Why Does God ALLOW Evil to Happen in this World

“Why does God allow evil to happen in this world that we live in?”

Pretty deep question, huh?

Although it is a pretty deep, thick, and NASTY subject… it’s still a topic that most of us (if we’re honest about it) have thought about at some point in our lives.

If God created everything… and everything He created He called GOOD (read Genesis 1)… then everything includes evil… so would it be right for us to say that perhaps God was mistaken, or even that God “created” evil?

If God is so big and bad and controls everything… why is there evil present in this world? Why are there wars raging all across this globe? Why do people starve to death in 3rd world countries? Why do some of our loved ones die at an early age? Why did I lose my whole paycheck at the casino on Friday night, and now I can’t pay my rent?

Okay that last one was supposed to make you laugh… but I guess if that really happened to you, it’s not TOO funny, is it…?

But on a serious note, I started thinking about this topic after I went out to eat last week with some good friends. One friend brought up the subject of Adolf Hitler, and asked me if I thought it was possible for Jesus to forgive such an evil man who slaughtered 6+ million innocent people. (If you want my answer to his question… message me)

That lead me to think further about WHY evil is here. Some people I have spoken with have told me, “If God is so almighty, why doesn’t He remove evil from this world… or why doesn’t He erase all notion of evil from our mindsets and our hearts”.

The answer to this DEEP question of why there is evil in this world is very SIMPLE indeed. I am only a 29-year-old guy, so I won’t (and can’t) claim to know everything in this world… but I can say that I am quite certain I know the answer to this age-old question.

CHOICE. Choices and the FREE WILL that determines our choices is a thing we all possess as human beings and as God’s creation… and it is the CHIEF reason for the evil that plagues our world and our nation today.

God created the world, universe, stars, galaxies, mountains, oceans, and the air that we breathe. God even created all us little, ole human beings, angels, and even the devil a.k.a. Lucifer. Everything He created WAS good, including Lucifer.

God ALSO created us all with free will and choice. The reason He did this is simple: So that we can all independently make the CHOICE to serve and love God. If we were forced to love God (because we didn’t have a choice to)… then we would be nothing more than robots and machines.

Think about it. When you start your car in the morning… as long as it isn’t a beater or a piece of junk, doesn’t it always start when you turn the ignition with your key? When you flip a light switch on… doesn’t the light bulb always turn on? When you hit the power button on your computer… doesn’t it always come on?

Why does this happen? Because machines have no choice in the matter… and they are FORCED to do whatever you want. You, my friend, are NOT a machine. You are a fearfully and wonderfully created child of God… who was CREATED to LOVE God and people by your own choice… and ONLY by your choice!

If there is NO choice, there is NO love… and the ONLY reason why God created us, were to be expressions of His love because God is Love (1 John 4:16). You and the other 7 billion people on this earth can choose to either love Him and each other… hate God and therefore be wicked, cruel, and evil towards others… or make a choice to ignore God.

Whatever decision you make… it is ALWAYS your choice, and yours only.

We have to learn that many times in life… the cruel things that go down in this world are because of other people’s selfish actions (or inactions) and sometimes, innocent bystanders get hurt or even die because of these wicked choices.

We have to understand, that life is NOT fair… and some people (just being real) only get handed half-a-deck of cards to play with in this life… and others are “blessed” to get a full deck. How you play the cards that you are dealt in life… is up to you.

We have to know that God is all knowing and all supreme. Sometimes natural disasters happen (such as the massive tsunami years ago that killed 300,000+ people)… and sometimes the innocent die for apparently no reason (ex. a 3-month old baby dying of SIDS).

Nobody knows the answers for why some of these things happen… but all I know is that God is still in control, He still knows best, and He is still God. Even if my closest loved ones were to be taken away from me… I will still worship the Lord, my God!

Some people choose to say God is not real, when their loved ones die… and all I can say is that God is still real, no matter what. Just because tens of thousands of people die in car wrecks each year… will that make you say cars are “not real” and stop you from driving your car to work?

Just because some people die when they are worked on by a surgeon… will that make you say surgeons are “not real” and not go to one if your appendix is swelling and about to rupture?

So, how dare any of us say that God is NOT real… when things don’t always 100% go our own way. We all have at most 80-100 years on this earth anyways, and the fact is this: We will all die someday… and some of us will die a little early. Whenever we go… or our loved ones, remember… God is STILL in control!

Let me know what you think in the comments section (if you’re on the blog) or on the discussion board (on Facebook). Be blessed and walk in God’s abundance today.

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