Got Questions about the Bible? Get Them Answered Every Thursday

Got Questions about the Bible? Get them Answered Every Thursday!

Got Questions about the Bible? Get them Answered Every Thursday!

Starting next week… every Thursday will be known as “Tough Question Thursdays” and every Friday will be known as “Financial Fridays“.

On Tough Question Thursdays, we will answer at least 5 questions that those of you following this blog have about the Bible, God, spirituality, or anything else!

On Financial Fridays (starting tomorrow)… we will talk about (duhh…) finances, wealth building, money, etc. from a Godly perspective.

This was an idea given to me by my friend Greta Farina out of Vancouver, a few weeks ago.

I invite you (starting right now!) to think of questions that you have always had… and no matter how foolish or simple your question(s) may seem to you… ask them on this blog.

IMPORTANT: Remember… no question is too foolish. We will even answer some of the most taboo questions about what the Bible says about different life issues.

Some of the questions that will be answered on Thursdays will probably be SO intense… it would make a prostitute blush! Some difficult questions that many people have are pretty broad… ranging from questions about suicide, pre-marital sex, masterbation, the Trinity, speaking in tongues, salvation, war… the list is quite endless!!!

I feel that it is VERY important that we who are Christians (and those of you who aren’t Christians, but want to learn more about it)… have an avenue of asking these questions and getting them answered.

What I will do each week on Thursday’s blog… is to prayerfully research and find the answers to all the questions asked. If I cannot find a DEFINITE biblical answer to your question… I will let you know!

(1) You can ask your questions (starting right… about… NOW) by sending them to my e-mail address: Daniel [at] TodayAbundance [dot] com replace the [at] with @, and the [dot] with a .


(2) You can also write your questions as comments on this blog post. If you want me to keep your name private (when I write the answers every Thursday)… let me know!

The vision behind TodayAbundance.com is to, “Build a community of 100,000+ strong, positive individuals worldwide… who seek daily motivation & inspiration for life”

Studies show that most individuals who have more success… more happiness… more joy… and more wealth in life…. are those who ON PURPOSE devote time out of their busy days to engage in PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT.

This can be 10 minutes, 15 minutes, 30 minutes, or whatever amount of time that you dedicate yourself to developing the the most valuable asset you own — which is YOU.

It is our goal to motivate you… inspire you… challenge you… and give you an avenue of personal development in your life in areas such as relationships, business, jobs, and health… all in a Godly and Biblical way.

Blessings to you and your whole household,


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