Be a HELPER, Not an Enabler

FACT: In the Kingdom of God… we have far too many people who are “too nice”

That was pretty shocking to read from a preacher, wasn’t it?

But it is true… there are far too many people out there… who out of the love that is in their heart for their families, friends, and others… will bail them out of trouble time after time… after time again.

…and instead of helping that family member or friend, that person is inadvertantly destroying them with their love.

A person like this is called an enabler. An enabler is simply defined as, “One who does for someone else… things that the OTHER person should be doing and can do, for themselves.”

As Kingdom people… we are called to help each other out. But in helping, we must never “enable” someone to continue to act and move in a path of self-destruction.

A helper is defined as, “One who does something for someone that they are NOT capable of doing themselves.”

King Solomon, the wisest man of all times declared, “A hot-tempered man must pay the penalty; if you rescue him, you will have to do it AGAIN.”  (Proverbs 19:19)

Sometimes… the best love we can show to our hurting friends & family members is to allow them to receive the penalty that is due for their actions.

Many times, this is tough for us to endure through… watching someone get locked up in jail, or getting evicted out of their house, or suffering through a bad relationship… but at times, this is what is needed to knock sense into a person’s head.

Sometimes the best solution after repeatedly dealing with loved ones is for us to close up our wallets, close up our mouths, and close up our homes, until that person gets it.

Because if you keep on bailing people out of trouble repeatedly… you will have to do it for the rest of your life… which is NO fair to you, and does not help that person in the long-term.

Until next time, be blessed… and walk in God’s abundance for your life today.

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Having the Mindset of a Millionaire #3 (Believe in Yourself)

Believe in Yourself!

Believe in Yourself!

Happy Friday to you!

Today is the third post in our Financial Fridays series… in which we will devote this blog to covering wealth, finances, and money… all from a Godly perspective.

On the previous Friday, we talked about having a Millionaire Mindset… and the 4 IMPORTANT principles I personally have used to help my household attain financial freedom.

(1) Not Going Back to Crap!
(2) Educating Yourself!
(3) Believing in Yourself!
(4) Taking Action!


Believing in Yourself

“As a man thinks (believes) in his heart (mind), so is he.” (Proverbs 23:7).

If you think negative thoughts… you will have a negative life overall… and if you think positive thoughts, you will have a positive life.

There is NO changing that formula.

That is why it is so vital for us to get in the right mindset about our finances and business pursuits and BELIEVE in ourselves.

Just because you feel like you don’t have the “right ingredients” to become financial successful and wealthy… doesn’t mean you can’t become wealthy!

Who says you need a 4-year business degree or a M.B.A. to start a multi-million dollar business? Ask college dropouts Bill Gates (founder of Microsoft) or Steve Jobs (founder of Apple)… and they’ll tell you otherwise!

Who says you are not old enough to be a success financially? Ask Ashley Qualls (founder of WhateverLife.com) who was making $70,000 a month… by the tender, old age of 14.

You see friend, it doesn’t matter if you are not “qualified” enough… nor does it matter if you are not “gifted” enough.. or even “smart” enough.

The only thing that matters is that you BELIEVE in yourself. Believe in the power, the annointing, and the favor that is resting on your shoulders… by your Heavenly Father, who believes in you, more than you could ever believe in yourself.

Don’t listen to what naysayers or doubters may say about you… or how they may shoot down your ideas… or how they don’t believe in you. They’re probably broke and unhappy themselves!

that you can become wealthy… and even become a millionaire.

Show faith in your belief, by getting ready for the blessings. Get educated and read books in the area of business or in the career that you would like to pursue.

Many times, God will bless me with an INCREDIBLE idea… but then it’s up to me to act on it! If I don’t act on it… it will be a blessing lost. Whenever God gives you an idea WRITE IT DOWN… and act on it, or somebody else will!

Have a GREAT weekend, and until Monday… be blessed and walk in God’s abundance for your life today!

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Having the Mindset of a Millionaire #2 (Educate Yourself)

Celebrate Independance Day... by Becoming Financially Independant!

Celebrate Independance Day... by Becoming Financially Independant! Educate yourself by finding yourself mentors who have already gone, where you want to go!

Happy Friday to all you beautiful people out there in the world… I hope you are having a BLESSED day (considering the fact that for many of you, today marks the first day of a three day holiday weekend in the United States!)

Last Friday was the first of many in our Financial Fridays series… in which we will devote this blog to covering wealth, finances, and money… all from a Godly perspective.

On the previous Friday, we talked about having a Millionaire Mindset… and the 4 IMPORTANT principles I personally have used to help my household attain financial freedom.

