Can This Mountain Be Moved?

The following is a post by my good friend, Jasper Nhira


If you want something to happen get up and do it and quit acting like your waiting on God. I recently experienced this in my own life with my weight. For years I wanted to lose some weight and always prayed for good health but my prayers were not losing my weight for me.

It took me going to the gym almost everyday for the past 4 months to get results (I lost 30 pounds). Was God not answering my prayer to loss weight? No, There are certain things that God has given us the power to control that He will not move on until WE get up and ACT.

Mark 11:23 “For truly I say to you, That whoever shall say to this mountain, Be you removed, and be you cast into the sea; and shall not doubt in his heart, but shall believe that those things which he said shall come to pass; he shall have whatever he said.”

What the verse neglects to mention is that your mountain, struggle, addiction, hurt, pain, disappointment, lack of direction, disappointment, loneliness, discouragement, etc. won’t be moved all at once. Sometime it takes hundreds, thousands, millions of shovels full of dirt to finally level that mountain that stands in your way. Sometimes it will take your entire life to completely move the mountain. All you have to do it make sure that you concentrate on the next shovel full of dirt and you will eventually move that mountain.

The misconception is that people of God should not face the same hurts and pain that those in the world face, Wrong. The rain falls on both the just and the unjust equally, meaning bad things happens to all of us.

Sometimes I get mad at God because I depend on Him to the point that I don’t act. He becomes my crutch instead of my constant help in time of need. Guess what? God wasn’t created for us, NO, We were created for Him, by Him. Meaning His sole purpose is not to make our lives better and easier.

Example: Jesus Christ – Left Perfect Heaven to come down to Imperfect Earth. Was tempted by Satan. Lost friends, Was Betrayed. Was Let down, denied, rejected, beaten, spat on, wiped, crucified and all sin put on His back.

If this was God’s Only begotten Son and He went through all of that in obedience to His father what makes you think that you should skate throughout life without any battle scars? God is not here so that “money can come to you,” or for you to get more stuff, newer car, bigger house, nicer clothes, better retirement plan, Sorry.

The Only Thing God Has Called Us to Be Rich In Is LOVE, and Nothing Else. Stop asking Him for Stuff rather ask for a larger capacity to love and help those in need.

Jasper Nhira

Know God For Yourself.
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Need More Money in Your Pocket? Keep Reading if You Do… Part #2

Back in late December, I wrote a blog post on titled “Need More Money in Your Pocket? Keep Reading if You Do…

In essence, I wrote down 3 major & practical rules that my wife and I have followed… which have brought us tremendous financial success these past few years.

The rules that we follow to a “T” are as follows:

1) Give away the first 10% of your income (church, non-profit agency, etc.)
2) Save the second 10% of your income (savings account, investment, debt reduction)
3) Pay all Your Bills on Time (this shows God, you are a GOOD steward of the money that you already have… and that you are responsible to handle even more money)

Do these 3 rules sound crazy? Well who cares… they work! While everybody else complains about the economy being crazy… while everybody else complains about their mortgages skyrocketing through the roof… while everybody else complains about job insecurity… me and my household sleep GOOD and PEACEFUL at night.

To read the original blog post, CLICK HERE NOW:

At the end of that original blog post, I promised more tips… and here are 2 more tips:


Whatever it is that you do for income (or aspire to do)… focus in on it and become GREAt at it. Let the main thing be the main thing. Don’t be a jack of all-trades… and a master of none, because the only thing you’ll have at the end of the day in your bank account… is jack squat!

So whether you are in business for yourself… or you work at a company or organization, set the limits high for yourself… and make it your prime goal to become the BEST at your job and position, and watch the dollars follow behind you.

Learn all that you can & master your work position through books, seminars, classes, videos, online research, through mentors, whatever it takes… do it and don’t complain, because losers gripe and cry… but winners tough it out and accomplish what needs to be accomplished by “any means necessary!”

#2) Need to Increase Your Income Level? Try any of these 3 ideas.

The following are the 3 ideas at the top of my list for increasing your income long-term:

A. Sales Position (the highest paying job in the world)
Yeah, I know sales jobs in general suck… but they are still the “highest paying job” in the world! A good salesman (or saleswoman) can earn a 6-figure… and even 7-figure income salaries a year, depending on what they are selling and how high the commissions are.

Sales positions are good, because very rarely do you need a college degree… all you need is ambition, drive, and a friendly personality. Sales positions you can get into include: car sales, insurance sales, real estate, medical, pharmacutical.

B. Go to a 2-Year/4-Year College
This is GREAT option for younger folks, obviously. I won’t go into the details of why getting a 4-year or Master’s degree can increase your income, but did you know that there are a few positions (such as a registered nurse, radiology tech, information technology, etc.) that you can go to a 2-year Junior college… and start making $60,000+ a year? Not too bad of a salary for 2 years of your life… is it?

C. Start Your Own Business
Yes sir…. this is my favorite one. Why work for “the man”… when you can become “the man”? There are many businesses that you can start… that allow you to supplement your current income… and even replace it, that don’t cost a lot of money or capital to start up.

Some businesses that come to mind include: Selling goods on eBay, housecleaning, lawncare, daycare, life coaching, painting, roofing, being a virtual assistant, importing/exporting goods, and anything Internet related.

Trust me, you can make good money with little capital or money in your bank account. I started up my little Internet business in 2004 with $50 for advertising expenses and to build a website… and while I won’t tell you how much profit I made in 2008, I can tell you that my advertising expenses were well over $150,000 last year… and was still able to eat pretty nicely at the end of the day.

It is possible for ANYBODY to go from zero to hero in a short amount of time… and I’m a witness to that.

Until next time, walk in the full blessings, favor, and abundance… which are in Jesus Christ!

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