Declare Yourself to Be a Success!!

Declare Yourself to Be a Winner Today!

Declare Yourself to Be a Winner Today!

Have you ever woke up in the morning… and didn’t feel like getting out of bed. Perhaps you dreaded getting up because you knew you had a very busy day ahead of you… Perhaps you didn’t get up because you had to go to that ‘crappy job’ that you hated… or maybe truthfully, you didn’t want to get up, because you just plain didn’t want to have to deal with ANY of those crazy people that day.

Whatever the case is… I have some good news and bad news for you, you AWESOME man or woman of God. What do you want to hear first?

Bad news first? Okay thanks for telling me, here goes:

The bad news is no matter how bad, tired, unmotivated, or yuck you feel when you get up in the morning… you HAVE to get up! Unless you are dead or physically handicapped… you really don’t have a good reason to stay in bed.

The good news is this: Although you can’t stay in bed all day long for the rest of your life… you CAN control how your day goes, whether it goes positively or negatively.

And if your day is positive… then that gives you a good reason to jump up out of bed each morning with excitement!

The Bible tells you and I in Job 22:28 this: “You will decree (DECLARE) a thing and it WILL be established… and the light will shine upon ALL your ways”

Basically, when you start making declarations with your mouth… you can start to move things and shape how your day will unfold… even before you get out of bed!

Declare in the morning what you want your day to look like and feel like. Declare yourself to be a winner… Declare yourself to be wealthy… Declare yourself to be a better spouse or parent… Declare that you will be patient with those who get on your nerves… Declare that you will NOT flip people off in traffic.

Declare until you’re all blue in the face… and about to pass out, take a moment to rest up… and then declare some more!

Have you ever wondered why some people are VERY happy, positive, and have high self-esteems… while others around you are full of drama, negativity, and have low self-esteems?

It is because some people have discovered the secret to a joyful and awesome life. The secret is that they (1) THINK positively toward themselves and others, and (2) SPEAK positively toward themselves and others.

So right now, I challenge you to go through the 30-Day test that I am personally putting myself through. For 30 days, I will:

(1) Not think negatively towards anybody or myself (and if I do, I will immediately replace it with a positive thought)
(2) Make declarations with my mouth of what I EXPECT my day to look like.

I have even gone to the extent of writing down my declarations on paper… and have dedicated myself to reading them each morning before I get off to start working. Want to see what my declarations are? I know you do! Here they are:

* I will think positively today and allow negativity to ruin my day.
* I will walk in love towards my wife, others, and myself today.
* I will worship you God today in everything I do, and not be shy about telling others about your goodness.
* I will accept and love myself today, because I am created in Your image.
* Anything is possible for me to accomplish today, if I believe in it.
* I can do ALL things through you Christ Jesus, because you strenghten me!
* You have given me the power to get wealth today, so I know that my actions and your favor will lead me to increase in my business & finances.
* The wealth of the wicked is laid up for the just, and I am just because I believe in you Lord!
* I and my family are healed today in our bodies and in our minds by the stripes (wounds) you endured for us on cavalry.
* Today, I will walk in power against Satan, demons, and the world because I AM an overcomer!

What do you think about declarations? Let me know by commenting below… and tell us what some of your declarations are!

Blessings to you,

Pastor Daniel Wiafe

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Living Positive in a Negative World

While doing research for a future book I am considering writing… I came across this AWESOME post written by Kathryn Lang on her blog at Proverbs31Life.com. It was a great post, with easy step-by-step directions on how we can live life MORE positively… and I have posted it below for you all to read.


It is possible to live a positive life even with negative people all around you. It is POSSIBLE, but it ain’t easy!!!!

I live with several negative people around me every day. I see the half full glass and they see the need to buy milk at incredibly expensive prices and paying out the ear for gas to get there (the scary thing is that I’m NOT exaggerating).

It would be easy to fall down to their level. Finding the good and positive in situations (and especially in people) is not always the fun way to live. Choosing to nag, complain and basically pass out blame like Pez is a much easier path to take. At least it seems to be easier.

The truth is that positive people live healthier, happier and longer lives. That’s what I want for my children. So I choose to see the silver lining no matter what the grumblers and complainers may see. I choose to see the rainbow and admire the colors and not complain about the rain. I choose to see that our needs are met and not complain that we don’t have a million dollars in savings.

