What is the PURPOSE of Life? (The $10,000 Question!)

What is the Purpose of Life... and Can We Find Some Type of Instructions on How to Live?

What is the Purpose of Life... and Can We Find Some Type of Instructions on How to Live?

Whenever you buy or get something expensive in life… whether it is a new car, a entertainment stand you have to put together, or anything valuable… one of the FIRST things you typically do is READ the instructions that the manufacturer gives you. (unless you’re a true alpha male like your’s truly & don’t need instructions – LOL!)

In some cases, instructions give you a way to build something in the shortest amount of time…  and in other cases instructions tell you how to use something correctly, so it won’t BREAK down on you.

Instructions help us to figure out the complicated… and to build or use the unknown… so that we are not confused, lost, bewildered, and puzzled… because we know EXACTLY what to do!

I believe the same is true with this life that we live. There are MANY brothers and sisters in Christ out there who are lost in life… they are depressed by circumstances around them… they are puzzled at why they have not gone further in life… they are confused at why life is SO unfulfilling for them.

Why are many people like this leading “meaningless” existences in their own eyes…? I believe it is because they lack PURPOSE.

If you do not know what your purpose in life is (from the manufacter’s point of view)… then you are like a huge ship that is launched from a harbor without any navigation or compasses. Sooner or later, a ship like that will either (1) wander around aimlessly and NEVER reach it’s destination… or (2) crash into something.

Too many of us are wandering around this life without a compass… and we are wandering around aimlessly in life… and perhaps we are crashing and colliding into painful objects along the way.

But what if I were to tell you that there is a map that we can follow in life? What if I were to tell you there are instructions that we can receive that will lead us into our purpose?

When God (our manufacterer) originally created Adam and Eve (Genesis 1:26)… He BLESSED them… and said that they were GOOD… and He created them with 4 main purposes in life. You ready to hear what those purposes were?

(1) You are created in God’s image to have RELATIONSHIP and walk with Him. (Gen. 1:26, Gen. 3:8)
(2) You are created to have DOMINION & authority over the earth. (Gen. 1:26)
(3) You are created to WORK (Gen. 2:15)
(4) You are created to have FELLOWSHIP with people. (Gen. 2:18-21)

If you understand these purposes… life WILL be fulfilling. And don’t get scared at the WORK part. It is important for men and women to do meaningful work that they enjoy… and not be confined to soul-killing jobs that they hate!

Let me know what you think with your comments… and until next time, be blessed and walk in God’s abundance today!

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Why Does God ALLOW Evil to Happen in this World

“Why does God allow evil to happen in this world that we live in?”

Pretty deep question, huh?

Although it is a pretty deep, thick, and NASTY subject… it’s still a topic that most of us (if we’re honest about it) have thought about at some point in our lives.

If God created everything… and everything He created He called GOOD (read Genesis 1)… then everything includes evil… so would it be right for us to say that perhaps God was mistaken, or even that God “created” evil?

If God is so big and bad and controls everything… why is there evil present in this world? Why are there wars raging all across this globe? Why do people starve to death in 3rd world countries? Why do some of our loved ones die at an early age? Why did I lose my whole paycheck at the casino on Friday night, and now I can’t pay my rent?

Okay that last one was supposed to make you laugh… but I guess if that really happened to you, it’s not TOO funny, is it…?

But on a serious note, I started thinking about this topic after I went out to eat last week with some good friends. One friend brought up the subject of Adolf Hitler, and asked me if I thought it was possible for Jesus to forgive such an evil man who slaughtered 6+ million innocent people. (If you want my answer to his question… message me)

That lead me to think further about WHY evil is here. Some people I have spoken with have told me, “If God is so almighty, why doesn’t He remove evil from this world… or why doesn’t He erase all notion of evil from our mindsets and our hearts”.

The answer to this DEEP question of why there is evil in this world is very SIMPLE indeed. I am only a 29-year-old guy, so I won’t (and can’t) claim to know everything in this world… but I can say that I am quite certain I know the answer to this age-old question.

