Stay on the Ship

Last year I flew out to San Francisco, CA from Tulsa, OK on a business trip… and shockingly had to make 2 stops along the way to switch planes.

One of those stops was in Fresno, CA (which is about halfway between Los Angeles and San Francisco). The plane that I got on was a pitifully tiny airplane… that looked like a crash waiting to happen. It was so small & rickety, I don’t think calling it an airplane would do it justice… it was more like a “prayer-plane”… meaning you better say your prayers before you take off in it!

Anyways… as expected, the flight was EXTREMELY bumpy and scary… and it got that much worse as we started to descend across San Francisco bay towards the airport. The winds were so fierce as we flew in…. that it repeatedly knocked the plane sideways as we came in.

Looking down at the bay that had a few windsurfers surfing the waters… I figured we were probably no more than a quarter-mile away from the beach… so worst come to worst I could swim should we crash! (lol)

…then as if he was reading my mind, the gentleman sitting across the aisle reached across and told me that those windsurfers shouldn’t be surfing those waters… because sharks come into the bay from the Pacific Ocean!

It was at that point that I decided that the plane was the SAFEST and the ONLY place for me to be in — through the windy conditions, through the fear, through the storm, and even if we were to crash into the ocean (*knock in wood*).

You see my friend, a plane is a type of ship. A ship is simply defined as, “A vessel which is designed to take a person or cargo from ONE destination or state… to another.”

The Word of God… is also a ship.

It is designed to safely take us from one state… to another! You can be in a state of poverty… and God’s word will take you into a state of abundance!

You can be in a state of sickness and disease… and God’s word will take you into a state of healing!

You can be in a state of despair… and God’s word will take you into a state of hope!

….as long as you STAY IN THE SHIP, which is the Word of God… and don’t jump overboard, you WILL be kept safe. You will be kept in one piece.

In Acts 27… Paul was taken prisoner… and was being transported from Jerusalem to Rome by ship across the sea… which was a 2,100 mile journey (the same distance as going from Atlanta to Los Angeles).

Before they had departed… Paul informed the captain of the ship that the journey would be perilous… and of course, the captain ignored his advice. Two weeks into their journey… a storm of hurricane intensity crashed down on top of that ship with it’s 276 passengers.

Yeah you’re right — they should’ve listened to Paul!

Paul speaking by knowledge of the Holy Ghost, told the captain that everyone must STAY ON THE SHIP if they want to be saved… and if they did, “not a hair would be harmed on anyone’s head”.

They wisely listened to Paul’s advice… and ALL the men were saved…. because they stayed on the ship!

So this week… if you are going through trying times, and you feel like jumping out of the ship (which is the Word of God)… don’t do it! It can be scary sometimes in the storm. It can be be dreadful when you’re in the midst of a hurricane sweeping through your life…

…but STAY ON THE SHIP which is the Word of God… and it will safely transport you to where you need to be at in life!

Blessings to you, and walk in God’s abundance today!

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