why I believe so many people commit suicide each day, and why people stay in dead-end jobs all their lives, and why many people stay in unhealthy relationships with others.

Simply put, I’ll venture out and say we don’t know who we TRULY are.

The points I want to get across come from Genesis 1:26, 27 and this is what God blessed every man, woman, and child with upon their birth. Whether you believe in the Bible or not, it’s as real and as sturdy as the law of gravity.

It’s His 3-point promise to us… and you can look at it as your spiritual ‘Bill of Rights’, because He has created us all as equal, with certain unalienable rights.

1) God has created you in His image and likeness – meaning the things He does and the character He has is within you.
2) God has created you to have dominion – meaning you are in charge and you have the right to be in charge over things such as your money, job, emotions, health… rather than those things having charge over you.
3) God has created both males and females (mankind) in His image – meaning that the female sex has the same right to walk in God’s blessing as the male sex.

When we look at God our Heavenly Father, there are many attributes we can see in Him, through looking at what He says about Himself in His Word… and from simply just observing nature with our very own eyes.

He always keeps His promise. When He speaks something, He believes that the words He speak will come into existence. He is love. He forgives at the drop of a hat. He is angered by injustice. He is a provider for His children. He sticks closer to us than a brother. He owns the cattle, silver, and wealth on a 1,000 hills. If someone is sick, He speaks a word and they become healed…

Can y’all believe that? And that’s just a few character qualities about God that come from just the Bible.

When we look at nature around us, we can see His goodness all around us from how He causes the earth to spin at a perfect axis & tilt around the sun, so we are neither frozen… or burnt into oblivion… to how the four seasons come and go in a timely fashion like clockwork, year after year. That means He is also a God of perfection and high quality.

All these traits are a small part of God’s image and His nature that we all have inside of us:

When you speak something, keep your promise. Believe that the very words you speak will come into existence, no matter how crazy it may sound. Believe that you are love… and that by loving others (showing charity to them), you are fulfilling God’s command. Forgive the person who did you wrong back in the day, and don’t try to get even… but let it go. You are man or woman made in perfection and are high quality… because God didn’t create junk, nor was He having a bad day when He created you!

God has created you to have dominion (defined as ‘Power and influence given to one through a legal authority’). God is your legal authority, and has given you power and influence.

Okay, so I have dominion, power, and influence over what?

Over everything He created on this earth. You have dominion over your emotions… meaning that anger, fear, depression does NOT have any right to envelope you and take control over your life.

You have dominion over your finances… meaning that dollars are printed from sawdust, which is made from trees, which God created. Money (or the lack of it, or the love of it) should NOT have dominion over you.

You have dominion over tangible things that you can touch, see, or smell… meaning that alcohol, drugs, food, cars, automobiles, houses, clothes, jewelry should not have dominion over you.

You have dominion over your future… meaning there is nothing you can do about your past, but your future looks bright and sunny, and the choices that you make today (be they good or bad) will directly influence your tomorrow. People do not not have dominion over you, so don’t allow people to make decisions about your life for you… do it for yourself!

God has blessed us all… men and women alike… with all these rights for a reason… because He is our Father and loves us, and wants us to have the best. All you who are mothers and fathers currently know what I am talking about… you want the best for your kids.

So when you look at the mirror tomorrow morning, start looking at yourself as a winner and as one having the right to walk with their head up high, because you are awesome and highly favored, baby!

Encourage yourself and others… and until tomorrow… walk in God’s rich abundance, today!

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