CHOICE. Choices and the FREE WILL that determines our choices is a thing we all possess as human beings and as God’s creation… and it is the CHIEF reason for the evil that plagues our world and our nation today.

God created the world, universe, stars, galaxies, mountains, oceans, and the air that we breathe. God even created all us little, ole human beings, angels, and even the devil a.k.a. Lucifer. Everything He created WAS good, including Lucifer.

God ALSO created us all with free will and choice. The reason He did this is simple: So that we can all independently make the CHOICE to serve and love God. If we were forced to love God (because we didn’t have a choice to)… then we would be nothing more than robots and machines.

Think about it. When you start your car in the morning… as long as it isn’t a beater or a piece of junk, doesn’t it always start when you turn the ignition with your key? When you flip a light switch on… doesn’t the light bulb always turn on? When you hit the power button on your computer… doesn’t it always come on?

Why does this happen? Because machines have no choice in the matter… and they are FORCED to do whatever you want. You, my friend, are NOT a machine. You are a fearfully and wonderfully created child of God… who was CREATED to LOVE God and people by your own choice… and ONLY by your choice!

If there is NO choice, there is NO love… and the ONLY reason why God created us, were to be expressions of His love because God is Love (1 John 4:16). You and the other 7 billion people on this earth can choose to either love Him and each other… hate God and therefore be wicked, cruel, and evil towards others… or make a choice to ignore God.

Whatever decision you make… it is ALWAYS your choice, and yours only.

We have to learn that many times in life… the cruel things that go down in this world are because of other people’s selfish actions (or inactions) and sometimes, innocent bystanders get hurt or even die because of these wicked choices.

We have to understand, that life is NOT fair… and some people (just being real) only get handed half-a-deck of cards to play with in this life… and others are “blessed” to get a full deck. How you play the cards that you are dealt in life… is up to you.

We have to know that God is all knowing and all supreme. Sometimes natural disasters happen (such as the massive tsunami years ago that killed 300,000+ people)… and sometimes the innocent die for apparently no reason (ex. a 3-month old baby dying of SIDS).

Nobody knows the answers for why some of these things happen… but all I know is that God is still in control, He still knows best, and He is still God. Even if my closest loved ones were to be taken away from me… I will still worship the Lord, my God!

Some people choose to say God is not real, when their loved ones die… and all I can say is that God is still real, no matter what. Just because tens of thousands of people die in car wrecks each year… will that make you say cars are “not real” and stop you from driving your car to work?

Just because some people die when they are worked on by a surgeon… will that make you say surgeons are “not real” and not go to one if your appendix is swelling and about to rupture?

So, how dare any of us say that God is NOT real… when things don’t always 100% go our own way. We all have at most 80-100 years on this earth anyways, and the fact is this: We will all die someday… and some of us will die a little early. Whenever we go… or our loved ones, remember… God is STILL in control!

Let me know what you think in the comments section (if you’re on the blog) or on the discussion board (on Facebook). Be blessed and walk in God’s abundance today.

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How to see the GOOD in EVERY Bad Situation (Really!)

In the United States where I live at… there is a time of year that we Americans enjoy (even more than Christmas and other holiday seasons). Can you guess what it is?

Tax Season!!! Yeaaaah!

Okay, so I was being pretty cynical and sarcastic when I made that remark… because we Americans HATE paying taxes… and now that I think of it, all of you who are

living in other parts of the world in Europe, Latin America, Africa, Asia, and the Middle East and are reading this… probably hate paying taxes too!

During this past week as I was getting my business taxes done, Mr. Positive (a.k.a. Daniel Wiafe) was feeling pretty negative and hateful towards “the Man”… because of the amount of time I had to spend in preparing all the forms, figuring out how much I had to pay to the government, and because the IRS audited me for the year 2007, saying I owed them $xx,xxx… when I really owed them about $500.

