Do You Want IT Bad Enough?? — PAIN vs. PLEASURE

Pain Vs. Pleasure

A couple weeks ago… I had a few conversations with a friend who was out of work. She had come up with a GREAT idea for an Internet business and was VERY excited about it… and asked me what my professional business opinion was of that idea.

I examined it, researched the competition that was in the particular niche she wanted to get into, and decided that it was an EXCELLENT opportunity for her to jump into.

It was a business that she could jump into with less than $150, would only require about 15-20 hours a week of her time, and would generate her NO less than $5,000 – $7,000 net profit a month. I was pretty excited for her too… because when I first heard her idea, my first thought was that it was kind of weak and probably wouldn’t make money… but the research and the facts proved otherwise!

So I told my friend about my findings, and also informed her that I was so SURE that she would succeed in it… that I would design her a website, advertising and sales copy, and mentoring at the beginning of the launch of her business… for FREE!

Well imagine how surprised I was… when she started having hard-core doubts after I told her how AWESOME her idea was. She came up with almost every excuse in the book on why she wouldn’t be able to succeed.

“I’m afraid that I’ll fail…”, “I don’t think I could do all that…”, “What if my business grows too fast, and I can’t keep up”…. were all a few of her excuses.

And I definitely had good answers to all of her objections… but she still wouldn’t budge. Even though she had the skill to make the products for this business, even though she had my Internet business knowledge at her disposal for free, even though she was unemployed at the time… and an extra $60K – $84K a year would be a GOOD financial increase for anybody… she didn’t want to take it.

In my opinion, the intelligent idea that she had… was like a gift and a blessing from God that was sent down her way Priority Mail… and in my opinion, she took the package and marked it, “Return Back to Sender — Wrong Address”. It kind of irked me to a degree.

But when I thought deeply about it… it would be VERY arrogant and ignorant of me to say that someone isn’t successful… because they’re not doing what I would be doing. I mean, as long as a person is happy, content, and full of joy in situation; and their decision(s) doesn’t affect me — who am I (or anybody else) to say anything about it?

If a person works at Burger King for 20 years, flipping fries and is happy… then I am happy for them. If a person only has a 3rd grade education and is content with that level… then more power to them!

I was also reminded of a sermon I heard a few years back… by a powerful teacher, Bishop Gary McIntosh.

Although I forgot the specifics and the words of his message, I remember the main theme of it. In essence he stated this:

In order for you to achieve great things in life, you have got to WANT it BAD enough! If you don’t want it bad enough, then the PAIN that you have to go through and ENDURE through… in order to get to that PLEASURE at the end of the road… will not be worth the painful process you have to go through.

Read that top paragraph again and again and again… until it sinks down into your spirit!

Basically, my friend didn’t want the business bad enough… and so was unwilling to go through the PAIN of uncertainty and the fear of the unknown… in order to attain the PLEASURE of financial freedom of time and prosperity.

And as long as she is happy in the state that she’s at now, then there is NO reason why I (or anybody else) should say anything negative about that decision!

Think about this quick example:

We all know that for the most part, if a person gets a higher education in the form of getting a college degree (or technical education)… they are more likely to be financially stronger & wealthier than those who have only a high school education.

But for many people the PAIN of the process that they have to go through in order to get that education, stops them fast in their tracks!

The PLEASURE of getting an education is that you will generally make a higher income, have a less labor-intensive job, have more employment choices and opportunities, and with the extra money — you can have more in terms of the house you live in, vehicles you drive, clothes you wear; you can give more to people who are in need; and you can save money for your older days and leave an inheritance for your kids when you pass away.

The PAIN of getting an education, however, is you have to spend a substantial amount of time in school or technical education (2 to 10 years) depending on what you’re trying to do. The time that you do spend in school, is time that you are not able to work… and so you make less money during that time period you are going to school.

You have the PAIN and frustration of having to study, remember equations and theories and all that other good stuff…

If that wasn’t good enough for pain — then on top of that, the money you have to spend (or repay at a later date) for your education, can be in the tens (or hundreds) of thousands of dollars. Ouch!

If the PLEASURE of a person being a healthy weight (not underweight or overweight), being complimented by others, and living a long life… doesn’t outweigh the PAIN of getting to that pleasure… (cutting out all that delicious fried foods and sweets, taking time out of our busy days to exercise, etc.)… then the PLEASURE which is at the end of next week… is NOT worth the PAIN that I have to go through this week.

But in the end — you have to decide if the temporary, short-term PAIN you have to go through… is worth you going through… in order to achieve a long-lasting, long-term PLEASURE at the end of the road. If the PAIN outweighs the PLEASURE in your mind, you will not go after the thing you desire — because quite simply, you just don’t want it bad enough!

This can work the opposite way also… sometimes temporary PLEASURE can lead to permanent PAIN.

I remember when I was between the ages of 19 – 21 or 22, I used to do some pretty crazy stuff (if you all knew the full extent of what I did — you probably would unsubscribe from this blog right now!). One of the “pleasures” that I can reveal that I did, was I loved to go to parties and get drunk!

I didn’t drink casually or the light stuff (beer, wine coolers)… when I drank, I drank to get tore up from the floor up. I’m talking about Tequila, Vodka, and I probably would’ve drank Rubbing Alcohol on a good day… if you offered it to me me back then in a shot glass.

I liked the very temporary PLEASURE of not being “accountable” or “responsible” for what I said, what I did, how I approached girls, or how I acted… because being drunk or buzzed makes you feel like that!

But many times afterwards, I would drive home miles drunk as a punk… and it was truly the blessings of God I didn’t hit anything, kill anyone, or get ticketed by cops.

But some long-lasting PAIN that I endured after the pleasure left (besides a nasty hangover the next morning)… was I couldn’t really keep a job, so I couldn’t pay my bills… I was always on edge… and I was terribly depressed for some time.

In many of our cases… the temporary PLEASURES and vices that we might indulge in, or even think of indulging in (smoking and shooting up drugs, cheating on our spouses, getting drunk, having sex with anything that moves, etc.)… by no means ever outweighs the permanent and lasting PAIN that those momentary pleasures can bring us (death, jail, divorce, half your check in the form of child support, AIDS/HIV/and other fun mushroom-like diseases, etc.).

As you continue on with this week friend… remember that in all aspects of life, make sure that if you want to go after something GREAT in life… there will always be PAIN involved in the process of getting there. But many times, it’s definitely worth, so keep on going and don’t stop! And remember, be careful of what kind of temporary “pleasures” you indulge in tonight… because many times you will be facing the pain of that decision for the next 20-30 years of your life!

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