Don’t Allow People to Use You as a Welcome Mat

Alright, this post is probably not going to be for everybody — because I know that there’s some of you who out there who have a LOT of fight in you… so I definitely don’t want to put anymore fight in you! (LOL)

But for some of you out there who are very passive natured… or perhaps you are more on the introverted side, personality-wise… there are steps that you NEED to put into place, in order to make sure that you don’t give people permission to ‘walk all over you’.

Yes, I said permission… because anytime a person is walked all over by another individual (or group of people), the HUGE majority of the time it is because that person does not stand up for themselves… or their rights.

So why do people allow others to walk all over them… even at the expense of their happiness, freedom, joy, family, finances, and sometimes even health?

I personally believe for the most part it is because:

(1) Many of us who are a part of the Kingdom, believe that in order for us to be meek (Matthew 5:5)… we need to be cowardly, which leads others to mistake our “meekness” for weakness!

But guess what? I have GOOD news for you… when He says meek, it means that you should be ‘humble in your spirit or manner’. Basically it means that yes, you should be humble around God and man.

God DOES NOT want a weak man or woman of God. I repeat — He does not want a weak man or woman to operate in His Kingdom.

To be humble means that you are not to be a show-off, prideful, or carnal… but that you consider every man (or woman) to be your equal. It by no means, translates to you being ‘weak and cowardly’

(2) Many people don’t set up boundaries for their lives. Boundaries are needed for almost every aspect of our life if we are to live fully. Boundaries are need for you to live a life of normalcy. Boundaries are needed for you to take control of your life.

But to often, people allow their jobs, businesses, or ministries to cross a boundary, and interfere with their family life. They are not able to spend quality and needed time with their spouses or children… and this can be detrimental.

Many times we allow friends or families to “cross” over boundary lines in areas which they should not interfere in. If you are a family man or woman… don’t allow a mother-in-law or father or whoever, to cross the line and TELL you how you should live your marriage or raise your kids.

It’s is wise to take advice… it is unwise to take orders (unless you’re in the military).

DISCLAIMER: I am not saying that one should rebel against leadership… because this would be wrong also. Everyone in this world, needs to fall under the authority of somebody else… this is a system I believe God uses to keep us accountable.

But by no means, don’t allow those in leadership or authority over you… to cross boundaries into your personal life that they have no business being in. If you feel that a boss or one who is above you is crossing boundaries… don’t rebel against them, but kindly sit down and address the situation (and your concerns) with them.

This is how we do things in a Godly way and manner.

Whatever you do… always make people feel welcome around you… but remember, you are NOT a welcome mat for people to come along and step on you, rub dirt in your face, and kick.

Be SUPER blessed this weekend… and walk in God’s abundance for your life today!

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