So yes, it was a bad situation… and yes, I was negative and somewhat vexed for a couple days… but I was reminded of a phrase that a young Israelite man in Egypt once said:

“Even though you planned evil against me, God planned good to come out of it. This was to keep many people alive, as He is doing now.” (Genesis 50:20)

This young man’s name was Joseph, and he was the second-highest in command in the Egyptian empire… behind the great Pharoah himself. This was quite an accomplishment for anyone… but the path that lead Joseph to that destination, was remarkable in it’s own!

Here is Joe’s story. As you read it, ask yourself if Joseph had a good reason to be mad and angry… at any point in the story:

Thirteen years previous… Joseph was a cocky 17-year-old teenager living in Israel, who was adored by his father… but hated by his brothers (who were jealous that their father showed more favor to Joseph, than them). Long story short, some of his brothers wanted to kill him… but one of Joseph’s older brothers convinced everyone else to just sell him to some slave traders… and tell the father that Joseph got killed and eaten by wild beasts.

So they sold him to some Egyptian slave traders and told the father that Joseph was dead and eaten by wild beasts. Did Joseph have a reason to be mad and negative? Yes he did.

The slave traders took Joseph and sold him to a well-to-do, influential man named Potiphar. God showed favor to Joseph even in that bad situation… and caused Joe to have favor with his master… to the point where Joseph was promoted to be in charge over all the servants in a short-time.

The problem for our hero, was that he was a young, strapping, handsome-looking fellow… and Mrs. Potiphar (the wife) liked what she saw… and came after Joseph sexually.

Joseph, being a man of God and a man of morals… denied her strong and aggressive advances, and it EVEN came to a point when Mrs. Potiphar bluntly demanded to the young man, “Sleep with me now”… and Joseph did what every single, young man in his predicament should probably do.

He RAN and didn’t look back!

In running away from Mrs. Potiphar, she grabbed and tore off his robe… and told all the other servants that the Israelite slave tried to rape her… and when her husband came home… his fury RAGED against Joseph, and he had the young man thrown into prison! Did Joseph have a reason to be mad and negative at this point? I imagine he did.

Joseph was thrown into prison… and again, being the favored man of God he was… he was shown favor by the head jailer of the dungeon. During his time behind bars… Joseph interpreted dreams for two of the Pharoah’s officials who were thrown into jail, and lo and behold… Joseph’s predictions came true for both of the men.

One of the men PROMISED Joseph, that if he ever got out… he would tell Pharoah about Joseph (and get him set free). The man got out of jail… but forgot about Joseph… and Joseph sat rotting in jail for TWO more years. Did Joseph have a reason to be mad and negative at that? You better believe he did!

Two years later… the Pharoah had a dream, and none of the wise men in Egypt could interpret it… and then the official remembered about Joseph’s special talent for interpreting dreams… and told Pharoah about him.

Pharoah was intrigued… and commanded Joseph to be brought up out of the dungeon, bathed and shaved. Joseph proceeded to interpret the King of Egypt’s dreams and this was the prediction:

“The land of Egypt will go through seven (7) years of plenty and abundance… and then after that, there will be seven (7) years of world-wide famine and drought. My advice to you is to find someone to collect all the grain and food during the 7 years of plenty… so that the people in the land of Egypt won’t starve to death during the 7 years of drought and famine.”

Who do you think Pharoah put in charge? He put Joseph, the former slave and the former prisoner in charge. He gave Jospeh a new name, a mansion, a beautiful wife, wealth, and put him at 2nd command over the ENTIRE Egyptian empire… if he would oversee the project of saving up grain during the 7 years of abundance, thus saving the land of Egypt from certain destruction!

Nice turn of luck for Joseph wasn’t it?

The seven years went by quickly, and enough food was saved up for Egypt and the surrounding lands. During the years of famine… people from all over Egypt and the world came to Joseph, who sold them grain and food to keep them alive. Amongst those who came, was Joseph’s brothers! And when Joseph’s brothers saw him, they didn’t EVEN recognize him…. can you believe it?

