Having the Mindset of a Millionaire #2 (Educate Yourself)

Celebrate Independance Day... by Becoming Financially Independant!

Celebrate Independance Day... by Becoming Financially Independant! Educate yourself by finding yourself mentors who have already gone, where you want to go!

Happy Friday to all you beautiful people out there in the world… I hope you are having a BLESSED day (considering the fact that for many of you, today marks the first day of a three day holiday weekend in the United States!)

Last Friday was the first of many in our Financial Fridays series… in which we will devote this blog to covering wealth, finances, and money… all from a Godly perspective.

On the previous Friday, we talked about having a Millionaire Mindset… and the 4 IMPORTANT principles I personally have used to help my household attain financial freedom.

(1) Not Going Back to Crap!
(2) Educating Yourself!
(3) Believing in Yourself!
(4) Taking Action!

Educating Yourself

Read the following words which were penned by King Solomon… the richest and wisest man of his days:

Listen to advice and accept instruction… and in the end YOU will be wise!” (Proverbs 19:20)

Whenever you make the decision that, “Yes… I want to be wealthy and have more than just ‘enough’ in my bank account,” you will need to put yourself around mentors who have achieved a much HIGHER success than you … so that the knowledge & wisdom that they have, will rub off and be imparted into you.

But for many of us, we can’t exactly jump on a plane and fly out to have dinner with a Warren Buffet… or go shoot some pool with a Bill Gates… or perhaps spend a day at the court with a Magic Johnson… so how do we get the advice and the instruction of some of these financial geniuses and gurus… so that we become wise?

You can easily afford a mentor by buying the books, videos, programs, courses, etc…. that they produce. This will provide you with MORE than enough information that you need to help start you on your road of financial independence!

Go to the money, finance, or business section of your local Borders… or Barnes & Nobles and read, read, read… and when you’re tired, take a break… and then READ some more!

If you’re lazy (like me)… and want to compliment your reading, try buying audiobooks… which are simply books that are recorded on CDs…. that allow you to conveniently listen to your mentor on the go in you car… or at your workplace.

Whatever you want to become in life, whether it be business, career, financial, spiritual, whatever… find the experts in that field… and grab up ALL the information that you can on them… and then buy up all the products they have produced and LEARN from them!

Don’t worry about spending a couple hundreds of dollars on this education. Remember… this is an investment in YOURSELF!

Also, start reading financial newspapers & magazines like the Wall Street Journal, Kiplingers, Entrepreneur Magazine… and start learning what different terms and words mean.

No, I’m not going to lie and tell you that reading all those financial magazines and papers are fun… because they are not!

But let the truth be told in my opinion… there is one thing that sucks even more than reading boring literature… and that is BEING BROKE!

Be blessed and have a GREAT holiday weekend… and walk in God’s abundance today!

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Stop Chasing Your Tail… and Let Your Tail Chase You!

He who works his land will have abundant food, but he who chases fantasies lacks judgment.” – King Solomon (Proverbs 12:11, NIV)

Many times in life, we are surrounded by so many distractions around us. These distractions tell us to do this… to do that… to go after this deal… to partner up with this person… to buy this product… to compete with our neighbors… the list is virtually endless!!

Having BIG dreams are healthy for us all, and God wants us to dream BIG. Dreams are ALWAYS attainable when we define a path to get to them. But fantasies, on the other hand… are imaginations that are unrestricted by reality… and will probably NEVER happen.

Too many people chase after fantasies all their life. Anytime something new comes along… they chase it. Then the next new thing comes along… and they chase that. And on, and on, and on… People who chase fantasies are like dogs that chase their tail. The dog can chase his tail all he wants… and will NEVER catch it!

Instead of wasting your valuable time chasing fantasies… learn to have your dreams chase YOU!

Know what your dreams (or goal) is by doing the following:

(1) Write it down on paper so it gets down in your spirit… and read it multiple times a day

(2) Set a path for yourself to attain that dream. You might say for example, to gain 15 lbs. of muscle, I need to drink 3 protein shakes a day… and lift weights 3 times a week.

(3) Follow your path… and watch your dreams chase you, and CATCH you!

That is how you “work your land”… and in doing that my friend… your dreams WILL by all means, catch you!

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