(1) Not Going Back to Crap!
(2) Educating Yourself!
(3) Believing in Yourself!
(4) Taking Action!

Educating Yourself

Read the following words which were penned by King Solomon… the richest and wisest man of his days:

Listen to advice and accept instruction… and in the end YOU will be wise!” (Proverbs 19:20)

Whenever you make the decision that, “Yes… I want to be wealthy and have more than just ‘enough’ in my bank account,” you will need to put yourself around mentors who have achieved a much HIGHER success than you … so that the knowledge & wisdom that they have, will rub off and be imparted into you.

But for many of us, we can’t exactly jump on a plane and fly out to have dinner with a Warren Buffet… or go shoot some pool with a Bill Gates… or perhaps spend a day at the court with a Magic Johnson… so how do we get the advice and the instruction of some of these financial geniuses and gurus… so that we become wise?

You can easily afford a mentor by buying the books, videos, programs, courses, etc…. that they produce. This will provide you with MORE than enough information that you need to help start you on your road of financial independence!

Go to the money, finance, or business section of your local Borders… or Barnes & Nobles and read, read, read… and when you’re tired, take a break… and then READ some more!

If you’re lazy (like me)… and want to compliment your reading, try buying audiobooks… which are simply books that are recorded on CDs…. that allow you to conveniently listen to your mentor on the go in you car… or at your workplace.

Whatever you want to become in life, whether it be business, career, financial, spiritual, whatever… find the experts in that field… and grab up ALL the information that you can on them… and then buy up all the products they have produced and LEARN from them!

Don’t worry about spending a couple hundreds of dollars on this education. Remember… this is an investment in YOURSELF!

Also, start reading financial newspapers & magazines like the Wall Street Journal, Kiplingers, Entrepreneur Magazine… and start learning what different terms and words mean.

No, I’m not going to lie and tell you that reading all those financial magazines and papers are fun… because they are not!

But let the truth be told in my opinion… there is one thing that sucks even more than reading boring literature… and that is BEING BROKE!

Be blessed and have a GREAT holiday weekend… and walk in God’s abundance today!

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Does the Bible Have the Answer to EVERY Question in the World?

Is it right for me to smoke, drink, play cards -- especially when it's not addressed in the Bible?

Happy Monday to you… you AWESOME man or woman of God… I hope you enjoyed your weekend!

Here is YOUR scripture of the day from the abundant Word of God:

“Stop listening to instruction, my son… and you will stray from the words of knowledge.” (Proverbs 19:27)

More than once in my life, people in one form or another have asked me this question: “What does the Bible say about such issues… such as gambling, drinking, smoking cigarettes, etc.”

There are SO many questions that we have in this world… and obviously you cannot DIRECTLY find the answer to every single question in the Bible.

Obviously, we know with a 100% certainty that we shouldn’t murder people… we shouldn’t steal… we shouldn’t commit adultery… we know we should NOT get drunk… we know that Jesus is the way to eternal life, etc. The Bible DIRECTLY answers those questions.

But I do believe that the Bible INDIRECTLY gives us instruction, wisdom, and a line of thinking that we can use in EVERY aspect of our lives. I believe the Bible can ALWAYS indirectly answer ALL of our questions that we have.

When it comes down to it… when we are faced with an issue, a problem, or a decision… that the Bible doesn’t address directly, we need to remember that we need to walk in love… as this was Jesus’ commandment.

Based on this commandment of love (which does no evil or harm to anyone)… ask yourself these 3 questions:

(1) Will my actions/decisions harm myself or someone else spiritually, physically, or emotionally?
(2) Will my actions/decisions cause shame or disrespect to myself or someone else?
(3) If Jesus was walking on this earth in 2009… what would he do if He were in my shoes?

If you can pass by this 3-point check on your decision… and aren’t harming or shaming anyone… then I believe in MOST cases, you can go ahead and make the decision that you need to make.

DISCLAIMER: When we are faced with MAJOR issues that the Bible doesn’t address… we must ALWAYS remember to pray first. When you actively seek God for an answer… He will speak to you if you diligently seek Him out for an answer.

Be wise and walk in God’s instruction friend. Let me know what you think about this post, by writing your comments down below!

Until tomorrow, be blessed… and walk in God’s abundance today!

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How Long is a Million Years?

A man was taking it easy, laying on the grass and looking up at the clouds. He was identifying shapes when he decided to talk to God.

“God”, he said, “how long is a million years?”

God answered, “In my frame of reference, it’s about a minute.”