Here was Joseph’s BIG chance to get even with these worthless “scumbags” who sold him into slavery!

No, he didn’t take it there… because he would have been just as wrong as they were 13 years earlier.

He took them aside (after playing a few tricks on them) and what he told them in essence was this:

“Yeah, you meant evil and bad towards me because you hated me… but God knew what He was doing in the long run, because if I hadn’t gone through all the hell I went through… I wouldn’t have been promoted to Pharoah’s right-hand man, who is in charge of food distribution… and all of you brothers and the rest of my family would have STARVED to death. So yes, I am happy I went through my mess… because God brought something GOOD out of the bad situation you put me in!”

So basically, I began to turn my attitude around and get joyful and positive… yeah it stinks to have to deal with a bunch of tax headaches and hassles for the short-term… but I am glad that God has blessed me to even be able to bring in income, and not have to be tied down with debt, and not have to be confined to a 9 to 5 job, and to have a happy and a peaceful home, and to have a new baby on the way!

Whatever may be going on in your life that may be a negative situation, be thankful for it… and look for ways that God can use it to make you stronger, wiser, more faithful, and a better person through it.

Through every horrible and dark situation that affilicts us in life… there is always at least a little light and a little good that can come out of ANY situation… even if you lost your job, even if you lost your mind… and yes, even if you have lost a loved one!

God is good in ALL situations… and so His good, will always OUTWEIGH any evil… if you are able to look for it.

This week… look at the glass as half-full, instead of half-empty… walk in abundance, be blessed… and look for the GOOD, in every bad situation!

Please feel free to forward this to your friends and family… and INVITE your friends to join TodayAbundace. To join this Facebook group and get Weekly Inspiration and Motivation, go to this link:

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Need a Hug? Your Brotherly Love Can Rescue Somebody!

The following story was sent to me by Samson Ojo, founder of INSPIRATION ZONE, a Facebook group:

I heard an amazing story about a set of twins who were just a few days old. One of them had been born with a serious heart condition and wasn’t expected to live. A few days went by and one baby’s health continued to deteriorate, she was close to death.

A nurse at the hospital asked if she could go against hospital policy and put the babies in the same incubator together, rather than in individual incubators. It was a big ordeal, but finally the doctor consented to allow the twins to be placed side by side in the same incubator, just as they had been in their mother’s womb.

Somehow, the healthy baby managed to reach over and put his arm around his little sick sister. Before long, and for no apparent reason, her heart began to stabilize and heal. Her blood pressure came up to normal. Her temperature soon followed suit. Little by little she got better, and today they are both perfectly healthy children. A newspaper caught wind of the story and photographed the twins while still in the incubator, embraced in a hug. they ran the photo with the caption, “The Rescuing Hug”.



There is an interesting story about two siblings in the Bible that takes place on the pages of the Book of Genesis, Chapter 4.

These two siblings are Cain and Abel… and as many of you know, Abel (the younger brother) was killed by Cain (the older brother) in a fit of rage and jealousy. What was the reason for Cain knocking off his li’l brother?

He was mad at Abel because the Lord accepted Abel’s sacrifice to him… over Cain’s sacrifice.

That gives a new insight to sibling rivalry, don’t it? I have a brother exactly 10 years older than me… and a brother who is 8 years younger than me… and last time I check, I haven’t gotten mad enough at either one of them to kill ’em!

The key thing about this story that stuck out to me was this: When God confronted Cain and inquired about the whereabouts of Abel, Cain’s response was cold and precise:

“Am I my brother’s keeper?”

And several thousands of years after this phrase was uttered by Cain to God… we (in this day and age) are still muttering the same words in different contexts.

“I am not responsible for that!”

“Don’t look at me… it’s his/her fault!”

“I don’t care what happens to you… as long as I’m okay and my business is taken care of, it’s all good!”

