Nothing is IMPOSSIBLE for the Man or Woman of God!

For some of us... solving a Rubicks cube is IMPOSSIBLE! But when you place problems in Gods hands, NOTHING is impossible!

For some of us... solving a Rubick's cube is "IMPOSSIBLE"! But when you place problems in God's hands, NOTHING is impossible!

Blessings to all of you guys all across the world who are reading this Christian inspirational blog… and HAPPY Monday to you all!

By next week… we should be rolling out TodayAbundance 2.0, which will be a social community of “Christians Inspiring Christians”. All together across the Daily Jesus Inspiration fan page, FB group, & the TodayAbundance blog… we currently have 15,000+ members worldwide, and are excited to see what will happen when we get EVERYONE into one place!

I know that starting a new work or school week can be rough and tough for many of you all… and at times you can feel very weary about starting that new week… and for some of you — you feel it will be IMPOSSIBLE for you to get through this week joyfully.

But I am reminded of what the Word of God said to His disciples a little while back (well, more like a couple thousand years ago).

Jesus had been approached by a rich, young man (in Matthew 19:16-30) who was VERY wealthy… and this guy wanted to know the “secret” to inheriting eternal life.

Now in this day and age… I personally believe that a young person with a bankful of cash such as himself (maybe in his late teens, early twenties) who was searching for God… rather than trying to “live it up” in life with all of his money… by indulging in sex, women, drugs, etc. is really a champ. He truly knew that true wealth comes from inheriting eternal life!

Anyways, Jesus asks this young man a series of questions… and line by line asks the man if he had kept certain commandments from the Law of Moses (10 commandments).

The young man proudly answered ‘Yes’ to each of the questions Jesus posed to him.

…and I can see this young guy sticking his chest out, proud of the fact that he hadn’t killed anyone (Do not murder), proud of the fact that he hadn’t slept with another man’s wife (Do not commit adultery), and proud of the fact that he didn’t disrespect his parents (Honor your mother & father).

But let’s be real with ourselves for a second — how easy is it for us to keep those commandments? Yes, it’s pretty easy… last time I checked, I haven’t killed anyone eitherĀ  (o:

So Jesus finally drops a bomb on this young man by telling him, “One thing you lack — if you want to be PERFECT, go sell your possessions and give the proceeds to the poor, and you will have treasure in heaven. THEN come and follow me!”

“Uh-oh!” thinks this young, wealthy man. “I can do all the other stuff you asked me… but selling all of my possessions? That’s kind of hard!”

…and the young man walked away dejected and feeling rejected, because he had ALL that wealth… and was not willing to part with it, to follow Jesus.

Jesus tells his disciples that it is easier for a camel to enter in through the eye of a needle, than for a rich man to enter into the kingdom of heaven (some translations state it is hard for those who ‘trust in riches’ to enter in).

The disciples, thinking that this man was blessed of God because of his outwardly looks (the wealth) were dismayed… because if this guy couldn’t get in… how could they get in?

And Jesus tells them something that we can all hold and run with this week… and for the rest of our lives!

“With man it is impossible, but with God ALL things are possible!” (Matthew 19:26)

Jesus was NOT saying that money or amassing wealth is bad — but if it gets in your way of gaining access & fellowship to Jesus, you need to cut it out of your life.

What he IS saying, however, is that the man or the woman of God who seeks to place his or faith in an all loving, all knowing, & all caring God… not only will inherit the Kingdom of God… but will by no means be able to be STOPPED from moving further in life… or attaining higher heights in your journey on this earth.

You can only get SO far in your life without God based solely on your own strength and talents… but when you put your impossibilities into the hands of an Almighty God… there are NO impossibilities!

Let me know what you think… and be blessed with the rest of your week & God bless you!

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If You Can See the Invincible… You Can Do the Impossible!

A famous englishman by the name of Smith Wigglesworth once said, “I am Not Moved by What I See. I am Moved Only by What I Believe.”

Don’t be fooled by the funny name… Mr. Wigglesworth wiggled his way all across the world throughout Europe, Asia, Africa, and America laying his hands on gravely ill people… and healing them of cancers, tumors, diseases, and other bouts of uncurable sicknesses (all this is documented)… and preaching to excited crowds of thousands, until his death in 1947.

Now you may not be a Bible-thumping, roof-raising preaching Brit, who loves an occasional spot of tea and a crumpet like Mr. Wigglesworth… but I believe we can all learn from this old-timer.

First off, did you know that this guy started out as an uneducated plumber… who was afraid to speak publicly? That’s right, he spent all day digging through sewage and pipes of the good people of Yorkshire.

I guess he probably wasn’t voted “Most Likely to Succeed” in High School, was he?

But that his position in life did not stop him from dropping his plunger and speaking to hundreds of thousands across the world.

Because Smith was NOT moved by what he seen in the physical or the natural. He was able to SEE the invincible… and therefore he was able to DO the impossible!

It might look impossible for you to keep your job, because your co-workers or your boss who give you Trouble with a capital “T” at work… but if you can see the invincible, you can see yourself as the boss, and one day over them!

It might look impossible for you to get rid of those depressing thoughts and insecurities you have about your body… but if you can see the invincible, you can see yourself as in the same eyes as your Creator, a diamond worth more than all the silver and gold in the world!

It might look impossible for you to meet financial obligations such as paying for your daycare for your child or meeting the payment deadline so that you can keep the gas on and stay cozy warm this winter… but if you can see the invincible, you can see that as long as you do all that you can physically do… your God can do what is impossible for you, and the bills will be met!

This week… do not be afraid. Do not be dismayed. Do not dwell in doubt, and do not be burdened or trouble… because though things may appear to be tough right now, if you (1) Do not allow things to move you into fear or trouble… and (2) See yourself in a better state or accomplishing what you believe to be impossible… you are giving God room to move in your life.

As always, if this has encouraged you… forward it off to your friends and loved ones. Be blessed in all that you do and say… and may God richly bless you this week like never before!

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