The man asked, “God, how much is a million dollars?” God answered, “To me, it’s a penny.”

The man then asked, “God, can I have a penny?” God answered, “In a minute.”

Have a BLESSED weekend… and remember to get plenty of laughs. Proverbs 17:22 says, “A joyful heart is good medicine, But a broken spirit dries up the bones.”

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Living Positive in a Negative World

While doing research for a future book I am considering writing… I came across this AWESOME post written by Kathryn Lang on her blog at Proverbs31Life.com. It was a great post, with easy step-by-step directions on how we can live life MORE positively… and I have posted it below for you all to read.


It is possible to live a positive life even with negative people all around you. It is POSSIBLE, but it ain’t easy!!!!

I live with several negative people around me every day. I see the half full glass and they see the need to buy milk at incredibly expensive prices and paying out the ear for gas to get there (the scary thing is that I’m NOT exaggerating).

It would be easy to fall down to their level. Finding the good and positive in situations (and especially in people) is not always the fun way to live. Choosing to nag, complain and basically pass out blame like Pez is a much easier path to take. At least it seems to be easier.

The truth is that positive people live healthier, happier and longer lives. That’s what I want for my children. So I choose to see the silver lining no matter what the grumblers and complainers may see. I choose to see the rainbow and admire the colors and not complain about the rain. I choose to see that our needs are met and not complain that we don’t have a million dollars in savings.

It has taken me years to work out a system, but I have developed ways to protect my positive attitude from the negative forces that often surround me.

1. Avoid negative news, movies and television shows. The attitudes you put into your eyes and your ears will fester in your heart and eventually come out of your mouth. Guard your mind!

2. Give up trying to make the people around you be positive. Live your life the way you know it should be lived (putting God first, putting others second, and then looking out for yourself as well). They will eventually come around or run away.

3. Find at least one positive outlet for your life (like this blog :D ). You need to be recharged and lifted up or the negative forces will suck the life right out of you.

4. Make a decision to stay positive for the next hour – and keep doing it for every hour of the day. A little at a time does not seem like such a big hurdle.

5. Being positive does not mean being perky. It is okay to be upset about a situation or to even be sad (because of a loss or a pain). It is what you do with those emotions that make the biggest difference between a positive person and a negative person. Do you take out your emotions on the people around you or to you begin to look for things in your life that you are truly grateful to have?

It is all about choice. The life that I live and that I teach my kids can be the one that is healthy, happy and full of life or it can be one of clouds, complaints and darkness. It seems like a simple enough choice, but every day I watch as people around me choose the dark over the light.

Kathryn Lang, July 29, 2008

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Learning to Accept Constructive Criticism

“Instruct a wise man and he will be wiser still;
teach a righteous man and he will add to his learning”
(Proverbs 9:9)

People who are able to accept constructive criticism from others… are WELL prepared to live life fully and abundantly. Why? Because by their very nature, they are humble and meek in their spirits!

It is a fact that average people tend to get offended… or get their feelings hurt, whenever someone tries to correct them… or show them a better way of doing things… but a WISE man or woman understands and accepts the fact that they don’t know it all, and sometimes what the other person is saying, is a BETTER way of doing things.

When you are of that type of mindset (where you realize you can’t possibly know everything)… you put yourself in a position where you accept people’s opinions, feedback, and criticisms… and THEN make a decision whether that person’s idea is good for you or bad for you.

This type of position makes you WISER and also puts you into a position where more doors are opened for you in life.

So today, if someone tries to correct you… or show you another way of doing things, don’t get mad and irritated RIGHT off the bat… receive their opinion with a grain of salt, and treat it like some catfish. Eat all the meat… and spit out the bones!

Until tomorrow be blessed and walk in God’s abundance today.

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How to Use Mentors to Take You HIGHER in Your Business!

This Post was originally written by me for the Pakistani Christian Business Group

God says in His abundant word, “As iron sharpens iron… so one person sharpens the wits of another!” (Proverbs 27:17)

Whenever we get together with people who are of higher skill level than us (or even of the same skill level)… something special begins to happen. The wisdom, the experience, the know-how of that other person begins to rub off on us… and vice versa… until in the end, both people are SHARPER because of that meeting and relationship!

It is a STRANGE phenomenom, but its true. The Bible describes it as “Iron sharpening iron”. As you all may know, after you use a knife, axe, or any other type of cutting tool for ANY extended amount of time… it begins to get “dull” on the edge and LOSE it’s ability to do it’s job (which is to cut).

As we go through lives in our businesses and ministries, we expend a lot of energy, and sometimes grow weary… and begin to get “dull” and slowly lose our ability to think creatively… or cut new deals… and we become inefficient at what we do over time.

