Having the Mindset of a Millionaire #1 (Financial Fridays)

Why have a poverty mindset? Choose to have a Millionaire Mindset!

Why have a poverty mindset? Choose to have a Millionaire Mindset!

Back in March 2008… my wife Melinda and I went to Las Vegas for the first time in our lives. We were excited, thrilled, and pretty stoked to see what this city had to offer. But alas, we made a BIG mistake!

That big mistake was this: Staying at a resort at the north end of the strip called the Circus, Circus.

I won’t go into TOO many details on how bad our stay was at this hotel… but in summary I can say that if you don’t mind smoke-stained walls, dingy carpet that hasn’t been changed since the 1970’s, and itchy blankets on your bed… stay here!

Fast forward a few months later to July 2008. This time we had learned our lesson… and decided to stay at the Platinum Hotel and Spa… which was the BEST hotel we have EVER stayed at!

We were placed in a HUGE 1,500 sq. foot deluxe, sparkling suite that overlooked the beautiful Las Vegas strip… and the fabulous mountains in the background. There was a huge whirlpool jacuzzi that could fit up to 6 people in our room. We had our own personal washer & dryer. State-of-the-art fitness equipment and daily massages were at our call!

This place was fit for ROYALTY.

The thing that had changed for me and Melinda between our two visits to Las Vegas that year was this:

We got the bad end of the deal the 1st time we stayed at a Vegas hotel… and we will be danged if we get a bad deal like that TWO times in a row! We stayed at a crappy hotel the first time… but we both agreed that, that would NOT happen again.

Yes I know… I probably use the word ‘crap’ too much in my writings… but hey, I never proclaimed that I had an extensive vocabulary… so leave me alone (LOL!)

It’s on this point that I want to talk about having a Millionaire Mindset. God tells us in Deuteronomy 8:18 this: “But remember the LORD your God, for it is he who gives you the POWER to produce wealth…”

So now we know God gives us the power… or the ability to get wealth…. so do we just sit by patiently waiting for it to drop in our laps?

No way Jose! You get up… and take what is yours!

When I look back over how through God’s abundant blessings… we were able to put ourselves on a road to start building wealth… I can honestly say that it started with a mindset change…

Too often, as a result of upbringing, our parents, school systems, friends, whatever — our minds have been conditioned to have a poverty mindset.

A person with a poverty mindset just can’t become wealthy… and even if he/she does get wealth through let’s say an inheritance or winning the lottery, they will most likely lose it all.

On the other hand, if you drop a person like Donald Trump or Oprah Winfrey off in Haiti (the poorest country in the western hemisphere)… and take away all their wealth and finances… I can guarantee you, within 5 years they will be worth millions once again!

Why? Because they both have a Millionaire Mindset.

My own personal mindset change all started out with 4 IMPORTANT principles that I decided to follow (which I will cover every Friday for the next month):

(1) Not Going Back to Crap!
(2) Educating Yourself!
(3) Believing in Yourself!
(4) Taking Action!

Not Going Back to Crap!

When it comes to money or whatever station you are at in your finances presently… make up in your mind that this will be the LOWEST state that you will ever have in your finances.

Back in 2002 when I declared bankruptcy at 22 years of age… I made myself a solemn promise that something like this would NEVER happen again. I didn’t exactly know how I would prevent myself from deteriorating back to that condition… but I was firm on my decision:

I hate being broke. Nothing is worse than being broke. Being broke is a joke.

My mind was made up that I would NOT return back to this crappy, embarassing, and soul-sucking condition of bankruptcy that I had faced. For those of you have declared bankruptcy before… you know EXACTLY what I’m talking about.

When you can change your mindset and believe in something… I believe that God honors that decision… and gives you favor along with resources to aid you to reach whatever your mind seeks to attain!

For me… 2002 was a crossroads in all aspects of my life (relationships, finances, education, my future)… and I had a made-up mind that I would travel forward from that point, and NEVER backwards.

I invite you right now friend… wherever you are at in your financial life, if you are NOT at the point or path where you know you should be… or if you are struggling financially (and no, God does NOT want you to be broke)… make a decision right now as you are reading this, that this is the lowest point in your finances you will ever be at in your life.

You might not know how you are going to get out of debt… you might not know how you are going to raise your income level… you might now know how you will start your business… but that’s okay for right now!

I just need for you to believe in your mind and heart, that as far as your finances are concerned… you are at the bottom right now, and the ONLY place you can move from this point… is up!

Let’s do some homework right now:

(1) Take out a piece of 8″ x 12″ paper out now and a marker (or pen).
(2) At the bottom third of the paper… write down Friday, June 26, 2009… (or whatever today’s date is)
(3) At the middle third of the paper… draw a BIG arrow pointing up (above the date)
(4) At the top third of the paper (above the arrow) write down “As of this date… My Finances will only get better. God has given me the POWER to get wealth!”
(5) Hang it up on your wall next to your 10 declarations… and look at it everyday, repeat those words, and believe it!

This is the START of having a Millionaire Mindset! Tune in next Friday, where we will discuss “Educating Your Mind to Be a Millionaire”.

Have fun this weekend, be blessed, rest in peace to the living legend — the King of Pop Michael Jackson… and may you walk in God’s abundance for your life, today!

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