These are some of the phrases that we think and that we say… and in essence, we are saying to God and to mankind as a whole, “No, I am NOT my brother’s/sister’s keeper… I don’t care what happens to him/her!”

As we seen in the story about the two newborn babies… if the nurse hadn’t placed the healthy twin next to the dying twin in the incubator… the sickly twin would have surely died.

The reason why the dying baby turned around and lived… was because of the LOVING embrace of her sibling. Without this love, affection, or care…. the baby surely would have died.

So this week, when you see someone who is hurting… or needs help… needs a shoulder to cry on… or is in desperate need of love, be a brother or a sister to them… and watch God WORK MIRACLES in their life, as well as your own!

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What Do You See When You Look in the Mirror? – Part 2

So a couple days ago, we were talking about Part 1 of ‘What Do You See When You Look in the Mirror’.

Basically, the question I asked you and the whole gist of it was this:

What kind of image of yourself do you see… when you look in the mirror? Not what do you physically see about yourself on the outside… but what do you see about yourself on the INSIDE with your well, put-together self!?

To read that previous blog post, click here.

In order for us to know what we should look like, what we should act like, and MOST importantly… what is our purpose on this earth, we must look to see what kind of character God has, and when we find that answer… we will know who we TRULY are.

Kinda deep, huh?

Because, let’s face it. There are many people out there today in different classes, stations of life, people who have a lot of money… and people who are broke, people who are healthy as a horse… and people who look like they got kicked by a horse… etc.

But no matter how successful (or unsuccessful) we are or think we are in life… unless we know what our purpose is in life… we are lost. That IMHO is why I believe so many people commit suicide each day, and why people stay in dead-end jobs all their lives, and why many people stay in unhealthy relationships with others.

Simply put, I’ll venture out and say we don’t know who we TRULY are.

The points I want to get across come from Genesis 1:26, 27 and this is what God blessed every man, woman, and child with upon their birth. Whether you believe in the Bible or not, it’s as real and as sturdy as the law of gravity.

It’s His 3-point promise to us… and you can look at it as your spiritual ‘Bill of Rights’, because He has created us all as equal, with certain unalienable rights.

1) God has created you in His image and likeness – meaning the things He does and the character He has is within you.
2) God has created you to have dominion – meaning you are in charge and you have the right to be in charge over things such as your money, job, emotions, health… rather than those things having charge over you.
3) God has created both males and females (mankind) in His image – meaning that the female sex has the same right to walk in God’s blessing as the male sex.

When we look at God our Heavenly Father, there are many attributes we can see in Him, through looking at what He says about Himself in His Word… and from simply just observing nature with our very own eyes.

He always keeps His promise. When He speaks something, He believes that the words He speak will come into existence. He is love. He forgives at the drop of a hat. He is angered by injustice. He is a provider for His children. He sticks closer to us than a brother. He owns the cattle, silver, and wealth on a 1,000 hills. If someone is sick, He speaks a word and they become healed…

Can y’all believe that? And that’s just a few character qualities about God that come from just the Bible.

When we look at nature around us, we can see His goodness all around us from how He causes the earth to spin at a perfect axis & tilt around the sun, so we are neither frozen… or burnt into oblivion… to how the four seasons come and go in a timely fashion like clockwork, year after year. That means He is also a God of perfection and high quality.

All these traits are a small part of God’s image and His nature that we all have inside of us:

When you speak something, keep your promise. Believe that the very words you speak will come into existence, no matter how crazy it may sound. Believe that you are love… and that by loving others (showing charity to them), you are fulfilling God’s command. Forgive the person who did you wrong back in the day, and don’t try to get even… but let it go. You are man or woman made in perfection and are high quality… because God didn’t create junk, nor was He having a bad day when He created you!

God has created you to have dominion (defined as ‘Power and influence given to one through a legal authority’). God is your legal authority, and has given you power and influence.

Okay, so I have dominion, power, and influence over what?