Every so often, it is a MUST for us, that we connect with people who are of the same mindset as yourself… or even higher. It would be preferrable if these people are in the same business arena as you.

What will happen is that when you befriend people such as this… you’ll be able to talk with them, get re-energized, get a NEW passion for your business, bounce creative ideas off of them, get a NEW spark… and you and that other person will literally “sharpen the wits of each other!”

This is the whole essence of having Mastermind Groups and even this rapidly-growing Pakistan Christian Business Group that Kamran Khan founded. All of us, from our different walks… from different parts of the world… have at least two things in common:

(1) We all worship Jesus Christ.

(2) We all want to succeed in our businesses.

You see friend, we all have something to offer each other… and I invite you all to start discussions on the Facebook page at Pak. Christian Business… so that we may all SHARPEN each other! If you need help or a creative idea, ask for help! If someone is having trouble and posts it in a discussion… help them out!

Do you want to get to a level that you can’t get to by yourself in business? Try to find mentors online and offline! In this day and age… there are PLENTY of people out there willing to impart their wisdom and experience to you, if you seem excited about their knowledge… and are willing to buy them something as small as lunch… or even a cup of coffee!

Even if you have to pay a mentor for their knowledge, I can guarantee you… that what you will get out of it in the long run will be worth THOUSANDS more than you paid!

If you can’t get your favorite mentor(s) in-person… then buy their books, read their forums and blogs, attend conventions, read their articles… there are SO many different ways that you can be mentored.

Until next Friday my Christian Business friends, be blessed and stay sharp!

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The POWER of Life and Death is in YOUR Tongue!

“The POWER of life & death is in YOUR tongue.. and those who love it will eat its fruit.” (Proverbs 18:21)

People talk crazy… people say foolish things… people curse others… and people say horrible things! This isn’t anything new… and as long as God has given us the GIFT (at least for most people!) of speaking, there will always be people out there who say inappropriate things that they shouldn’t be saying!

I guess some people didn’t have their mouths washed out with soap enough when they were younger… did they??

While in most cases you can’t control the words that come out of other’s mouths… you CAN control the words that come out of YOUR mouth.

Many people will use their tongues to speak negative things, such as “The economy is bad”… or “You’ll be just like your father when you grow up”… or “I’m not smart enough”… and worse than that, many times we will talk down on others… and tear them apart with our tongues. Many times, the things which we speak DO become reality… so in essence, when we speak badly or negatively… in most cases bad and negative things happen!

On the other hand, instead of speaking negatively, and down upon yourself and others, and instead of crying, “The sky is falling!”… let me show you another way! An even better way to use that tongue God gave you!

Speak POSITIVELY about yourself. Speak HOPE into a negative situation. Speak GOOD about others.

Simple as that. In doing this, you are speaking the undisputable POWER of God into yourself, others around you, and into your situation.

I am convinced that is almost nothing on this earth, that can stop a POSITIVE man or woman who is armed with a fully-loaded tongue… and knows how to use it.

Be blessed today… and aim to speak 5 good things about yourself… and 5 good things about others today!

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Stop Chasing Your Tail… and Let Your Tail Chase You!

He who works his land will have abundant food, but he who chases fantasies lacks judgment.” – King Solomon (Proverbs 12:11, NIV)

Many times in life, we are surrounded by so many distractions around us. These distractions tell us to do this… to do that… to go after this deal… to partner up with this person… to buy this product… to compete with our neighbors… the list is virtually endless!!

Having BIG dreams are healthy for us all, and God wants us to dream BIG. Dreams are ALWAYS attainable when we define a path to get to them. But fantasies, on the other hand… are imaginations that are unrestricted by reality… and will probably NEVER happen.

Too many people chase after fantasies all their life. Anytime something new comes along… they chase it. Then the next new thing comes along… and they chase that. And on, and on, and on… People who chase fantasies are like dogs that chase their tail. The dog can chase his tail all he wants… and will NEVER catch it!

Instead of wasting your valuable time chasing fantasies… learn to have your dreams chase YOU!

Know what your dreams (or goal) is by doing the following:

(1) Write it down on paper so it gets down in your spirit… and read it multiple times a day

(2) Set a path for yourself to attain that dream. You might say for example, to gain 15 lbs. of muscle, I need to drink 3 protein shakes a day… and lift weights 3 times a week.

(3) Follow your path… and watch your dreams chase you, and CATCH you!

That is how you “work your land”… and in doing that my friend… your dreams WILL by all means, catch you!

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