When You Fall Down… Always Get Back Up!

“A righteous man falls seven times… but he ALWAYS gets back up!” (Proverbs 24:16)

Even though you may fall flat on your face… as the Australian man w/ no limbs (Nick Vujicic) in the YouTube video sets the example… ALWAYS get back up, and REFUSE to stay down!

Be blessed!

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Life May Knock You Out… But Keep Getting Back Up!

Do you ever wake up sometimes and think to yourself, “Life is dealing me a bad hand of cards!”. It may seem like everything that can go wrong, DOES go wrong.

Sometimes it may seem like you can never do anything right… or perhaps you may think that you are the most unluckiest person you know, because life never gives you a “break”… and when it does, it’s in the form of somebody breaking in to your car or your house!

The Bible declares in Proverbs 24:16 that “A righteous person may fall seven times, but he gets back up“.

What God’s abundant word is saying is this: Everybody in this world, no matter how great or small, no matter how rich or poor, no matter what the color of their skin is or what sex they are… is going to get KNOCKED down at times in their life.

But what makes you or breaks you my friend… is what you do AFTER you are knocked down by life. Look at the sport of boxing or MMA (mixed martial arts). Sometimes the fighter gets hit with a CRUSHING right hook to the temple… Sometimes he gets a DEVASTATING uppercut in the jaw.

Sometimes the fighter just absolutely gets his LIGHTS KNOCKED OUT so bad, that you think that the fool forgot to pay his electric bill.

Every great boxer from Muhammed Ali to Mike Tyson to everybody’s favorite movie underdog, Rocky Balboa… had ONE thing in common.

No matter how many times they got knocked down, they kept getting back up!

No matter how hurt and bloodied they were, they stayed in the fight and did not give up!

No matter how big or bad the opponent that was before them was, they stiffened their jaw up and ran towards their problem…. rather than away from it!

This week if you are feeling beat up, and knocked around, and bruised up by the cold weather… or by expenses… by frustrations… or if you’re just plain depressed and distressed… know that it is okay for you to get knocked down in life… BUT you better get back up!

Everytime you get back up, you catch a little more wind and you are stronger than you were before! Don’t give up, but get a holy attitude and stop letting life beat you up… but give it a stiff jab to the lip!

Live life fully today, show love to your family and friends, worship God in Spirit and Truth… and the next time life knocks you down, shout these words out…


It’ll motivate you… trust me (o:

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Written by Daniel Wiafe in: Encouragement | Tags: , , ,

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