Goal Setting – The SEXY Way

Okay, so I wrote this headline to capture your attention. Did I do a good job? Anyways… when we think of goals and writing goals down… let’s be real, it sounds B-O-R-I-N-G.

Sure… goals do NOT have an hourglass shape… or have a 36-24-36 measurement… or look good in a little red dress, but if we could see how good goals can look like in our lives when we implement them… they would look very sexy!

I bet you never thought you would hear a preacher use the word ‘Sexy’, did you???

But if we could see how POWERFUL the effects and results of goal setting can be in just about every aspect of our life, goals would be one of the MOST attractive things we can lay our eyes on.

Let’s look at some wisdom from the Bible:

“Write the vision down, and make it plain on tables [a tablet, notepad], that he that reads it may RUN with it” — Habakkuk 2:2

In yesterday’s blog post, we talked about having a vision in your life for yourself (click here to read that post). In order for us to achieve our vision that we have for our lives… it is essential that we write it down on paper.

A goal simply put is this:

You writing down on paper where you want to be, what you want to have, or what you want to do… at a certain specified time.

You can also look at a goal just like you look at a MapQuest map when you’re traveling. Your goal is the destination where you want to ‘end up at’.

Too many times in life, we let life & circumstances dictate where we should go… instead of us dictating to life & circumstances where we WANT to go. Goals are the engine that superpower us into ACHIEVING just about EVERY desire we have in our life.

So you don’t believe that goals will work for you if you work it? A Harvard study that was done many years ago followed a class of graduate students over a span of 20+ years. Only 3% of those students WROTE down their goals.

At the end of the 20-year study, the 3% of the graduating class that wrote their goals down… had accomplished MORE than the remaining 97% of the class who DID NOT write their goals down!

The 3% with the goals were wealthier, happier, had more satisfaction with life, were healthier, and more vibrant.

All because they set and wrote down some boring ole goals for themselves.

The Bible agrees with this. Even back in 600 B.C. when the prophet Habakkuk wrote penned those words of wisdom through inspiration… it holds SO true today.

If we write our vision down on paper (goals)… when we read it, it allows us to run in life, instead of crawl.

Goals seem to be as sure as the law of gravity, as sure as the sun coming up in the morning, and as sure of it going down in the evening. Goals work for people who use them. Whether it is science or some type of weird, supernatural phenomenom — goals have a tendancy of exciting, invigorating, and pushing you to your fullest potential.

You need goals for your career or business. You need goals for your physical health and well-being. You need goals for your family. You need goals for your spiritual life. Just about every aspect of life you have… YOU NEED GOALS!

I will talk more about goals tomorrow… and get more specific on how to set proper goals which will excite you and drive you to get to places that you never dreamed that you could ever get too! Until then, think and dream about where you want to be at life in the next 5 years. Where do want to be at in life next year? Where do want to be at in life in the next 6 months?

What have you always wanted to do… or to be… or to have in life? Have you wanted to write a book, or perhaps start a new business, or maybe go to the moon (hey — space traveling is definitely NOT my thing, so I won’t hate on you if it’s yours!). What did you always dream about doing in life, ever since you were a kid?

Think about it and until tomorrow, be extremely blessed… and remember God’s abundance in your life starts today, so grab it and run with it now… because tomorrow is too late!

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