How to NEVER Succeed in ANYTHING in Life! (Read on…)

Ouch, that must be the most NEGATIVE title I’ve ever given any of my weekly TodayAbundance messages… but it’ll make sense in the end, *TRUST ME!*

Okay let’s face it… if you’ve ever read more than one book or article on motivation or inspiration, you’ve surely come across some titles that make it seem like being a success in life is a simple ONE step process… and that if you JUST find the right “magical” formula for success, all your problems and issues will fade away… world peace will envelope the whole entire earth and bring a standstill to all these world wars… and all of our unfortunate brothers and sisters starving to death in 3rd world countries will be fed.

Well the news is this: There is NOT a magical formula for success… and there never will be, because success for everyone is different.

Webster’s Dictionary defines success as “attaining wealth, fame, fortune, status”… but the great motivator Earl Nightengale once said on his recording, “The Strangest Secret”, that the definition of success is summed up by this definition: “To progressively move forward towards a worthy goal that you set for yourself”

Think about that. Being a success in this guy’s point-of-view is “Progressively moving towards a worthy goal, that I set for myself”.

Which definition do you like better? Basically in a nutshell, Webster’s tells you that you are NOT a success unless you are either rich, famous, or popular. Webster’s “success” tells you that you are only at the top of your game if you are focused on attaining worldly items… and the love of people (who probably don’t care anything about you in the first place).

Let’s be real… money, fame, and fortune is good… and for me to tell anyone to NOT have money would be totally foolish, but we have to get ourselves to the point where money (or our drive to acquire money, if we’re broke) is NOT our first priority… or our measurement of success. If money, fame, and fortune was all that people needed to be a total success… then why do we hear about rich & famous people committing suicide, jumping from relationship to relationship, abusing drugs?

Yeah, I know… it’s a good question, isn’t it?

Is that the type of success we truely want? Even if you had a hundred million dollars in the bank account now… how long would you be happy? How long would all the big, fancy stuff you bought with your money keep you happy? Our wants are always a lust that can NEVER be satisfied, because we will always want more!

Our desire to attain more money should just be a MEANS TO AN END, and not the end itself… meaning that I desire to get more money, so that I can satisfy my goals that I set for myself… and past that if I get more or less money, who cares.

The Bible says in 1 Timothy 6:10 that, “The LOVE of money, is the root of all evil”. Notice it DID NOT say “Money is the root of all evil”… but it said “The LOVE of money is the root of all evil”.

Where our heart is… that is where our treasure is at… and where our treasure is at, that is where we’ll find out how we can be a success in life… and truely enjoy it!

Nightengale’s definition pretty much says that as long as you (1) Have a goal or goals set for yourself…. and (2) You are actively moving towards accomplishing your goal… you are a success.

So a woman whose goal is to be the perfect mother to her 3 children, and loves her kids unconditionally… is a SUCCESS.

The student who aims to the best in his class, and studies like crazy to achieve this goal… is a SUCCESS.

The woman who desires to be an entrepreneur, and studies everything she can about management, marketing, and accounting… is a SUCCESS.

The pastor who aims to be the best pastor he can be, and actively seeks to see the people healed both spiritually and naturally in his church… is a SUCCESS.

Our success is NEVER measured by anybody else… it is NEVER measured by anyone else’s standards… the only person who even has the right ruler or yardstick to measure how far you will succeed… is you and only you. Not your parents, not your friends, not co-workers, but you and ONLY you.

You are a master of your own destiny… and you will NEVER have true success if you are trying to chase someone else’s success. You’ll end up being just like a dog who always chases his tail… and NEVER catches it.

Make goals for yourself to attain today… and then ACTIVELY work at achieving them, and then when you have achieved them, set more goals for yourself!

I typically tell people to set at least ONE goal in the 4 primary areas of life:

(1) Spiritual Goal (ex. Pray for at least 15 minutes every morning, Read the entire Bible in a year)
(2) Relationship Goal (ex. Give my wife flowers everyday, Have dinner with my parents every Sunday)
(3) Financial Goal (ex. start a Internet business by May, make $75,000 a year by 2010)
(4) Physical Fitness Goal (ex. lose 15 lbs. by May, bench press 200 lbs. by December 31st)

You will ALWAYS be a success when you set goals for yourself that you are passionate about and you actively seek to accomplish them. It will give you a NEW sense of vigor… and excitement as you accomplish each one of your goals.

You will ALWAYS be a success, when you focus on attaining enough money to provide a very comfortable life for yourself, family, and loved ones… get yourself out of debt… and provide long-term financial security for yourself. Past that, use your excess money & time for a higher calling — such as helping people who are less fortunate and less blessed than you are, and you will be a SUCCESS in God’s eyes!

Until next time, be blessed, be good to yourself and others, and walk in God’s rich abundance for your life… today!

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