Winning as a Team… is BETTER than Losing by Yourself!

For the past four days… my wife and I have been vacationing in beautiful Rio Grande, Puerto Rico (about 15 miles east of San Juan) and for the most part… have LOVED our time and stay down here!

As I write this… I am sitting in the front hotel lobby on beautiful, marble floors… huge white-washed pillars surround me… a misty waterfall and lush greenery stand in front of me… and the sound of jazzy and festive salsa music invades the air!

The sun is setting and tantalizing Caribbean cuisine aromas fill the air… and that makes for a surreal and pretty setting where I am at… in this 80 degree, tropical paradise.

Okay… now that I have you salivating (LOL)… let’s get to this business of explaining why “Winning as a Team… is BETTER than Losing by Yourself!”

The other day… my wife and I took our rent-a-car and drove to do some shopping in the town that is outside of our resort. When we left… we got lost, and no matter how much I BEGGED… it seemed like our dear, old GPS didn’t like me… and wasn’t doing too much to help us out! It was getting dark… we’re in a foreign land… and it seems like many of the Puerto Ricans love to drive 100 m.p.h. on the interstate on Saturday night!

Ever had one of those days?

Anyways… I got angry at my wife because I felt like she was talking to me “way too much”… and that was the reason for us getting off track and told her to keep quiet, and I’ll find the hotel myself without her help. She shot back that we need to work together as “Team Wiafe” instead of trying to do things individually.

So as I thought about it… she was right. When we work together as a team, whether as a husband/wife, sibling, co-worker, business, ministry…. whatever type of relationship you may have with others… even if you or someone else “drops the ball”… as long as you are working with someone, that person can “pick up and recover the fumble”… and you can “win the game!”

Life is all about working as a team… in order to do and achieve something greater than you could accomplish by yourself. Don’t sell yourself short by doing EVERYTHING by yourself! Now I’m not saying you need to work as a team in everything that you do… but in many areas of your life, two heads are definitely better than one… and this is ESPECIALLY true in marriage.

So be blessed this Memorial Day weekend wherever in the world you are at… and remember, don’t try to do everything by yourself… because you just might lose the game!

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