Over everything He created on this earth. You have dominion over your emotions… meaning that anger, fear, depression does NOT have any right to envelope you and take control over your life.

You have dominion over your finances… meaning that dollars are printed from sawdust, which is made from trees, which God created. Money (or the lack of it, or the love of it) should NOT have dominion over you.

You have dominion over tangible things that you can touch, see, or smell… meaning that alcohol, drugs, food, cars, automobiles, houses, clothes, jewelry should not have dominion over you.

You have dominion over your future… meaning there is nothing you can do about your past, but your future looks bright and sunny, and the choices that you make today (be they good or bad) will directly influence your tomorrow. People do not not have dominion over you, so don’t allow people to make decisions about your life for you… do it for yourself!

God has blessed us all… men and women alike… with all these rights for a reason… because He is our Father and loves us, and wants us to have the best. All you who are mothers and fathers currently know what I am talking about… you want the best for your kids.

So when you look at the mirror tomorrow morning, start looking at yourself as a winner and as one having the right to walk with their head up high, because you are awesome and highly favored, baby!

Encourage yourself and others… and until tomorrow… walk in God’s rich abundance, today!

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What Do You See When You Look in the Mirror?

Every morning when we all wake up… there are certain things that we ALWAYS do by habit, and typically we do those habits in a particular order.

Alarm clock goes off! Jump out of bed! Trip over the shoes you left by your bed! Take a potty break (yes that sounds nasty, but we all do it in the morning)! Brush your teeth! Wash the crust out of your eyes! Take a shower! Eat breakfast! And the list goes on…

The one thing I believe we all do in the morning, is we look at our reflection and image in the mirror. My question to you is this: When you look in the mirror, what do you see? What kind of image is staring back at you from the other side of the glass?

I’m not talking about physical features, such as you have blonde hair or black hair… acne or baby smooth skin… big nose or little nose… I’m talking about something a tad bit deeper than that.

Do you see yourself as someone who deserves to be blessed and have more in life when you look in the mirror… or perhaps you see yourself as someone who deserves to be cursed?

Do you see yourself as being a high achiever… or do you see yourself as a stepping stone to be used by other people as they get ahead in life?

Do you see yourself and walk with your head held up high in positive self-esteem… or is your self-esteem and chin so low to the ground, you could sweep the floor with it?

What do you see when you look at yourself in the mirror for the first time every morning?

Let’s look at what God’s Abundant Word says to us today:

“And God said, Let us make man in our image, after our likeness: and let them have dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the fowl of the air, and over the cattle, and over all the earth, and over every creeping thing that creepeth upon the earth.

So God created man in his own image, in the image of God created he him; male and female created he them. ” – (Genesis 1:26, 27)


As you can see from the Word above, in the beginning when God created mankind… among the many traits he endowed all of us with… he said (1) I’m creating you in MY image and likeness, (2) I’m creating you to have dominion, and (3) ALL males and females will have these unalienable rights.

Sounds like the U.S. Constitution, huh?

So, if we are created in God’s image and are supposed to look like God… then in order for us to understand ourselves, our feelings, and even our very purpose for even living life… it makes total sense to me… that we must look to see what God looks like.

We must understand what the different qualities of God are and what he does, or doesn’t do… in order to understand ourselves.

Who better for us to turn to when we are trying to understand ourselves, than the one who created us, made us, and sustains us?

Tomorrow, I will discuss these different qualities that God has… and the POWER that we can all have if we walk in the dominion that God has blessed us with.

Until tomorrow, be blessed and highly favored… and walk in God’s Abundance, today!

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So You Had a Bad Day?

LOL… Does that YouTube video above describe you?

Once again, it’s MONDAY… and today millions of people from coast to coast in America (including you), have jumped out of bed, with a huge smile on their face, excited and leaping with joy… with the sun shining bright through their windows… lovely bluebirds chirping beautiful songs in the trees outside… waking up to the fresh, tantalizing aroma of mountain-grown coffee!