It has taken me years to work out a system, but I have developed ways to protect my positive attitude from the negative forces that often surround me.

1. Avoid negative news, movies and television shows. The attitudes you put into your eyes and your ears will fester in your heart and eventually come out of your mouth. Guard your mind!

2. Give up trying to make the people around you be positive. Live your life the way you know it should be lived (putting God first, putting others second, and then looking out for yourself as well). They will eventually come around or run away.

3. Find at least one positive outlet for your life (like this blog :D ). You need to be recharged and lifted up or the negative forces will suck the life right out of you.

4. Make a decision to stay positive for the next hour – and keep doing it for every hour of the day. A little at a time does not seem like such a big hurdle.

5. Being positive does not mean being perky. It is okay to be upset about a situation or to even be sad (because of a loss or a pain). It is what you do with those emotions that make the biggest difference between a positive person and a negative person. Do you take out your emotions on the people around you or to you begin to look for things in your life that you are truly grateful to have?

It is all about choice. The life that I live and that I teach my kids can be the one that is healthy, happy and full of life or it can be one of clouds, complaints and darkness. It seems like a simple enough choice, but every day I watch as people around me choose the dark over the light.

Kathryn Lang, July 29, 2008

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How to Stay Positive in an Unpositive World

That’s right… no creative or catchy headline title this week… just a good, old fashioned ‘How to’ post that I believe will add some positive sunshine and warmth… to someone who may be having a slightly cloudy and overcast week.

Early on December 27th… my mother passed away. She had been extremely sick for the past 2 years… had become incapacitated in the past few months… pulled out her feeding tube a week prior… and her two sons had to make the HARD decision to agree with the doctor’s recommendation that the feeding tube not be reinserted because of her physical condition.

All this happened around Christmas, which is supposed to be a warm, fuzzy, joyful time of the year. That in more words or less… made the situation we faced. suck extremely that much more.

Now watch this…

Anytime one of our loved ones die… anytime we are in a long-term relationship with someone (whether it is dating or marriage) and it breaks up… anytime we are in a financial crisis and it seems like Repossession, and is big brothers Eviction and Foreclosure are knocking at our doors… anytime when it seems like everybody at the job or in your household are talking about you so bad that you want to get some boxing gloves, take them to the ring, and go Mike Tyson on them…

…I can bet money that you are probably not having a warm, bright, sun-shiny day. In fact, your day feels like it’s cloudy… overcast… drizzly… cold and icy… gray skies… and all that other good stuff.

So do you have a right to be mad at the world if you’re having an UNPOSITIVE day, or do you have a right to throw an adult temper tantrum, or do you have a right to show everybody what kind of day (or week) you’re having?

No. No, you don’t.

I was reading a post by my good friend Jasper, where someone quoted God’s promise to us on his note: “As a man [or woman] thinks, so is he [or she]” (Proverbs 23:7). The guy continued to say, “We have to fake it, until we make it”.

That’s true, especially when we’re trying to be POSITIVE in a generally unpositive world!

FACT: Being unpositive and mad at the world does NOTHING good for us anyways, so why have that type of mindset.. even if you “deserve” to feel that way. Being mad like that all the time brings stress, anxiety, can cause sickness and disease in your body, and causes people to avoid you like an Al Sharpton for President rally!

If you’re having trouble staying positive this week… remember to (1) Look at the glass as half-FULL, and not half-empty.

Identify (2) What is the good thing that can come out of a bad situation. In my mother’s case, she is no longer in pain… and she is in heaven now, and at that I can REJOICE!

(3) Learn to smile and be friendly towards others around you… even if you have to fake it ’till you make it, and FORCE yourself to smile when you don’t want to. Go ahead and try it out… it works. Give 10 people today a great, big-old Kool-Aid man smile… and see if it doesn’t make you happier… and do something positive for your day!

Remember, being unpositive and mad towards everyone else WILL not make you happy, but will bring yourself (and others) down. Being positive (even if you have to force yourself), is just what the doctor ordered when your day is not going all good and gravy.

If this post helped you.. or you think it can help someone else, feel FREE to forward it or post it to your friends and loved ones.

Until next time, I love everybody… have a positive day… congratulations to my cousin Marian on her wedding last week… and walk in God’s abundance, today!

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