Because we get to start yet another WONDERFUL workweek at our job, business, or school!

Okay, so the stats are probably only about 1 in a million people who enjoy Monday mornings (and you are probably not that 1 in a million)

And that scenario above is probably more in tune to a Walt Disney movie… or an old 1980’s Folgers commercial.

The rest of us roll out of bed, with crust in our eyes… stank breath… cursing and complaining… kicking the dog… the alarm clock blaring in our ears… rushing to work because we overslept and have to be at work in 13 minutes.

Life can be so HORRIBLE… our weekends (Friday evenings, Saturdays, Sundays) seem to RUSH by in 1 day… and our weekdays (Monday through Friday) seem to CREEP by at a snail’s pace of 10 days.

Again, I say, life can be so HORRIBLE… or does it really have to be?

God declares in his word, “As a man thinks (believes) in his heart (mind), so is he.” (Proverbs 23:7). Don’t worry ladies, God isn’t leaving you out… when He says “man”, He’s talking about “mankind”, which includes you… so go ahead and let out a big sigh of relief. *WHEW!*

Whether we have a good day, bad day, wonderful day, or horrible day… depends entirely on YOU and nobody else!

It doesn’t depend on how your co-workers treat you at the job… it doesn’t depend on whether you have enough money in the account so that your car payment doesn’t bounce, AGAIN… it doesn’t even matter whether Obama is elected tomorrow, or if McCain is elected tomorrow.

Whatever you believe in your mind or your heart about YOURSELF… that is what will frame your entire day or week that is yet in front of you, for the POSITIVE… or for the NEGATIVE. Your mindset and emotions RIGHT NOW are the fabric from which your future will be sewn from TODAY and TOMORROW.

If you believe that everyone is against you… they WILL be against you. If you believe you will never achieve anything in life… you will NEVER achieve anything. If you believe that today is going to be another painful day… it is GOING to be a painful day. If you believe in boogie men living under your bed… guess what? Well, I’ll leave that one alone…

But honestly, I think when we get down to the point and the nitty gritty of things… 999,999 out of 1 million WANT to have a great day, and want to love life, and want to have joy… but their thoughts don’t reflect this…

So go ahead and try this today… if you want to change your life today at mind-shattering speeds… and start seeing the glass as half-full (and not half-empty), try this prescription that Dr. Daniel is going to prescribe to you today for AT LEAST 30 days… and take it every morning when you wake up. I promise, it’ll taste better than Robittisum (I guess everything tastes better than that stuff!)

Your Prescription: Start calling yourself what you want your day [and life] to look like.

Yes, you read that right… I know your momma gave you a good name at birth, but God is going to give you another name today… so that you can walk in some abundance, today!

* My mother named me Joan, but today… I AM Joy!
* My mother named me Blake, but today… I AM Blessed!
* My mother named me Winnie, but today… I AM Wealthy!
* My mother named me Henry, but today… I AM Happy!
* My mother named me Simone, but today… I AM Strong!
* My mother named me Victor, but today… I AM Victorious!
* My mother named me Constance, but today… I AM a Conqueror!

You see where I’m going with this… I could keep on going on and on telling you who your heavenly Father wants you to be! You think I’m crazy by saying this, but it WORKS if you’ll work it!

God did it when Abraham was sent by faith to sacrifice his only beloved son Isaac, on a mountain in Genesis 22. God provided a ram in the bush for Abraham to kill in place of Isaac… and God said His name at that point was Jehovah Jirah (I AM a Provider). God’s many names reflect who He is and what He will do for his children, and include Jehovah Rophe (I AM a Healer), Jehovah Shalom (I AM Peace), Jehovah Tsidkenu (I AM Your RIghteousness).

If God can do this… then we can too, as we were ALL made in His image and likeness (Genesis 1:26).

So today, have an AWESOME day. Find out what your TRUE name is, and call yourself AND your day by your TRUE name today and for the next 30 days… and until tomorrow, walk in God’s Abundance today!

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